Best Backup Software

Best backup software options are NinjaOne, MSP360 Managed Backup, and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. These backup tools are used to create a backup of data stored on a single computer and a network of computers, servers, and other devices.

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List of 20 Best Backup Software

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BDRSuite is a Backup and Disaster Recovery software for diverse IT Infrastructure - VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Windows, Linux, Mac, AWS EC2 Instances, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Applications & DBs, and Endpoints. Learn more about BDRSuite

Starting Price: Starting Price: $1.8 VM/Month


Rewind Backups for Mailchimp is a fully featured Backup Software designed to serve SMEs, Enterprises. Rewind Backups for Mailchimp provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. This online Backup system offers Encryption, Web Access / Restoration, Secure Data Storage, Continuous Backup, Encryption at one place. Read Rewind Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

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"Easy to use software " - Swapnil Madhwani

Category Champions | 2023


Hitech Billsoft is one of the most popular GST compliant billing software solutions in India. It has a user-friendly interface and a multi-core data engine that lets you manage sales, inventory, and track expenses. It supports SMS marketing, backs up data, offers mobile functionality, and helps you print multi-size documents. Read Hitech BillSoft Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

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"Hitech BillSoft " - Khan

Most Reviewed

Wondershare is the best Samsung Backup Software which allows scheduled backups which work automatically and backup the contents of your device. Read Wondershare Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: $4.99 One time

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"Overall goof" - Raashidha Banu

Category Champions | 2023


Ensure Your Valuable Work Is Protected By Automatically Storing Incremental Copies Of Your Office Document When & Where You Choose. Give Your Office Document The Priority It Deserves. Read BackUp Xplorer Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: $39 2 User Licenses

Free Trial

Recent Review

"Saved hours of work !" - Jackie Lovell

Contenders | 2023


HostBooks GST simplifies the process of working on GST with the effortless filing of returns & easy reconciliation of the mismatches. It reduces the compliance time by at least 50% and cuts down the cost by half. Hence, HostBooks enhances your efficiency by leaps and bounds. Read HostBooks GST Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: $55.54 Per Year

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"Eway to use software" - Seemant Raj

Category Champions | 2023


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard software is recover lost files from hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, Memory card, digital camera, mobile phone, music player and other storage media due to deleting, formatting, software crash, hard drive damage, virus attacking, partition loss or other unknown reasons. Read EaseUS Data Recovery Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

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"Data recovery software" - Sachin Jain


NetApp backup software transfer only new or changed blocks to shrink backup windows, minimise network traffic and reduce disk capacity requirements by up to 90%. By not moving or storing redundant data. Read NetApp Backup and Recovery Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

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"Best in low Price" - Sagar Singh


It is one of the best MSP software systems available in the market that doubles as a help desk for managing interaction tracking, license management, automatic scans, etc. It’s highly functionality helps testers perform tasks faster and more efficiently. Read NinjaOne Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

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"Fantastic Management Software" - Chris Gleason


Asigra Cloud Backup is an enterprise-class data recovery solution that provides a single, comprehensive, integrated approach to data protection. The result is better protection, lower cost, and far less complexity. Read Asigra Cloud Backup Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Recent Review

"Good if your device is lost or damaged." - Shalini Tyagi

Emergents | 2023


DAEMON Tools Lite is a well-known app to mount and create images. The basic license includes the must-have imaging tools: it allows mounting various virtual discs, emulate up to 4 DT, SCSI or HDD drives, grab images from optical discs and storeyour images in handy collection. Read DAEMON Tools Lite Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: $5.99 Lifetime

Free Trial

Contenders | 2023


All-in-one Email Backup Software to download emails from 85+ online email services to 30+ saving options to transfer emails from email account.It is the best solution to take backup of emails from online email accounts and backup emails into 30+ saving options. Read Zook Email Backup Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: $99 Onetime

Free Trial

Recent Review

"Best software as used myself " - Paul John


WinRAR is a fully featured Utility Software  designed to serve Agencies, Enterprises. WinRAR provides end-to-end solutions. This Utility System offers Compression, Encryption, Backup at one place. Read WinRAR Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

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"Best experience for extract files in windows." - Lakshay

Contenders | 2023


Acronis is the bast backup software, disaster recovery and secure data access provider to consumers for small medium businesses and enterprises. It include physical, virtual and cloud server backup software, storage management, secure file sharing and system deployment. Read Acronis Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

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"Acronis is fast, comprehensive but is not for average users." - Jasmine Parker

Contenders | 2023


Good services provide Ayush Tech Software, Download Free OST to PST conversion tool perform their well-mannered way and at very high speed. This software is an easy process to repair and recover the damaged OST files and Export to Office 365, Live Exchange server and PST. Read ATS OST to PST Converter Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: $49 One Time

Free Trial

Recent Review

"Amazing software to recover OST data from Corrupt OST File.." - Marrya Rose

Contenders | 2023


GoodSync is a fully featured File Sync Software designed to serve Startups, Enterprises. GoodSync provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online File Sync system offers Multiple System Support, Backup Log, Remote Server Options, Real Time Synchronization, Secure Data Storage at one place. Read GoodSync Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Mobile App

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"Good website" - Payal Singh

Contenders | 2023


Veeamis a powerful, easy to use and affordable backup software. It provides fast, flexible and reliable recovery of virtualized applications and data produce virtual machine backup and replication together in a single software solution.  Read Veeam Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

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Recent Review

"Best Backup Software Ever" - Mohammed Muheeb Hussain

High Performer | 2023


Stellar Photo Recovery software helps you recovering your memorable photos, music, videos and any other multimedia files that were lost due to human error, storage media formatting, system crash, without losing their original quality. Read Stellar Photo Recovery Windows Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: $34.71 Single User

Free Trial

Recent Review

"It's a good and easy to use software" - Shahnawaz Wahid

Emergents | 2023


Thunderbird Converter is created to convert Thunderbird files to PST, PDF, EML, MBOX, MBX, EMLX, HTML, RTF, etc. The Thunderbird Converter Software can Convert Batch Thunderbird Files to Outlook, Adobe Reader, Mac Mail, Windows Live Mail, Web Browser, PocoMail, Spicebird, etc. Read PCVARE Thunderbird Converter Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: $29 User/Year

Free Trial

Recent Review

"Awesome Software" - Rajesh Ananthula


StorageCraft provides backup recovery software which managed system migration for Windows systems on virtual and physical machines.It recover systems, applications and data to the same or different hardware or virtual environment. Read StorageCraft Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

Free Trial

Recent Review

"Very good software to backup" - Aadish Sheth

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Buyers Guide Backup Software

As malware attacks and ransomware attacks increase, it is more important to ensure that your organization and personal data are protected and prepared if data is breached or lost. Despite mitigating potential attacks, organizations and users must work together to ensure that the company can retrieve data regarding a system failure or attack.

In the past, commercial backup software was the only way to get features like advanced scheduling, disk cloning, incremental backup, and more. They used to work on a limited number of operating systems, but no more!

Instead, several applications or software are available at much cheaper rates, like open source backup software, backup & recovery in DBMS, system backup, windows backup tool, server backup software, and windows backup and restore.

What are the Benefits of Backup Software?

Benefits of Backup Software

1. Efficiency

Automate full backups when issues arise and backup information quickly for operational efficiency.

2. Continuity

Backup solutions give companies more peace of mind about their ability to withstand more sophisticated threats.

3. Remote Access

Employees can access complete copies of the company's database through the cloud or network-based backup solutions.

4. Cloud Storage

Cloud storage allows users to back up theoretically unlimited amounts of information.

5. Data Loss Prevention

Backup software safeguards sensitive information by retaining multiple backup points at once or storing the same backup across numerous drives or clouds.

6. Ransomware Protection

If a company's network and systems are taken hostage by ransomware, backup solutions will quickly restore any lost data during an attack.

7. Consolidate Data Protection

Run differential backups to avoid storing duplicate files and to deduplicate redundant data.

8. Enhance Customer Experience

Information is preserved securely in the event of a disaster or accident, so customers can rest assured their data is not at risk of deletion.

What are the Features of Backup Software?

Features of Backup Software

1. Encryption

Using encrypted backups (AES, RSA, DES, etc.) adds a layer of security to the business. Remotely stored data are encrypted digitally, making it exponentially harder for unauthorized parties to access.

2. Encryption in Transit

Many backup solutions also offer encryption in transit, which masks data as it migrates from a source into a cloud-based backup server.

3. Remote Backup

Remote backup allows users to access dashboards remotely and store data from typical applications.

4. Data Deduplication

The data deduplication feature reduces file size and eliminates redundant files by creating synthetic backup files.

5. Image Backup & Disk Imaging

As the name suggests, disk image backups are exact copies of whole hard drives, flash drives, or other storage devices.

6. File Versioning

File versioning is the ability to store numerous versions of a dataset, allowing users to roll back programs to previous versions and track file changes over time.

7. Incremental Backup Solution

Incremental backups store only the changes since the last backup; it is typically scheduled at regular intervals (e.g., hourly or daily).

8. Web-Based Backup

Web-based backup platforms allow administrators to deploy online backups and restore data via browsers.

How to Select Backup Software?

Select Right Backup Software

1. Choose a Selection Team

All teams that will use the system need to be involved in selecting a selection team, which consists primarily of product managers, developers, IT staff, and security staff for backup software. In addition, managers and department leaders should include individuals responsible for integrating backup products with other solutions.

2. Analyze the Data

It is crucial to organize the requirements prioritization data in a way that helps people understand how each solution meets their needs, prevents siloed thinking, catalyzes internal debates, and brings new questions to the vendor. Also, we need to understand file history VS Online backup.

3. Negotiation

Every product will always have pros and cons, but the selection analysis should better understand how well each product will meet the company's unique needs. By identifying the disadvantages, options can either be eliminated from the shortlist or used as leverage for discounts and other offers.

What are the Types of Backup Software?

Types of Backup Software

1. Cloud or Online Backup Software

A growing number of virtual backups are available. These tools backup files on a private or public server. Because of the automatic and continuous backups on the cloud, this type of backup application can be an effortless option when companies continually increase the amount of data to be preserved.

2. SaaS Backup Software

Backup & recovery solutions can automate the backup and recovery of SaaS applications, which can aid in maintaining business continuity when devices or applications fail.

3. Database Backup Software

In contrast to personal file backups, data backup software describes data-specific backups. As a result, enterprise backup can simplify and secure the master data management process by duplicating data and storing it in case a device is infected with malware or lost from its source, as well as simplify and secure data backup.

4. Server Backup Software

It is essential to distinguish between this type of software and a backup server, which facilitates cloud backups: a backup server stores all the application files and critical data.

5. Backup As A Service

It is possible to provide backup as a service in the form of managed virtual backups, which helps the user perform full backups, restore files, and manage log activities.

For example, a dashboard is commonly provided with managed backup services that let users choose when they want to perform full backups, restore files, and log activities.

Who Uses Backup Software?

Who uses Backup Software?

1. IT staff

Many IT professionals are tasked with scheduling backups, ensuring compliance, and optimizing storage using backup solutions.

2. Security Teams

Companies responsible for securing sensitive data may assign security professionals the responsibility of backups or work with IT staff to ensure sensitive data complies with regulations and that all data is securely encrypted, whether stored or transported.

3. Third-Party Service Providers

Most smaller companies will outsource backup systems to another firm since they may not be able to implement and maintain them on their own.

What Does Backup Software Cost?

It is essential to consider potential growth if the buyer chooses a cloud-based backup tool that uses SaaS-based pay-per-use pricing. Many solutions are affordable off the bat and offer affordable low-tier pricing.

Alternatively, some vendors may raise their prices and fees rapidly as their company grows and their storage needs increase. Some vendors provide free backup products for small teams or individuals.

1. Cloud

The cost of backup as a service varies but typically scales with storage size. Still, it might incur additional fees for more advanced features like automated backup, disk imaging, encryption, or file versioning. Starting from $1 GB of data per month.

2. On-Premises

It is essential to determine whether backup software is cloud-hosted or on-premises. Cloud migration tools can assist in speeding up the transfer of information, but they may be costly and take time. Usually starts from a range of $3 to $450.

Implementation of Backup Software

Implementation of Backup Software

1. Plan a Timeline

Using backup software can be lengthy, depending on how much data your company needs to safeguard. It is wise to plan a timeline to ensure seamless implementation.

2. Get Assistance

Setting up a new system can often require the assistance of in-house IT personnel, third-party implementers, or vendor support teams.

3. Manage Resources Ahead of Time

It is valuable to assess how many resources are available in-house and through external options and make implementation decisions based on that assessment.

Backup Software Trends

Backup Software Trends

1. Digital Transformation

As backup technology in the IT industry has evolved, several emerging technologies are utilizing and benefiting from it, despite its original purpose. For example, a tape-to-disk transfer tool that transferred data from a floppy disk and an old VHS tape has evolved into a market that utilizes and benefits from backup technology.

In today's world, cloud-based solutions are the norm, with a variety of products that contain backup functionality and a lot of cloud service providers that offer it as a module. While storage and restore formats may change, backup remains a tool to protect businesses from data disasters.

2. Containerization

Using containerized applications, you can easily duplicate and store them in a secure environment so that data loss will not affect functionality. They would have to be stored on an alternative host system to avoid being held in the same domain. It is relatively easy to accomplish but may increase the cost.

3. Automation

There are still standalone tools to perform backups, which simplifies the backup workflow and eliminates the need to back up systems regularly. In addition, business-grade backup services typically include automated and scheduled backups, and standalone tools for automatic backups also exist.

4. Virtualization

Backup solutions designed specifically for virtual infrastructure often work with virtual machines (VM backup software) and other virtualized solutions. Businesses needing to back up virtual infrastructure should consider these options.

What are the Alternatives to Backup Software?

Alternatives to Backup Software

1. Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRaaS) Software

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) service is a management version of a backup solution that is only used in situations when data is lost completely. They provide fewer features that allow individual users to have access to information.

2. Enterprise Information Archiving Software

An enterprise information archiving solution (EIM) offers similar benefits to an online backup service but can only be used by employees and users. Archived emails backup, messages, and files will be stored as single-instance storage elements.

The limited range of storage types shouldn't imply a small scale. On the contrary, these products can store millions of communications and activities.

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FAQs of Backup Software

You can add additional security to your business by having proactive data backup procedures in place, and you'll be able to deal with unforeseen data loss situations while maintaining your brand and productivity. Having backups is an excellent start since data loss can occur at any time and in various ways.

Backup software helps to create extra copies of files, databases, and entire pc backup, thereby performing a backup. Furthermore, a user can later restore the original contents of these programs by using the additional copies if they lose the data; therefore, they are handy.

There are three ways to backup data -
  1. Full backup
  2. Differential backup
  3. Incremental backup

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