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The best Bulk SMS software are Text Request, TextLocal, SendinBlue, Servetel, and SimpleTexting. SMS software identifies all the contacts on the list to whom a particular message is to be sent, without fail

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List of 20 Best Bulk SMS Software

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EZ Texting is an intelligent bulk SMS software that helps you gain significance in the market. All your messages that you will send through this SMS software are HTTPS and SSL secured. Setting up drip campaigns is now easy. Read EZ Texting Reviews

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Get all the answers related to how to send bulk SMS with the help of innovative SMS software, SimpleTexting. This easy-to-use bulk SMS software comes with Zapier integration that automates texting at all level. Read SimpleTexting Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: $45 Per Month

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Marketers and businesses use SendinBlue to run their SMS and email marketing campaigns. This GDPR-compliant tool has flexible pricing plans for different requirements. Engage your audience and convert them with SendinBlue. Read SendinBlue Reviews

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Get all your mass texting solutions after a simple implementation of mass texting software, TextMagic. This text message software allows you to send SMS online via Email or text by importing your contacts directly on PC or laptop. Read TextMagic Reviews

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Text Request is a fully featured Bulk SMS Software designed to serve Enterprises, SMEs. Text Request provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online Bulk SMS system offers Contact Management, Mobile Coupons, Mass Texting, Mobile Keywords, Polls/Voting at one place. Read Text Request Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: $49.0 month

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"Accouting and bookkeeping services " - whiz consulting


Manage your send IDs, send bulk SMS to a group or individual,  automate your receiver’s response and create custom message templates with the help of user-friendly bulk SMS software, BulkSMS Text Messenger. Read Reviews

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"Very nice layout - easy and quick to use for marketer" - Vipul Landge


Connect with your customers with two-way bulk SMS facility offered by ClickSend sms solution. It is a mass texting software that saves your time and efforts by sending customized bulk SMS to your customers over a single click. Learn more about ClickSend

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Do you want to know how to send bulk SMS and promote your business? Then Atomic mass texting software is the right answer. It is a leading bulk SMS software that makes reliable mass texting possible over a single click. Read Atomic SMS Reviews

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"Liked the price and features offered" - Eugene


Trumpia is a user-friendly bulk SMS solution that helps you to create SMS surveys and SMS reviews templates. With the help of this best bulk SMS software, you can have insightful customer review and improve your services accordingly. Learn more about Trumpia

Starting Price: Starting Price: $195 Per Month

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Learn how to send bulk text messages using this automatic text messaging software WinSMS and send bulk SMS to your customers in one go. With the help of this bulk sms solution, you can track delivery options and choose delivery route as per your business need. Learn more about WinSMS

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Collective messaging, SMS marketing and text-based campaigns are now possible with the automatic SMS service offered by CallHub. Directly import all your phonebook contacts using this mass texting software and send thousands of SMS within a minute. Learn more about CallHub

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UltraSMSScript is an easy to use, web-based group text and SMS marketing software platform. Install UltraSMSScript on your own server and pay a 1-time fee for the platform, or have us host it for you with our monthly hosted plans! Read UltraSMSScript Reviews

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"Reliable software with great value" - George Hill


You can skip the call and send directs SMS over a single click with the ringless voicemail feature of this bulk SMS software, Call Loop. This mass texting software makes Voice broadcasting and email campaigns easy and quick. Learn more about Call Loop

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Campaigner hits all our major requirements, with unlimited emails, helpful customer support, ability to have multiple administrators on the account, and extensive auto-responder and user segmentation rules. Learn more about Campaigner

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TextMarks is a mass texting software that makes text marketing possible over a single click. Do group texting, create a goal-specific SMS marketing plan and send an emergency text notification to the team using this best bulk SMS software. Learn more about TextMarks

Starting Price: Starting Price: $99 Per Month

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Smart Classes software is the best tuition or coaching class management & online learning system. It is the most user-friendly & affordable Saas based system allow users to use It from web, andoird or IOS devices Read Smart Classes Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: $76.39 Per Year

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"Best tool for Coaching Classes" - Aakash Pareek


Improve your service deliverance and update your customers about your services progress by sending personalized bulk SMS service of innovative bulk SMS software, Clickatell. This SMS software helps you to send bulk SMS in more than 220 territories at the same time. Learn more about Clickatell

Starting Price: Starting Price: $1300 Per Month

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Routee is a cloud communication platform that helps you build unique marketing funnels that actually convert, generate leads and grow your business! All this through Messaging, Voice, Verification and Phone Numbers. Read Routee Reviews

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Texting to your customer group is now easy and quick if you take the mighty help of intelligent text message blast software, AlertMedia. Its bulk SMS tools are highly viable to do productive lead generation. Learn more about AlertMedia

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Straightxt is a text message marketing solution that is easy to implement, reduces execution time, and allows for better data-based decisions using our feature-rich "campaign in a box" platform. Learn more about Straightxt

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Bulk SMS Software Guide

How to Send Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS software is a central communication tool for businesses and organizations across countries. The software allows organizations to send bulk messages from the comfort of their desk to multiple hand-held devices. Every bulk SMS software has an interface with a service provider known as SMS gateway which ensures the delivery of messages to mobile numbers located anywhere in the world.

There are two types of bulk SMS available:

1. Transactional SMS: 

Also known as informational messages, transactional SMS consists of information. This information could be OTP for verification, alert and reminder messages, sending updates regarding the product, etc.

2. Promotional SMS: 

Promotional SMS are not communication platforms but help to communicate the latest offers, upcoming events, deals related to product/services, etc to the customer. It is less expensive than the transactional SMS platform and creates awareness about the product/service in just a few clicks.

With multiple mass SMS software available in the market, it is preferable to identify the need of the business and choose the most suitable one. The mass texting software should be compatible in terms of available text messages and characters limit, proper delivery gateway, and available features. It should allow to send, receive, and manage individual and bulk SMS communication.

Who Uses Bulk SMS Software?

Bulk SMS software could help companies send notifications directly to their customer segment or customer base. Such bulk messages also add value to the company in terms of personalized addressing to the customer and prompt them to make the purchase again.

Who uses Bulk SMS Software

Following are the industries which consider text messaging software more relevant:

1. Tour and Travels: 

Bulk SMS service is used to promote and inform the customers about the upcoming trips, new services, and destinations offered and to share links about the latest experiences.

2. Hotels & Resorts: 

Hotels and resorts need continuous promotions. Hence, the bulk SMS Software sends bulk messages regarding the location of the hotel/resort, discounts offered, availability of the rooms, services offered, etc.

3. Consumer Brands: 

Bulk messaging software is a perfect way to reach the mass audience directly. Such automated bulk SMS service helps the brands dealing directly with the customer, i.e. B2C, send promotional messages, discount offers, and promo codes to the customer. It also helps the brand send reminders and wishes on special occasions.

4. Banking: 

Banks being an integral source to take care of on a daily basis, the banking industry uses mass texting software to send the bulk messages related to the latest technology implementation or new guidelines introduced. The bulk message software not only helps the customer stay updated with the latest norms but also helps to build loyalty between the bank and the customer, for updating with the regular updates on introducing norms.

5. Real Estate: 

The real estate industry uses bulk SMS software to inform the audience about the upcoming housing/flat schemes and availability of flats in an area. This can be customized by sending the area-specific availability of flats.

Other industries that make frequent use of the mass texting software are:

1. Media & Entertainment

2. Airlines

3. Healthcare Providers

4. Placements and Consultants

5. E-Commerce Portals

6. Automobile


8. Couriers and Logistics

9. Retail

With the above-listed industries pursuing marketing through bulk SMS texting, it is quite evident that SMS is a more personalized and promising means of communication between the customer and the company. With the ever-increasing customer base, bulk SMS software helps broadcast the message in one go.

Basic Features of Bulk SMS Software

Features of Bulk SMS Software

With a number of options available in the market to send bulk SMS, the best option is to select the most suitable SMS software for your business. The best bulk SMS software is the one that provides a proper communication platform for incoming and outgoing messages while providing a user-friendly interface.

Following are the basic features a bulk SMS software must have:

1. Robust API: 

The application program interface (API) of the SMS sender software should be flexible enough to be integrated with the website and installed in the system. Mass texting software available in the application form is an addition to the available features.

2. Sender ID: 

The SMS should be sent to the customer through your own sender ID. The user of the bulk SMS service should be able to create multiple IDs representing the brand name or company name and should be able to select the ID through which the SMS can be sent.

3. Dynamic SMS: 

The bulk texting software should allow the user to send SMS and send customized reminders, alerts, and reminders for any particular information.

4. Excel Plugin: 

This feature is either in-built or is provided as an additional plug-in feature by the bulk SMS software provider. It helps the user to copy the excel sheet of contacts and shoot the SMS directly instead of on individual copy and send the SMS. This feature of mass SMS software helps to save time and effort and produces effective results.

5. Live Reports: 

The reports help to provide an overall view of the performance of a campaign and the main results. The real-time reports from mass text messaging software helps the manager decide the effectiveness of the campaign and make sure the best outcomes are delivered.

6. Scheduling Message: 

Since it’s not possible to always have the computer or laptop on the desk, the most effective mass SMS software makes use of this feature to schedule a message for a later date and time.

How to Decide If Your Business Needs bulk SMS software?

If you are looking for new ways to invest in the marketing of your business then bulk SMS software is the right tool for you. Packed with plenty of advantages, bulk SMS software is a must for SMEs. Also, for brands, mass texting is important to inform the audience about the upcoming offers, discounts, and new inventory available.

If you are still stuck with the decision to opt or not to opt for the bulk SMS software, here are the reasons listed for why you should adopt bulk SMS Software as a marketing tool:

1. Notify Customer: 

The text messaging software helps you send bulk SMS to the mass and notify them about any new arrival, sales update, discount offerings, etc. Even if something goes wrong at the store/brand it helps send the bulk text to the audience and inform them about the happenings.

2. Connect with Your Customers: 

The key to every marketing is to connect with the customers. When it comes to developing a close relationship with your customer, bulk SMS service could be one possible way. While E-mail being a formal platform, SMS service provides an opportunity to directly interact with your customer on one to one basis.

3. If You have A Physical Location: 

If your business has a physical location, there are high chances that customers enquire frequently to visit the store. Such queries can be easily taken care of by the SMS software as the queries can be answered directly with the automated texts and don’t require an additional workforce for this.

4. Instant Leads and Results: 

While emails go unopened for days, SMS is considered as an instant messaging tool that generates leads much efficiently. To advertise a sale, or an upcoming event, or any special offer, bulk SMS software services are the best to reach the customer in no time and provide the relevant information.

5. Better Results at a Lower Price: 

Mass texting software is a cost-effective solution for your business as the marketing efforts yield more results with SMS marketing. Unlike traditional marketing methods, SMS Marketing follows a more targeted approach by interacting one-to-one with the customer and providing relevant information in limited characters.

If any of the above requirements suits your business or if your approach is to boost sales with minimal yet effective marketing efforts, then bulk SMS software is your go-to tool. It not only takes your marketing efforts to the next level but also helps with better customer interaction.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Bulk SMS Software

So, you've made up your mind to invest in bulk SMS software, but you're not certain of how to choose the right solution for your business needs? Here are a few things to consider before selecting a bulk SMS system for your business:

Factors to consider before buying bulk sms software

1. Telecom Operator Partnerships: 

An SMS marketing solution acts as a bridge between you, the telecom companies, and your customers. Therefore, it is critical to determine if the SMS provider has partnerships with all the popular telecom companies in the area. Also, ensure that your bulk SMS provider uses licensed network pathways for optimum quality and security.

2. Customization and Features: 

Customer inboxes are generally filled with tons of messages from various brands. So, why should they choose to read your message? You need to stand out from the crowd and give your customers a reason to engage with you. Most bulk SMS providers make this easy for you by providing a range of powerful features and customization capabilities. For starters, always look for a solution that allows you to customize your customer data and messages. It should also allow you to schedule your campaigns, automate them, and use diverse, interactive media and languages. Two-way communication, reporting and analytics, internet SMS, keywords, marketing features, and DND are some of the other common features of bulk SMS software solutions.

3. Technology and Support: 

Look for an SMS provider with a robust SMS gateway technology that guarantees zero downtime and the best experience. The software should have intelligent HTTPS and API. However, even the best bulk SMS software solutions might run into some problems from time to time. Therefore, it is vital to pick a provider that provides round-the-clock support. SMS marketing campaigns can be time-sensitive, and you should partner with a bulk SMS provider who can ensure that your messages reach your customers, no matter what.

4. Tracking and Analytics: 

You've sent messages to your customers. Now what? Did they read those messages and take the desired action? To know if your campaign is a success or failure, you need to know its after-effects. This is where tracking tools come into play. Find a bulk SMS platform that includes in-built tracking tools. Some key metrics you want to look for are: Delivery rate Open rate/Click-through rate Failed message reports Subscription rate Opt-out rate Geographic or demographic information However, ensure the reports and analyses are based on genuine and real-time information. Also, it is advisable to avoid bulk SMS software solutions that require third-party integrations for reporting and analysis.

5. Monetary Aspects: 

SMS marketing is surely one of the most affordable ways to reach your customers. However, using a cheaper solution should not necessarily translate into poor quality. There are a variety of bulk SMS providers who claim to be inexpensive and offer competitive rates. On the other hand, some bulk SMS providers may charge more for their service if they are a well-established brand in the market. It's completely okay to opt for an indie provider. However, be careful and don't fall into a trap. It would help to do your research, compare plans and prices, in order to find the bulk SMS software that you feel provides the best value for your money.

How to Utilize A Bulk SMS Gateway for Your Business?

How to Utilize a Bulk SMS Gateway for Your Business

1. Send Reminders: 

The customer is always on the move and has access to the internet where information is provided at multiple platforms. With a number of options available, the need is to inform the customer with the relevant information instantly. Sending timely reminders through bulk SMS sender software regarding the product, new launches and the available offers help companies reach the customer directly which also improves the company’s image and helps in brand building.

2. Boost Business: 

By sending relevant offers and product quality SMS, text messaging software helps market new products and services which eventually boost sales.

3. Keep Customer Updated: 

Bulk message software helps you to keep your customer updated with all the current available offers, and brand information, to make them feel important and keep the most loyal customer in the loop.

4. Send Alerts: 

With all the promotional SMS, group SMS software services also help send messages which have a direct impact on the customer, also known as alert messages. People appreciate such moves by the companies, i.e. to personally address any issue prevailing to avoid any possible inconvenience.

Increasing Business Revenue with Bulk Text Messaging

With the listed benefits of bulk text messaging above, the following are the major advantages of mass texting software to increase business revenue:

1. Marketing Texts: 

Sending customer promotional messages with new product information, special offers, etc. is under the marketing umbrella. Businesses can provide customers with first-hand information from a trusted source using bulk texting software.

2. Notifications and Reminders: 

The notifications act as a reminder and help a customer carry out a certain action, for example, a notification about returning the book to the library or paying the credit card bill by the due date. Such text can be automated bulk SMS sender software and set to a reminder until the task has been done.

3. Vouchers/Loyalty Programs: 

Customer loyalty is the key! Keeping the same in mind, vouchers with promo codes or unique identification numbers are sent to the loyal customers of a brand using group SMS software. This can be redeemed in the mentioned time period for exclusive services or to avail of exclusive discounts. Bulk SMS software offers effective and designed ways to shoot such messages and attract the customer to make a repeated purchase.

4. Appointments: 

Business functions such as visiting a doctor’s clinic, taking an appointment from a personal coach, etc., require pre-booking. This can be done over SMS and confirmation can be sent to the customer through SMS itself. The bookings made through an app or website can also be confirmed by instant messages by integrating the SMS sender software with the website/app. Automatic reminders can also be sent beforehand.

Why is Bulk SMS Marketing a MUST for you?

Admit it; SMS is the simplest and most effective medium of communication. Do you know as per Venturebeat’s report, 90 percent of people read text messages within 3 minutes of receiving them? And since SMS doesn’t require internet connectivity, you can send it to all types of mobiles, whether it’s a smartphone or a basic phone.

Importance of bulk SMS Marketing

So if you want to upscale your marketing efforts, don’t hesitate to invest in bulk SMS service. Have a look at the reasons why bulk SMS marketing is worth an investment.

1. Targeted Reach:

SMS always hits the target, serving the purpose without fail. When you send an SMS to a person, it will be delivered within no time. The person may read it instantly or a few minutes later. But you rest assured that it has reached its destination. There is a maximum chance of conversion or engagement because you know the message will be read by a particular person and no one else.

You can also send personalized SMS to a particular audience. For example, you can create multiple groups, having similar interests, in bulk SMS software. You can create personalized messages for each group and send them at different times as per the schedule.

2. Cost-Effective:

If you opt for bulk SMS service, an SMS will cost you a few paise only. You can send up to a lakh messages by spending a few thousand Rupees. What else can you ask for? If you opt for outdoor advertising, email advertising, or other forms of marketing, you will be spending more money and the conversions will be comparatively low.

When you are investing in bulk SMS marketing, you can expect a higher ROI because the conversions are always higher in bulk SMS marketing. You engage directly with the customer, having their complete attention. This increases the probability of converting the prospect.

3. Quickest Mode of Communication:

In just one click, you can SMS to thousands of recipients. And within a few seconds, you will start getting responses. Is there any faster mode of communication? The best part is that the recipient doesn’t need to rely on an internet connection to receive, read, and respond to the SMS.

The mass texting software simplifies the task of sending an SMS to thousands of recipients. Just create a message, insert necessary links, and send it to the list of contacts saved in the directory. The well-organized interface further allows you to run multiple campaigns simultaneously, thereby extending your reach to lakhs of customers.

4. Highest Engagement Rate:

It’s so easy to interact via a text message. You just have to type and send the SMS. This is the reason people perceive text messaging as the most convenient form of communication. Therefore, the engagement rate is always high. When you have bulk SMS software to managing SMS marketing, you can send messages and engage with the audience through a common interface.

Whether you are sending promotional messages, asking for feedback & review, sending informational messages, or sending alerts & notifications; SMS is the best mode for communicating and engaging with the customer.

5. Highest Delivery Rate:

If you send an SMS to a number, it will definitely reach its destination, provided the number is active and in use. This means the SMS delivery rate is the highest amongst all the marketing methods. Even if the mobile is switched off or there are poor network issues, the recipient will still receive the SMS after some time.

Further, there are no spam issues in SMS marketing. You can deploy bulk text messaging software to send thousands of SMS. These will be delivered in the inbox folder of all the mobile phones.

6. No Fluff, Only Information:

In the majority of the cases, the text limit in an SMS is confined to 160 characters. This means you have to be specific while conveying the message to the recipient. So when you send an SMS, the recipient receives pure information. This is beneficial because you are not wasting the customer’s time. You are providing factual information that instigates customers to respond.

But in case the content in an SMS exceeds 160 characters, you don’t need to worry. You can still send the SMS to communicate a message. Just utilize the bulk SMS software to optimize the length of the SMS. At the same time, ensure you are conveying complete information.

Why is Bulk SMS Software useful

7. Saves Time, Increases Productivity:

It’s clear an SMS is suitable for sending important information and no fluff. This saves the time of the recipient because he doesn’t have to scroll through the heap of content to understand the message. Moreover, you get instant responses to the message. This allows you to make quick decisions without wasting any time. Ultimately, this boosts your productivity.

Since you can use mass texting software to automate the process of sending SMS, you get ample time to devote to other tasks. This ensures optimized time management. Again, it boosts productivity at the workplace.

8. Increased Customer Satisfaction & Retention:

Whether you send SMS for marketing, customer support, transactional purpose, or communication; the ultimate aim is to boost customer satisfaction and ensure customer retention. The bulk SMS process lets you manage all the operations so that you can deliver a seamless customer experience.

The customers also find it convenient to communicate via SMS. The bulk text messaging software lets you handle every customer query or response. This further boosts your reputation as a customer-oriented organization.

9. Mobile, Mobile Everywhere:

Almost everyone is using a mobile nowadays. Therefore, it seems evident to use bulk SMS marketing to target potential customers. And when you install bulk SMS software, you automate and optimize the SMS marketing process. You generate more revenue, increase customer database, and deliver a seamless customer experience.

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FAQs of Bulk SMS Software

Bulk SMS software is software that allows a company or an individual to send multiple SMS in a brief time span. SMS Software is specially designed for Bulk SMS Marketing. This software is mostly used for business promotion.

No. Every SMS marketing software has different plans and one needs to choose them to avail of a particular package. There is usually no monthly or set-up fee involved.

Usually, the limit is 160 characters only when one is making use of bulk SMS software for Android mobile phones.

If there is a large audience that needs to receive the message then it is always advisable to make use of the market’s best bulk SMS software.

This completely depends upon the structure of the organization and whether the person in charge is constantly on the move or has a desk job. If the person is constantly on the go then it is preferable to go for the best bulk SMS software for Android, else if the person is going to sit and work, then one should go for the best bulk SMS software for PC in the market.

Last Updated: March 09, 2023