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Do you want to grow your business, generate more leads, and get more sales? Digital marketing companies can help. Find the best digital marketing companies and agencies as per your needs to enhance your marketing performance.

Why Need Best Digital Marketing Companies?

The best digital marketing companies in India can help you achieve your online business goals. With the digital marketplace becoming more competitive than ever, brands need to find creative and effective ways to reach their audience, generate leads, and drive sales.

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List of 20 Best Digital Marketing Companies

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Check out the Best Digital Marketing Leaders Matrix on SoftwareSuggest. Leaders Matrix is determined by carefully examining each product and seller, paying close attention to variables such as features, reviews, customer support, integration, interference, traffic, social media engagement, and usability, among others. This in-depth Digital Marketing assessment exercise intends to help our users in making informed decisions and, ultimately, picking the best product that helps them achieve their business goals.

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Digital Marketing Companies Guide

What is Digital Marketing?

According to the top digital marketing experts, any advertising delivered through digital channels comes under the ambit of digital marketing. One common misconception regarding digital marketing is that the internet is a prerequisite for digitally advertising. However,  digital marketing has nothing to do with the internet. The first digital marketer was none other than the inventor of the radio, Guglielmo Marconi himself! It didn’t take long for people to discover that they could sell stuff over the radio.

It refers to any form of marketing products or services that involves the use of electronic devices over varied channels like web, mobile applications, social media, email, search engines, or any new digital channel. Informational marketing can be carried out both online and offline.

Why is Digital Marketing Essential for Business Growth?

Why is Digital Marketing Essential for Growth

Businesses must understand the importance of keeping abreast of evolving technology and platforms and investing in digital talent. There is no shortage of top digital marketing companies ready to cater to the unique needs of different businesses.

The following are some insights that help understand the role of digital marketing in today’s business scenario:

1. On Point Reach

There are countries where people don’t have access to running water, but they own smartphones. This means that your potential consumers are already online! According to research, the average millennial consumer already has seven different accounts in the virtual space. There is a good chance that they might already be searching for a business like yours, but if you don’t have a credible social media presence, they might go for someone else! Therefore, to cater to the unique needs of today’s world, the best digital marketing companies in India have decided to bridge the gap between supply and demand. 

2. Plan According to Your Target Audience

To achieve business objectives, you need to ensure that your marketing endeavors reach the targeted audience. This is where digital marketing services help segregate the market into different segments and target their potential customers directly. 

3. Personalization is Possible

According to a survey by Econsultancy,74% of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement. These professionals make use of customer pain points, objectives, etc. to segment their lists. So, whether you are promoting a blog, white paper, or webinar, you can customize your email campaigns based on this data.

4. It is Alterable and has a High ROI (Return on Investment)

Online digital marketing companies can easily be altered to meet the market’s evolving needs. This helps in waste reduction and revenue increment. Amongst all other marketing strategies, digital marketing has shown the best ROI. For instance, email marketing can earn you $44 for every $1 invested, translating into an ROI of 4400 percent.

Important Digital Marketing Components to Consider

Digital Marketing Components

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Businesses must optimize their website to rank on the first few result pages of search engines. According to research, 75% of people don’t look past the first page of search results. Your customers are already online, searching for the products and services that you might deliver. When you optimize your website and rank on top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), more qualified leads will get in touch with you. Greater optimization translates into better ranking, which in turn drives organic traffic to your website. 

2. PPC (Pay per Click) Advertising

If you are looking for a fast and affordable method to boost your rankings, PPC is the way to go! The best part about PPC advertising is that you only pay when people click on your ads. Therefore you will avoid wasting money trying to reach people who are not interested in your products or services. 

3. Content Marketing

You must incorporate content into your digital marketing strategy to boost your search rankings and lead potential customers to your website. Content marketing is known to generate three times more leads than traditional marketing strategies. Shareable quality content, enriched with target keywords, will help you achieve higher rankings.

4. Web Design

First impressions are usually the last, and you would want your site to leave a positive impact on your potential customers. In addition to an engaging website that loads at top speed, you would also want to streamline your navigation to enhance the user experience.

5. Social Media Marketing

According to the latest stats, 2.3 billion people use social media, and 70% of them have used social media for raising customer concerns or queries regarding a particular product or digital marketing service. Therefore it makes sense to use it as a means to connect with your potential or existing customers.

6. Email Marketing

An indisputably important component of successful digital marketing, email marketing is known to churn out an ROI of 4400%. The perfect lead nurturing strategy allows you to follow up with potential customers and connect further with existing customers. Using the tried and tested segmentation method, you can send personalized emails based on your subscribers’ needs and interests.

High Impact Digital Marketing Strategies to Win the Market

Digital Marketing Strategies

The difference between the best digital marketing agency and the average digital marketing agency lies in using well-thought-out strategies and planning. Hitting the bull’s eye gets more accessible, following high-impact digital marketing strategies in place. 

1. Build a Company on One Platform Using Multiple Tools

The top digital marketers have a clear picture of each digital marketing campaign’s impact on their overarching goals. 

2. Strategize to Increase Leads that Translate Into Sales Conversion

For instance, a content marketer can curate a series of engaging blog posts to generate leads from a recently launched ebook. The in-house social media marketer will then promote these blog posts through paid or organic posts on the business’s social media accounts. The email marketer would then draft an email campaign to disburse more information regarding the company to those who download the ebook. 

3. Target the Right Audience

Ensure that the right message gets delivered to the right audience. Make use of hyper-local targeting and avoid irrelevant marketing that is not directed at the target audience. 

4. Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing strategy engages key individuals (influencers) to drive their brand’s message to the target audience.

5. Budget for CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Budgeting for CRO can boost your monthly revenue by $106,000. A solid conversion rate optimization strategy will help ensure that more of your visiting traffic gets converted into income.

6. Cost-Effective Marketing Strategies

Market your business in the most cost-effective way possible. Here are some strategies that you can implement to expand your business; use free publicity, use social media effectively, create partnerships with other organizations, build active networks, etc.

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Company?

Choose The Best Digital Marketing Company

Choosing the best digital marketing company in India is imperative for curating a digital marketing strategy that works. The abundance of online marketing companies has made the task more complicated. To ensure that you don’t overstep your budget or harm your brand image, stick to the following strategies while zeroing in on the best digital marketing company for your business.

1. Have a Clear Understanding of Your Budget and Your Needs

Before finalizing your best digital marketing agency, it pays to have an in-depth knowledge of your business needs. This will influence the expectations you have from the digital marketing agency. The better you spell out your business needs in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), website, advertising, social media, and graphic design, the clearer will be your conversations with the top digital marketing agencies. The next question to seek an answer to would be the amount of money that you are willing to invest in hiring the best digital marketing company in India. 

2. Demand Full Transparency of the Agency

While reviewing an agency vs website, ensure that the credentials such as an address, client list, and bios are on point. If not, then the agency is probably hiding something and is not worth your time. 

3. Run a Credibility and Experience Check

Do your research about the shortlisted top digital marketing agencies’ work experience. Also, find out about their credibility by reading client testimonials published on their websites and review sites like Yelp, Clutch, and Expertise.

4. Check Their Industry-Specific Experience and the Metrics They Use

Find out if the top digital marketing companies that you are eyeing possess any expertise in your industry. If it doesn’t, enquire about how they plan to approach a new industry. A good marketer evaluates a client’s industry, online presence, and competitors as well as devises an effective strategy. So you have finally zeroed in on the seemingly perfect, best digital marketing company, but have you run a check on their performance metrics and technical expertise? Develop a thorough understanding of the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) used to justify their work and monthly fee.

How Much Does Digital Marketing Services Cost?

Digital Marketing Services Cost

One of the frequently asked questions is “how much does digital marketing services cost?” But the answer is complicated!

When it comes to the best digital marketing agency charges, a lot of factors go into consideration. Depending on your business needs, priorities, and marketing budget, the service pricing varies. There is no one-size-fits-all pricing for digital marketing. However, here are some of the factors that decide how much it will cost to your business.

1. Marketing Budget

According to research, companies tend to spend between 8 and 16% of their total revenue on digital marketing. However, there’s a wide deviation on how much budget to set aside between companies and industries. The budget also depends on who the customers are - consumers or businesses and if the company sells products or services.

2. Engagement Model

Digital marketing agencies generally work on either of the below-mentioned engagement models - 

  • Project-based fees

  • Monthly retainer contracts

  • Hourly rates

Based on your industry, region, and specific needs, the cost, and experience associated with all these models will differ. However, the hourly rate model is the least expensive whereas the project-based model is the most expensive one.

3. Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, Email Marketing, and Website Design are the pillars of digital marketing. So, here’s a breakdown of what each element will cost you approximately.

What Services do Digital Marketing Companies Provide?

Services Do Digital Marketing Companies Provide

Digital Marketing is a broad term that covers various online marketing functions. Some of those  include:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It helps you gain more traffic, leads, and sales. Besides, you can grow your long-term authority on search engines with effective SEO strategies.

2. Social Media Marketing

People, today, spend a lot of their time on social media handles. So, this service comes in handy to reach out to your potential customers. It helps you design and run social media marketing campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

3. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC provides you a great way of driving potential clients to your website. It helps get leads and sales faster.

4. Content Marketing

As the name suggests, this service includes attracting, engaging, and acquiring customers through relevant and valuable content. It can be in any form - blogs, articles, newsletters, landing pages, white papers, etc.

5. Email Marketing

It is a cost-effective way of growing your business. With professional email marketing services, you can connect with your prospects and existing customers.

6. Website Design & Development

Your business’s website acts as a cornerstone to find and engage your audience. Besides, it helps customers decide the credibility of a business. These are some of the pillar services under digital marketing. The best Digital marketing agency also caters to lead recovery, local SEO, internet branding, video marketing strategy, conversion rate optimization, and more such services.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Companies

Hiring a digital marketing agency can reap a lot of benefits. This includes reaching out to potential clients and enhancing your brand recognition techniques. While there are thousands of growth marketing agencies, only a few will manage to fit your requirements. So, ensure that you find the right match.

Here, we have enlisted the top 5 digital marketing companies. Read on to find out more.

1. Adsyndicate

With over 25 years of experience, Adsyndicate is one of the best 360-degree digital communications companies you’ll come across. It is the best digital marketing agency that focuses mainly on delivering innovative digital marketing strategies to organizations. Right from media planning to digital marketing, brand management, and advertising, it excels in every arena. Some of its noteworthy clients include Union Bank of India, Tata Motors, Manipal University, and more.

2. Webchutney

Touted as one of the most sought-after best digital marketing companies, Webchutney is known for its award-winning marketing campaigns. It exactly knows how to increase brand awareness and lure potential customers. Webchutney has bagged some 300 awards and industry recognition for its outstanding work in the industry. Wipro, Titan, HDFC, Microsoft, etc. are some of its prominent clientele.

3. WatConsult

WatConsult is known for providing end-to-end best digital marketing services. Right from launching a brand to building it and driving sales, it provides assistance throughout the journey. With a team of digital marketing professionals, they have created some noteworthy campaigns for lead generation, social media, and more. WatConsult has helped companies like PVR, Nikon, Vero Moda, and more with its digital marketing services.

4. ClickBig

Right from planning a website to optimizing it, ClickBig is one of the top digital marketing companies that masters every aspect of digital marketing. It builds customized and integrated experiences for your customers; thus, making sure that all the campaigns are a huge success. Moreover, it uses automation tools to help you track the progress and end result thoroughly. Abbott, Spotify, BSNL, Mahindra, etc. are some of the clients ClickBig has served.

5. Pinstorm

Founded back in 2004, Pinstorm is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses reach their sales targets effortlessly. With its innovative digital marketing strategies and successful campaigns, it has gained a lot of recognition in the industry. The strongest pillar at Pinstorm is its content marketing services. Some of the clients it has worked with are ICICI Bank, Cafe coffee day, ET NOW, etc.

Bottom Line

To sum up, the traditional marketing strategies will all be modernized to leverage digital media in the times to come. The perfect balance of offline and online marketing strategies will ensure the success of your business. No one can afford to ignore the virtual world’s opportunities, and sooner or later every marketer will have to master the art of online digital marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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The rates are highly variable, starting from $2500 to $12,000 per month and $5 to $200 per hour.

Yes, Digital marketing companies get in touch with you to discuss and plan the entire strategies before starting digital marketing for your website.

Digital marketing companies hold experience and expertise in helping brands grow online. They improved brand reputation, increased engagement, and sales.

You can check your website's progress directly by visiting your website or with the help of a website review tool and SEO checker.

Last Updated: March 10, 2023



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