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The best employee engagement software platforms are Keka, Qandle, Synergita, HRMantra, & Grove HR. It helps to keep your employees engaged and happy at their work.

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List of 20 Best Employee Engagement Software

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Employee Engagement Software

What is Employee Engagement Software?

If you are looking for the right employee engagement software then you have to understand what it is all about. Put in plain and simple words, when we talk about employee engagement software we are referring to basically an HR engagement platform. It basically contains application programs that are used by organizations to increase employee job satisfaction. It helps to identify, hone, and retain talented employees and therefore a good employer cannot ignore the importance and significance of the software.

Now that we have a reasonably good understanding of employee engagement software it would be interesting to know more about the way in which it works and also how it could be beneficial and helpful to organizations. This will help end-users to choose the right software based on specific needs and requirements. Having the right software is no longer a choice but is becoming a necessity. This is because it could help workers to become a part of the overall culture of the organization and this, in turn, would make them more productive and effective. Therefore as an entrepreneur, one must have the right knowledge and information about employee engagement software or HR engagement platform.

How Employee Engagement Software Works?

If you want to make the best use of any employee engagement software then it is highly critical that you should know exactly how it works. The main objective of any such HR software is to ensure that the lines of communication are always open between the management and the employees. Using the most advanced technologies, any good employee engagement software ensures that there is a constant exchange of information between employees and employers. Regular feedback is important for understanding how an organization works and this becomes all the truer when the organization grows big. When you have the right employee engagement system it is possible for employees to send regular feedback pertaining to their area of work and expertise.

Further, when organizations invest in the right employee engagement software it gives the management insights and information that are real-time and are of the highest priority. This will help them to take necessary action at the right time, at the right time so that it benefits the organization as a whole and improves its productivity by many notches.

How Employee Engagement Software Can Help?

How Employee Engagement Software Can Help?

While finding the right job and career is critical for an employee, employers also need to identify, hone, and develop the right employee. Towards this objective, there are reasons to believe that the right employee engagement tool could make a big difference. It could be helpful in many ways. We are mentioning a few of the main benefits of having in place suitable employee engagement software,

1. Improved employee satisfaction

Many employees leave organizations because of their immediate bosses and rarely do they leave because of bad organizational work practices. Hence, when you put in place the right platform in place, it could work well. It could help identify the areas where the employees are feeling the pressure of their immediate bosses. Hence such an employee engagement platform is vital.

2. Lower Turnover

Hiring an employee and keeping them in good humor requires good feedback and information exchange. Towards this objective, there are reasons to believe that having the right feedback platform is of paramount importance. This will help reduce employee turnover and resignations.

3. Improved productivity

When you have the right platform you can be sure that it will go a long way in improving the productivity of the entire organization. This is because a satisfied employee will always perform well.

4. Improved bottom line

Businesses, big and small, operate because they want profits at the end of the day. When you have a suitable engagement platform in place you can be sure that you will be able to improve productivity. This, in turn, will lead to improved performance contributing to healthy growth in the bottom line, year after year. This has been proven time and again because only those organizations that have the right platform would be able to thrive and grow in a competitive environment.

5. Reduced Absenteeism

This is another reason for investing in a suitable employee engagement platform. It could help in keeping employees motivated to come to their workplace.

How To Create An Employee Engagement Survey in Your Team?

Now that we have some employee engagement ideas, let us try and see how we can identify the way in which surveys can be done. To begin with, it is important to have the best employee engagement software for this purpose. Though there are many ways by which the survey can be designed we are sharing some points that the best employee engagement software or HR engagement platform may be able to do.

Employee Engagement Survey-1

1. Start with a measuring point

It is important to create a baseline for measuring and then tracking the progress of the employee. This is one of the best attributes of the best employee engagement software.

2. Get the leadership involved

Even if you have the best employee engagement system to engage employees, you will not be able to move forward unless you are able to get the top leadership and decision-makers involved.

3. Have objectives

Any software should have clearly defined objectives without which nothing much can change. There is no point in having the best employee engagement tools unless you do not know what to get out of it.

4. Clear communication of details

Though many companies spend money on a good digital platform, it may remain unused for long periods of time. This defeats the very purpose of such software. Hence, any quality engagement platform should be accompanied by clear and unambiguous communication of details.

Employee Engagement Survey-2

5. Proper designing of the survey

Once you have a suitable digital engagement platform in place, the next important step is to design the survey properly. Though not mandatory, it may be a good idea to follow KISS, Keep It Simple, and Stupid. This is the hallmark of the engagement platforms.

6. Take cultural differences into account

The next important thing is to take into account the cultural differences of employees. When you have the perfect match between quality digital employment engagement software and the right cultural mating it could work wonders. Without this, even the best platform will not work.

7. Share the results

It is important to use employee engagement software for an engaging workforce, to share feedback on a regular basis. Only then the best platforms will be able to deliver on the ground.

8. Take action

Without action being taken, it may not make much sense to put in place the best workplace employee engagement software. The employees should see that they are being benefited from it and only then the workplace engagement software would be worth spending.

What Are Good Employee Engagement Questions?

Here are some common questions that you could ask through your employee engagement software,

  1. Are you proud to work for this company?
    Any engagement software for the workforce should have this built into its system.

  2. Would you recommend this company to others?
    This will help find out how satisfied the employee is working for the company and it should also be a standard part of the software.

  3. Do you think about changing and moving over to another company?
    Any employee engagement software solution should ensure this.

  4. Would you work here for two years from now?
  5. Would you do some tasks that are not defined in your KRA?
  6. How do you rate this Software?
  7. Has this software different from your job?
  8. How important is this HR engagement platform?
  9. If you leave the organization why would you leave?
  10. How do you rate the boss with who you are working for?

In fine that is no doubt that choosing the best employee engagement platforms is no longer a choice but is becoming a necessity. It helps in molding a good team that is good in all respect. Though there are many who may not believe in investing in engagement platforms the success rates of people who are using an HR engagement platform are quite high.

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