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Sales are the lifeblood of any successful business organization. Keeping your customers happy by providing them with great service after sales are vital in enhancing trust and gaining a positive market reputation. Customer service can increase your lead generation, referrals, and keep your clients engaged in the long run.

Looking for Sales Force Automation Software? Check out SoftwareSuggest’s list of the best sales force automation software solutions.

Technology has become a real gamechanger in the current business scenario. Most companies are investing in specialized platforms such as sales tracking software to streamline their lead generation and revenues. Sales automation technologies have increased exponentially in the last few years, and organizations are getting the best sales tracking software to boost productivity along with providing exceptional customer service. It is the ideal medium to monitor sales performance, track team targets and make future sales projections.

In addition to automation, other newer categories have started to emerge in SalesTech. Today there are specialized tools that help with serving a prospect’s purchasing intent, providing sales guidance and relationship intelligence while existing categories like predictive analytics and forecasting have undergone considerable evolution.

Sales Tracking software is comprehensive solutions that can manage order processing, client management, data sharing, inventory management and sales trends forecasting. The market today has catered for a number of cloud-driven SFA software as it is in heavy demand by salespersons who are on the move constantly and need to access data through a reliable portal.

It is always a good idea to research all the available options before choosing the best sales tracking software that will suit your business model. Here is a curated list of the top best 8 sales force automation software that can help your organization accrue some phenomenal benefits.

List of Top Sales Tracking Software    


A leading provider of specialized sales force automation, SaneForce is a holistic solution that is packed with a number of powerful features. It is a highly user-friendly sales tracking software, and does not require any technical expertise or training for its utilization. It is well suited to a number of diverse industries such as healthcare, FMCG and the medical sector.

san sfe sales tracking software


1.Streamlined document management – maintains a unified data repository
2. Complete sales performance management, and also provides real-time target tracking
3. Has the ability to handle business content through E-mail and SMS marketing
4. Robust reporting dashboard that displays all vital sales metrics
5. Live alerts and notifications
6. Full-time mobile support


1. May require some time for initial set up and installation
2. Needs to include more specific features for lead and opportunity management

Pricing: SaneForce does not provide open pricing details. The vendor needs to be contacted for a definite price quotation that will be based on your particular organizational requirements.

2. Toolyt

One of the most popular SFA software platforms in the market, Toolyt is a novel sales monitoring system that helps field officers by providing them with all essential real-time data for better productivity. It can customize workflows, set target deadlines and is a real boon for businesses as it can increase sales bottom line results.

Toolyt sales tracking software


1. In-built CRM system for client management
2. Attendance management and employee time tracking
3. Interactive and intuitive dashboards
4. Creates business intelligence reports
5. Simple user-interface
6. Handles order, expense and task management
7. Tally ERP Integration


1. The order taking feature could be improved
2. Support team is not very responsive

Pricing: Toolyt provides a free trial with all basic features for interested users. It has pricing plans starting from Rs. 990 per month for less than 5 users, and the vendor needs to be contacted to build an exact quotation based on your enterprise needs.

3. SalesJunction SFA

A highly customizable sales tracking software, SalesJunction is power packed with tons of innovative features to automate your sales pipeline. It provides simple and effective customer management service which helps organizations retain their clients and increase deliverable results. It is a great tool to track marketing campaigns and manage opportunities/leads.

salesjunction sales tracking software


1. Maximum API/Integrations for better system compatibility
2. Easy import of data from remote systems
3. User-friendly dashboard that provides reports/calendars/table
4. Alerts and schedulers for better efficiency
5. Unlimited storage
6. Configurable custom fields


1. The reporting tool is a bit complicated
2. Support service is time consuming
3.Only English language is supported

Pricing: SalesJunction provides a 15 free trial to interested users to make themselves familiar with the features. It has a simple and affordable pricing plan at $12.50 per user per month that has all basic features for small-medium sized businesses.

4. CRM4Sure

An industry leading sales force automation software, CRM4Sure specializes in customer relationship management, sales, distribution, and human resource management. It has more than 20 sector specific solutions that cater to the requirements of fields such as pharmaceuticals, banking, insurance , medical, retail and real-estate.

crm4sure sales tracking software


1. Comprehensive CRM and sales reporting
2. Predictive analytics for effective sales forecasting
3. Advanced sales dashboards with all vital metrics
4. Lead scoring and management capability
5. Unified and structure customer database maintenance


1.There may be an initial learning curve amongst users before they understand the interface and features.

Pricing: CRM4Sure has various pricing plans which organizations can choose in accordance to their corporate needs. Some of its pricing packages are Sales Force Effectiveness Module (Rs.495 per month), Channel & Distribution Management ( Rs.495 per month) and Collections & Receivables Management (Rs.495).

5. Salesboom CRM

A unique sales tracking software, Salesboom CRM is the ideal choice for businesses to enhance customer relationship management and drive sales levels upwards. With no upfront costs, it is a widely used tool across multiple business sectors and has innovative analytics, business intelligence and sales force automation features.

salesboom sales tracking software


1. Social CRM capability
2. Profile based security
3. Reliable after-sales support
4. Easy to customize all kinds of pages
5. Commissions management
6. Customized dashboard and online analytics


1. Interface can be more interactive and sleek

Pricing: Salesboom CRM offers a free trial to interested users with all basic features. It has these subscription based pricing plans-

1. Team: $14/user/per month
2. Professional: $45/user/per month
3. Enterprise: $95/user/per month

6. Cloudzany

A diverse sales tracking software, Cloudzany integrates all vital customer information in a unified platform to increase retention, marketing, lead management and sales pipelines. It has many useful feature that boost business productivity and is highly user-friendly in nature.

cloudzany sales tracking software


1. Unified sales performance management solution
2. Multiple level channel management
3. Seamless proposal generation and lead management
4. Marketing campaigns management and E-mail integration
5. Comprehensive support service and system maintenance


1. Does not provide automated alerts and reminders
2. There is no provision for 360 degree customer view

Pricing: Cloudzany has complete mobile support and provides a free trial to interested parties so that they can check out all the features. It has a Starter pack that is priced at Rs. 4950 per month – it consists of all advanced features and multiple users.

7. FreshSales.io

The best sales tracking software for high growth velocity teams, FreshSales.io has numerous features that foster collaboration and close sales deals faster. It can highly optimize sales processes, verify genuine leads and drive pipeline opportunities. FreshSales has an intuitive dashboard that can provide key insights and aid in better decision making.

freshsales sales tracking software


1. Personalized E-mail templates
2. Supports multiple systems and languages
3. Real-time event management
4. Full visibility on all stages of sales deals
5. Outstanding customer support
6. Internal chat integration
7. Lead scoring and territory management


1. Certain automated alarms and reminders are not present
2. Unable to create and track multiple deal pipelines

Pricing: FreshSales provides a 30 day free trial so that users can understand its various features. It has the following pricing packages that are highly affordable and will surely suit all kinds of organizations:

1. SPROUT: Free for up to 10 users.
2. BLOSSOM: $12/per user/per month
3. GARDEN: $25/per user/per month
4. ESTATE: $49/ per user/per month

8. SalesDiary

A sophisticated sales force automation software that has great reporting, analytic and customization options, SalesDiary is ideal for monitoring real time sales pipeline. It has a sleek modern user interface and is very user-friendly, thereby eliminates the requirement of any technical expertise or training requirements.

salesdiary sales tracking software


1. Complete business process automation
2. Effective activity and order management
3. Holistic 360-degree customer view
4. Predictive sales forecasting
5. Accurate requisition and expense management


1. Interface can be more navigable and interactive

Pricing: SalesDiary provides a free demo for users to check whether it’s a perfect match for their business model. The vendor has to be contacted for a personal quotation based on module requirement, scalability and customization.

Sales managers are on the constant lookout for new ways to enhance and accelerate their productivity along with boosting operational efficiency. SFA software platforms can lead to seamless uninterrupted task flow management, and can also lead to higher customer engagement.

Sales automation software is a real asset to all kinds of organizations and can transform the way vital sales processes are managed. Make sure to be well aware of your business requirements and budget before getting the best sales force automation software for your business – it will surely escalate all bottom line profits and result in long term sales efficiency.

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