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The era of intelligent and integrated CRM is here. One of the fastest-growing enterprise software of today, CRM Software helps to deliver better customer experiences, acquire and retain customers and gain new customer-centric insights that help in the overall development of businesses of all sizes.

Importance of CRM

With the increasing importance of sales and marketing, the need is to manage the data and analyze it and hence to leverage CRM software to drive better services to customers. CRM plays a crucial role in reporting key data and giving insight for future action while playing a major role in the success of the future business.

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With the ever-changing dynamics of the customer relationships, the need of the hour is to meet the customer demand in the most effective manner. And hence, to have greater precision, AI in CRM software will undoubtedly be the way to go.

Future of CRM with AI

With all the data available today, the evolution of CRM is an opportunity to see customer information in more detail than ever. With ever-evolving technology, the new buzz in sales and marketing is the introduction of AI in CRM. A potential which has the capability to reduce the manual workforce to minimal and predict customers’ requirements more accurately with the given data.

The usage of AI in CRM creates automatic actions, and re-configure interfaces to better suit the company’s usage patterns and save hours of work. A CRM system coupled with AI will automate tasks on daily basis, help collect information on a lead as well as on existing customers, analyze the data, predict trends, and make critical decisions which will reduce the manual work of cold calling for the sales department.

Having greater contextual insight, AI offers a predictive accuracy of when and where to sell, in order to deliver measurable results. Analytics, business intelligence, and machine learning are the future of CRM as they are being used to drive greater revenue growth. If experts are to be believed, AI Is one of the primary catalysts of CRM growth over the next few years.

Here are the 4 ways AI will compliment and transform your CRM software to augment and optimize your business operations:

1. Automate Routine Tasks

With the rapid increase in competition, there is a need to automate routine and mundane tasks that consume time. With the introduction of AI, the CRM has evolved to better suit the needs by taking care of activities like data input and retrieval, updating forecasts and determining the customer behavior through purchase decisions. As AI gets a record of customers’ preferences and behavior patterns it will be able to recommend and implement new processes and activities on the behalf of the user.

With the help of sales force automation software, sales representatives gain more knowledge about the customers and their preferences will be able to close deals more effectively and maintain a better relationship with them.

2. Virtual Assistants

AI in CRM helps employees of a company to better respond to the customers and their queries. The chatbots are one such example of AI in CRM. The chatbots are a virtual assistant that help automate customer responses, emails, data capture activities, and follow-ups.

AI analyzes the customer data and learns and conduct sales conversations. Sales representatives and marketing experts become more productive as they are able to analyze the data instantly and have quick access to policies, inventory, and service history and customer accounts.

3. Improved segmentation and lead customization

Data collected with CRM software accounts for nothing if it is not used properly. The AI in CRM is built to capture the data such as, to recognize patterns, recommend optimal steps, predict possible outcomes and automate the customer engagement process.

The AI algorithms sort the customer data on the basis of gender, location, purchase history, web history, and other attributes. The CRM also is able to create the customize message based on the customer query and determine the right channel to reach the target audience for a particular marketing campaign.

4. Better Customer Service

AI for your business is like dedicated employees which not only collect the customer data but also analyze the records and business data and assist sales representatives in the most promising leads. By automating and enhancing the routine tasks of business, and going a step ahead, AI helps marketing and sales team to better serve the more complicated and human demanding needs of customers.

Bottom Line

AI is still in its initial stage when used with a CRM. However, with the CRM evolving to incorporate better integration of AI, businesses are poised to deliver more personalized and predictive customer experiences across channels. The result is supposed to accelerate the sales cycle and generate improved leads.

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