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Top 36 Customer Relationship Management Software

Last Updated: 31/05/2022

Customer Relationship Management software, also known as CRM software, is basically targeted towards improving Customer Interaction and Customer Engagement system. This will subsequently enhance the relationship between Business Organizations and their clients/customers.

CRM Software also provides better control of integrated customer data as per the business requirements of the organization. The software also empowers the corresponding business with greater automation of sales, better access to business information, improved marketing support coupled with employee and vendor partnerships on a massive scale.

CRM software finds its applicability in small-sized enterprise units as well as large-scale business organizations. Depending on the latest market statistics, we have curated a list of CRM software which also has a free version.

Top 36 Free CRM Software In 2022

 1. Salesforce

Salesforce CRM software is known for its fast processing and automation features which provide for greater business functionality and improved performance levels. Its exclusive implementation of the Cloud Support System and the various sub-modules provide a greater business standard for the corresponding small-scale enterprises.


  • Comprehensive CRM and sales report generation with better markup features for improved manageability
  • Increased customer loyalty management system, retention, and satisfaction with exclusive automation of user query
  • Improved monitoring and management of business anytime and from anywhere with its intuitive mobile tracking support
  • Better forecasting and email integration modules for improved tracking options
  • Streamlined workflow and approval system
  • Customer engagement services are highly optimized for better business performance.
  • User-friendly interface for better employee and customer engagement.
  • Highly automated query management system for fast processing
  • The extensive database supports a system with greater security standards.

2. Oracle CRM

A comprehensive and integrated CRM for today’s business, Oracle CRM is exclusively developed for providing better customer relationships. Developed by the Oracle Corporation, it provides comprehensive and integrated SAAS-based CRM support with PeopleSoft products and leads with Siebel CRM and CRM software-on-Demand.


  • Easy integration with the Enterprise application thus providing for better business scalability standards
  • The overall analysis of the marketing performance with detailed report generation
  • Multiple screen access solutions for greater business functionality and performance
  • Controlled user experience with better automation of the corresponding CRM modules
  • SAAS-based cloud support and integration system for better manageability of the database.
  • Extensive cloud-based support system for better backup features and greater data security options.
  • Cross-platform synchronization is made easy in the Oracle CRM software.

3. by 500apps is a centralized Customer Relationship Management for Small Businesses to manage customer relationships effectively and effortlessly. Manage leads, sales, customer service, deals, store important contact information, sync contact information easily and forecast sales to accelerate your revenue growth.

Pricing: by 500apps offers a 14-day trial of unlimited administrative access for 10 users; It also has a free version that provides storage up to 5,000 Leads and Contacts of 5,000 companies. You can also upgrade to a paid plan that offers unlimited access to 37 apps with no feature limits at $14.99 per month.


  • Track, organize and manage customer interactions using Contact Management
  • Create multiple pipelines to track and manage the progress of your deals
  • Connect with customers and track, schedule, prepare contracts, get signatures and manage all incoming and outgoing calls and emails at one place.
  • Get detailed analytics, email reports, metrics, funnel and cohort analysis.
  • Create custom workflows to automate repetitive tasks and streamline manual actions to drive the sales force efficiently.

4. Microsoft Dynamics

This CRM software is known to energize and empower customer engagement with real-time information and collaboration. This particular software is also well-known for implementation strategies that tend to customer needs and business requirements. Equipped with the ability to provide better social insight, business intelligence, and productivity with One Microsoft solutions, Microsoft dynamics deliver highly exclusive benefits in CRM software.


  • Highly intelligent customer services which provide for better customer engagement options
  • Omni-channel features for better monitoring and manageability of the various modules
  • Effortless customer interaction service and features for the streamlined workflow system
  • Smart on-site care for catering to the various customer demands as well as gaining a better insight into the product queries
  • The real-time information system provides for highly accurate market and business performance statistics
  • Highly secure database solutions for providing hassle-free database backup and support
  • Visual representation of the corresponding business performance for greater and crucial analysis strategies.

5. Sage CRM

Sage CRM is exclusively known for its high definition business performance standards coupled with better business insight delivery for a greater economic and financial standing in the present market scenario. Sage CRM incorporates excellent marketing strategies aimed towards greater and improved customer loyalty and engagement for a streamlined business workflow and approval system.


  • Insightful business strategies for retaining existing customers and attracting new clients to the business
  • Easy generation of repeated business details and reports for gaining a better perspective of the latest market trends
  • Cross and up-sell marketing strategies for providing better financial growth and extensive business opportunities
  • User-friendly interface and visualization options for greater flexibility levels
  • Modular implementation customized with respect to the latest market demands and strategies
  • Creative engagement of the users and business clients for better query management strategies
  • Cloud support integration system and features with extensive database backup and support options.
  • Cross-platform applicability for shared resource management solutions

6. Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM software works with a comprehensive customer engagement strategy and facilitates highly exclusive customer relationship establishment with the most affordable pricing in the present market. They provide highly exclusive and innovative products targeted towards the creation of greater business opportunities.


  • Real-time data and analytics solutions for better and improved tracking features of the latest market trends
  • Optimized search inclusive of its highly specific functionalities and modular implementations
  • Greater integration and management opportunities for optimizing the business performance levels
  • Enhanced knowledge base with detailed report generation along with visual representation and mapping techniques, thus providing greater insight into the same
  • Extensive database support system with cloud technological backup options for improved data storage and recovery options
  • Full-time customer support and ticketing systems for streamlined query management
  • User-friendly interfaces with better navigation options, both for the administration and the business clients

7. Super Office CRM

Super Office CRM is the exclusive European customer relationship management solution provider that has been in operation since the year 1990. It is now under implementation in various mall business units whose numbers range from 1, 50,000- 2, 00,000. This mass popularity can be attributed to its highly effective business optimization features which provide for greater business opportunities for small scale enterprises and major business units.


  • Extensive company and contract management solutions for better business opportunities
  • Easy implementation of calendar and activity management with customized notifications
  • Easy documentation and mail scheduling options for better monitoring aspects and streamlined workflow systems
  • User-friendly and mobile-responsive interface optimized to deliver hassle-free performance statistics
  • Cross-platform synchronization for better applicability over various interfaces
  • Interactive mapping strategies provide for better decision-making options, optimized to deliver better functionalities
  • Streamlined customer query management, thus creating better customer loyalty and retention solutions
  • Improved support system with cloud backup and integration features for enhanced data privacy options.

8. Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM is an online-based software that requires just a simple sign up for creating an account with the corresponding support team. Once done, the team provides you with engaging software solutions, empowering your business sales in an organized and collaborative manner. Capsule CRM enhances the sales of the corresponding business unit and also improves the growth and scalability factors.


  • One stops solutions for all the customer relationship management based information, including the ways to enhance the sales
  • Optimized to manage the given sales pipeline with greater efficacy and provide for better financial standards
  • Highly customizable interface with improved navigation features, thus providing greater ease of communication between the clients and the administrative service provider
  • Integration with powerful workflow apps for optimizing query management
  • No download is required. Just a simple sign-up process and the business is all set to be handled by the corresponding executives.
  • Automatic updating schemes that provide for improved bug removal systems.
  • Highly secure database solutions with extensive backup and support using cloud technology
  • Intuitive mobile app support system for monitoring of the customer relationship management solutions while on the go.

9. Fresh sales

One hassle-free package for all user behavior tracking, lead scoring and more, Fresh sales provides highly definitive integrated Email Templates, User Behavior Tracking, Lead Scoring, and many more attractive features. One of the best in the market, it has been publicly recommended by over 1000 business organizations.


  • Personalized templates optimized to deliver high performance and great interaction standards
  • Insightful email metric solutions for creating a customer engaging email marketing strategy.
  • Behavior-based customer segmentation for the inclusion of the corresponding target audience with an appropriate marketing strategy
  • Connect to your mailbox and sync all the required business clients and contacts
  • Advanced lead scoring options
  • Better backup solutions for the database with extensive data recovery and storage
  • Automated solutions for faster processing of the marketing strategies and better management of the user queries
  • Cross-platform synchronization for greater scalability
  • Modular implementation for creating better business opportunities and greater financial growth
  • Highly definitive and user-friendly interface for improved support to the clients and the administrators


ZOHO CRM is one of the top-notch customer relationship management solution providers in the given market. Equipped with highly functional elements, ZOHO CRM has helped in the creation of highly specific business opportunities aimed towards greater financial growth in the existing economic scenario.


  • Automation strategies optimized to deliver streamlined workflow and performance levels
  • Enterprise compatibility and scalability of the given solutions for better market opportunities and financial stability
  • Advanced filters for modular implementation and monitoring of the growth strategies
  • Google apps integration for better productivity and easy marketing
  • Multiple channels and one conversation, thus providing centralization
  • Extensive territory management
  • The creative and engaging user interface for better handling
  • Extensive database support and solutions backed up by highly secure cloud technology.
  • Extensive mobile support and manageability options while on the go.

11. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is one of the leading customer relationship management software that gives you an excellent overview of your sales. It offers a wide range of functionalities that aims at generating more leads for the company. 

Using the system, you can easily track contacts, calls, and emails as and when required. It provides full visibility and control over your schedule. Furthermore, it automates repetitive tasks to save time and money. 


  • Provide high security and full transparency about how your data is being used
  • Can easily access the system from your mobile phones
  • Generates reports and provides great insights into your sales activities
  • Offers seamless integration with popular third-party apps

12. EngageBay

EngageBay is an all-in-one marketing platform that enables a vast range of functionalities. This CRM application comes equipped with powerful modules such as task management, contact management, sales reporting, and more. 

It gives you complete visibility into your pipeline. You can track the real-time status of each contact from a single dashboard. Besides, its easy-to-use and intuitive interface is hard to ignore. Even a non-tech savvy person can easily handle EngageBay. 


  • Enables your leads to automatically schedule appointments from your calendar
  • Send out periodic reminders for your pending tasks so that you don’t miss it
  • Automatically tracks all your email, calls, and lead progress and maintains a record
  • Generates insightful reports on your sales activities to help you make smart decisions

13. Hubspot CRM

It is a top and highly recommended choice in the CRM tools ideal for any startup, small and medium, and large enterprise.

Features of Hubspot CRM:

  • 300+ integration options.
  • Customized email sequences, custom filters to sort contacts, and placed phone calls.
  • Easy to schedule emails, and create tickets, and emails.
  • Real-time alerts and notifications.

14. Freshsales

Freshsales or Freshworks is one of the top selections in the CRM tools that are perfect for small, medium, and large enterprises. It helps businesses maximize conversions with powerful features.

Features of Freshsales:

  • Complete access to customer profiles with dedicated touchpoints with automatic contact profile updates
  • Automated lead assignments, appointment booking, and direct calls from the platform
  • Drag and drop navigation on visual sales pipeline with mobile app integrations
  • Artificial intelligence-based scoring for prioritizing sales and boosting business revenue

15. vCITA

It is another top choice in the CRM tools that are used by multiple sectors like home services, fitness, education industry, healthcare, business services, etc. It offers a modular platform to different businesses.

Features of vCITA:

  • Quick sync with calendar and phone
  • End-to-end client interaction management
  • Offers HTML contact form generator
  • Multiple integration options with different third-party software

16. Creatio CRM

It is a leading CRM tool that is perfect for managing marketing, sales, and support functions. It manages end-to-end customer journeys starting from the leads to current customer handling.

Features of Creatio CRM:

  • API-based reporting and analytics tools
  • Multiple third-party integrations with alerts and notifications
  • Quick data import and export options
  • Mobile access and email marketing with 24*7 customer support system

17. Medallia

It is a leading CRM tool that helps different businesses meet the high-end expectations of multiple customers. It doesn’t only allow companies to capture every signal and use it for customer behavior prediction and data analysis.

It helps multiple businesses empower their teams with the best tools to influence customer interactions.

Features of Medallia:

  • Omnichannel data signals management
  • 360-degrees customer insights for predictive analysis
  • Artificial intelligence-based user-interactive designs
  • Real-time analytics and reporting tools
  • Dedicated case management tools

18. Drip

It is one of the best CRM tools for e-commerce businesses that are ideal for small businesses. It is an easy-to-use tool that has n intuitive user interface.

Features of Drip:

  • Automated contact management using events, custom fields, and tags
  • User-interactive integrations from different third-party apps
  • Quick email list segmentation and content customization
  • Automation marketing flows and purchase intent marketing
  • Automated revenue attribution

19. SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM is a free and open-source CRM software version. Some people say that it is a perfect alternative to SugarCRM although it uses other open-source add-ons to make it more powerful than its close alternative.

The top benefit of the suite is that it offers a preconfigured version, especially for the users without the ability to install it or configure it in-house.


  • Gives you total control over deployment — either choose your private cloud or directly on your servers
  • Enables creation of sales pipeline models and design template customer quote
  • With its unique self-service portal, it enables users to deliver high-quality customer support

20. Bitrix24

One strong point about Bitrix is that it offers really flexible price options. No one hates flexibility, including yourself. If you go for a completely free CRM software account you will get 12 users, five GB of storage, and no restriction as to what you can do with the storage. However, the deal gets better when you upgrade to a premium version.

You’ll get: get unlimited users, 50 gigabytes of storage at $99. Moreover, if you need more users or maybe more storage Bitrix offers an additional 12 users to the same program for $25/user/month. The website is, according to user reviews, easy to use, but rather tacky when it comes to aesthetics.


  • You can either choose to store data on the cloud or on your own server
  • Offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Enables import and export of contact, documents, and other necessary information

21. Raynet CRM

Most of the free CRM software UI is sort of a terror den; you will find millions of buttons to navigate through. But, if you have had enough of horror experiences, try RayNet. The CRM effortlessly addresses client tracking and lead management for its customers with its cloud-based customer relationship management application.

When it comes to aesthetics and simplicity, they score with their super-intuitive UI and lean design. Furthermore, the automation of routine activities and faster administration process saves you time and cost. And, just to give a breakdown: the software is easy to use, gives you value for your money as well as good customer support.

It’s free for up to 2 users, with up to 150 accounts and 50MB storage. The upgraded version comes at a cost of $19/user/month, 30 days trial for up to 20, 000 accounts, and 1TB of storage. Both plans enjoy customer support.


  • Compatible with mobile devices; enables you to access your account from anywhere
  • Easily keeps track of the activities of your teammates and customers
  • Gives you detailed insights into the activities of your customers in real-time

22. OpenCRX

OpenCRX is open source CRM software for organizations requiring multifunctional, enterprise-wide coordination of sales generation. The software allows easy integration with your existing applications (for those who still need to use them). In case you need to extend its usability, the app is extremely flexible and designed to be extended.

You can also customize it in all aspects and at all levels. Detailed pricing for this awesome piece of software is not publicly available. In case you want to use their services, you can contact them.


  • Supports multi-language and multi-currency for players in a global market
  • Allows easy integration with your existing system
  • Extremely flexible and scalable, it can be customized as per your business needs and requirements


MyITCRM is a free and open source CRM software. This CRM is perfectly tailored to meet the needs of the service and repairs industries. The benefits of CRM Software is that it provides requisite tools, specific to these industries to maintain and track customer information, work orders, payments, invoicing, employees and jobs.

Some of the programs’ strong features are billing invoicing, work order management, storage of customers’ details, and acceptance of payments (credit cards, PayPal, cash or gift).

If you want to experience CRM, you can download your copy and start optimizing your business with these easy features. In case you need detailed information about their pricing, you can contact them.


  • Offer backup of the database so that you can restore it back in case something goes wrong
  • Accepts payments via PayPal, credit cards, Paymate, cheques, gift certificates, or cash
  • You can schedule your work order via the per-employee calendar

24. Skyward CRM

Skyward CRM is built to meet all the companies’ needs to accelerate their sales. It is packed with custom features that differentiate it from its competitors. This CRM comes with a few default features like salesforce automation, territory and partner management, sales forecasting, sales performance, and an innovative dashboard.

Furthermore, it can be customized and integrated with third-party tools for both versions — online and on-premise. It offers a one-month free subscription with full features and also can go ahead as per the client’s requirement. The small businesses’ CRM software is a perfect fit across the world.


  • Offers vast customization options for the dashboard
  • Captures lead directly from online sources
  • It has a calendar feature that allows you to store information on customers’ calls and meetings

25. Agile CRM

Agile CRM is an all-in-one platform for customer relationship management that offers a robust set of functionalities. The system automates the sales and marketing efforts, thereby resulting in increased productivity and work acceleration.

The free version offers up to 10 users with a 50,000 contact database. Besides, it allows the manager to monitor all deals, and documents, and keep notes of the milestones from a single dashboard. It ensures that the sale process of the company is seamless. The system is well-suited for small business companies looking to do everything on one platform.


  • Updates your contact list with its web-to-lead form, where you can convert website visitors into leads
  • Offers scheduling automation and notifications through its online calendar functionality
  • Has the ability to build email templates and landing pages
  • It is pretty easy to use and has a consumer-grade interface

26. Apptivo

Apptivo is an all-in-one solution to all your basic customer relationship management needs. With the permission of up to three users, the free version includes features like project management, basic contact sharing, help desk, and reporting.

In fact, you can process the invoice using the software. Thus, the system makes it easy to manage purchase orders. So if you are a startup or solo entrepreneurs who are into selling product business, it is a great CRM tool option to consider.


  • Caps the limit to three users and 500 MB of business storage
  • Gives you access to basic lead and contact management feature that enables you to add and update contacts
  • Lets you update deal status, add tasks and notes, process invoices and purchase order
  • Offers great customer support, available five days a week and eight hours a day via email

27. Really Simple Systems

As the name suggests, Really Simple Systems is a cloud-based CRM software that is easy to use. Its intuitive interface makes it easier to handle multiple aspects of the sales process from a single platform. The free version allows for two users with an unlimited contact database and 100 MB of document storage.

Free Really Simple System CRM is especially intended for small businesses as it provides all the features necessary to kick start your sales process. It includes the right widgets such as custom reports, contact management, and check and analysis of critical data.


  • Can generate custom reports whenever you need them
  • Provides online customer support via email
  • Automates synchronization to ensure no crucial information gets missed
  • Allows you to send emails directly from your CRM system and also offers API integration

28. Suite CRM

Suite CRM is completely free, open source CRM tool that offers end-to-end functionalities. It provides actionable insights that help businesses make smart decisions and drive more sales. In fact, you and your team members can easily exchange opinions and access data using the software.

It enables companies to turn leads into customers by managing the salespeople opportunity pipeline. Thus, they are able to close deals faster and with ease. Besides, you can customize the code to suit your business needs. The biggest advantage is that it suits the needs of all business sizes — from small to medium, and large-sized enterprises.


  • Can customize SuiteCRM’s configurations to suit your business needs
  • Offers business-unique self-service portals that enable users to deliver interactive customer support
  • Provides relevant information about your leads in a detailed form on a single page

29. Streak

Usually, we rely on emails for direct communication with our prospects or clients. Streak makes it easier by turning your Gmail into a CRM tool. The software groups email threads based on your workflow — in stages across a pipeline.

And as it is only limited to the use of Gmail, the software is useful for freelancer and small business. Besides, it also centralizes all shared documents. That means you get immediate access to all shared files no matter at what stage your prospect is. This way you can take the conversation up where you last left off and close the deal sooner.


  • Keeps track of leads and close deal by handling all basic aspect of sales management
  • It is simple-to-use, thus enabling you to quickly and efficiently implement your CRM strategies
  • Offers unlimited personal pipelines and a powerful email tool

30. Revamp CRM

Revamp is a popular custom CRM solution amongst the small business and e-tailers. It has a robust set of functionalities, which is capable of streamlining businesses’ workflows. Plus, it allows you to segment your leads, conduct email campaigns, and automates every work process.

The core benefit is that the system features an automated reporting tool which helps in making insightful decisions. Furthermore, it automates a wide range of tasks including lead score, task creating, follow-up emails, and reminders.


  • The free version limits the use to one user and 2000 contact database
  • Provides you with Gmail extension and automates task and deals
  • Has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, and offers high-quality customer support

31. Freshdesk

A cloud-based client relationship management software, Freshdesk has a range of intuitive features that enhances sales team collaboration. It enables companies to broaden their market reach through a multi-channel approach and streamlines major business operations.


  • Ticket Management
  • Gamification
  • Multi-Channel Support
  • Real-time Customer Analytics
  • Work Order Management
  • Service History Tracking
  • Agent Collision Detection

32. Apptivo

A dynamic and intuitive client relationship management system, Apptivo is a powerful tool that gives 360-degree information about customers. It automates all major marketing and sales processes, leading to operational efficiency and productivity. 


  • Marketing Automation Integration
  • Territory Management
  • Document Management
  • Email Marketing.
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Social CRM
  • Lead Tracking
  • Pipeline Management
  • Multi-Channel Management
  • Website Integration

33. Less Annoying CRM

A cloud-hosted CRM platform, Less Annoying CRM has many unique features and is targeted toward small businesses.


  • Contact Management
  • Pipeline Management
  • One-Click Export
  • Document Storage
  • Project Tracking

34. OnePageCRM

A diverse client relationship management software, OnePageCRM helps to organize sales processes and converts leads to loyal customers. It streamlines all major workflows and improves collaboration between marketing professionals.


  • Sales Forecasting
  • Market Segmentation
  • Contact Management
  • Lead Capture
  • Activity Reporting
  • Multiple system Integration
  • Report Generation and CRM Analytics

35. InfoFlo

An innovative yet simple CRM solution, InfoFlo is designed for freelancers and small businesses. It has many diverse features and has a minimalistic interface.


  • Lead Tracking
  • Email Marketing
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Document Management
  • Project Management

36. Insightly

Insightly provides the most powerful, engaging and affordable customer relationship management solutions targeted towards empowering businesses. Implemented by around 4, 00,000 business units, Insightly is one of the top qualities CRM software most sought after by the major business corporations.


  • Easy administration services with improved flexibility and reliability
  • Powerful customer relationship management solutions in terms of lead management, partnerships, vendors and full-time growth monitoring options
  • Integrated project management system with milestone-based project development tracking options and customized notifications
  • Easy integration with social apps and other office apps in the form of Social CRM, providing for greater tracking of the social accounts using the given email addresses of the business clients.
  • Easy support system optimized to deliver efficient functionality to various devices while on the go
  • Intuitive mobile tracking options and support for various operating systems like IOS, Android, Windows, etc.
  • Key integration of the software with various third-party vendor apps including Emails, Google Chimps, Zapier, QuickBooks online, etc.
  • Customized report development and generation for critical analysis
  • Optimized tracking of the given project with a customized notification system

To have a prejudice of learning how CRM Software works for your business, you always have an option of free and open-source CRM software available.

CRM software is perhaps the most important software required to keep the business standards of an organization highly optimized. The above-mentioned software has proved to be the best of CRM software, and these are currently being used by various esteemed international organizations to boost their business opportunities and create a better scope of growth. In the present market scenario, the Customer Relationship Management system is destined to take on a revolutionary trend by creating better business opportunities and financial growth for organizations on a large scale!




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