10 WordPress CRM Plug-ins to Help You Manage Your Business

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WordPress CRM Plug ins to Help You Manage Your Business

Apart from running through the SEO on-page checklist, CRM is one of the most important types of software for your business. CRM, or a customer relationship management system, helps you keep up with all the interactions with the customers, including chats and sales funnels. However, most conventional CRMs are heavily priced.

Fortunately, some of the CRM plug-ins you’ll find on this page are free to use, so you’ll be able to manage your business for little to no money.

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Here are the top 10 CRM WordPress plugins. Just keep in mind that to be able to install these plugins, you’ll need to use WordPress.org (or use at least the Business plan of WordPress.com).

Here are Top 10 WordPress CRM Plug-ins

1. HubSpot All-In-One Marketing

HubSpot’s CRM is one of the best tools you can get for free. It doesn’t just offer CRM capabilities; it offers a range of features that can spice up your WordPress website. You’ll get a live chat feature, HubSpot forms, and popups among everything else.

The forms and the live chat feeds into the bigger sales cycle allow you to gather more information on your leads. Since you can talk to your customers via email in this CRM, HubSpot decided to throw in some email marketing capabilities, as well.

HubSpot WordPress CRM Plug-in

Source: HubSpot/Wordpress

What makes this plug-in stand out from the rest is the wealth of knowledge you get access to. HubSpot will grant you access to some premium materials on their website if you use the company’s CRM. All of that is completely free of charge, but you can upgrade to a $50 per month plan for more features like calling.


WP-CRM is an open-source plug-in, so it will always be free to use, with no additional payments for more features. However, it does have slightly fewer features than the paid CRMs.

WP-CRM allows you to talk to the leads via email and gather tons of data on them by manual input and via lead generation forms. You can fine-tune the forms to include all the data you need and then visualize the data on all of your users.

WP CRM Plug-in

Source: WP-CRM/Wordpress

The UI may be somewhat basic, but you get what you pay for – nothing in this case. Data filtering and visualization capabilities, however, are much better than the UI.

Segment users and leads into groups and get visualized data on any of them. You can later export it into CSV for further analysis.

3. Zero BS CRM

Zero BS CRM has some amazing core features and offers more for a reasonable price. If you want to run it without paying a dime, you can. You’ll get access to the basic features like creating forms to gather lead information and dynamic segment grouping that allows you to manage all that data. You also can manage all payments from forming an invoice to scheduling refunds.

Zero BS WordPress CRM Plug-in

Source: Zero BS CRM/WordPress

If you want to upgrade, Zero BS CRM sells extensions that improve analytics and let you integrate with other services. The average price of an extension is a one-time payment of $59.


WP ERP offers so many free features that you may never need anything else to run your WordPress business. You’ll get three free plug-ins: CRM, HR app, and accounting app.

The WordPress CRM plug-in lets you manage leads, schedule calls, and see basic automatic reports from one dashboard.

WP ERP Plug-in

Source: WP ERP/WordPress

The same dashboard includes the HR plug-in that lets you assign tasks to agents, track their productivity, and manage their time. With the Accounting plug-in, you’ll be able to handle finances, file taxes, and pay employees.

For smarter analytics and integration with other platforms, you’ll have to upgrade. A single premium plug-in costs $149 a year, all three of them cost $399.

5. Groundhogg

With its small array of features, Groundhogg takes a stand against heavy-priced CRMs. It gives you free access to unlimited email and SMS right off the bat. It’s one of the few WordPress CRM plug-ins that lets you gather lead data, group leads into segments, and mass-email them without any limits.

Groundhogg WordPress CRM Plug-in

Source: Groundhogg/WordPress

The free version also lets you build sales funnels and see how they perform as well as export the results. The company sells extensions that offer additional features, and the pricing is very moderate. The one that lets you do lead scoring only costs $40 a month.

6. vCita CRM

vCita is a premium plug-in that comes packed with features but doesn’t offer a free version. You’ll pay $19 a month for the very basic plan that includes lead management, basic reminders, and scheduling.

vCita CRM Plug-in

Source: vCita CRM/WordPress

A $45 plan will grant you access to automated email campaigns, and the one that costs $75 a month allows you more customization options for the campaigns.

7. UpiCRM

UpiCRM is pretty basic, but it’s free and can be integrated with other plug-ins to increase its effectiveness. Combine it with a form plug-in, and you’ll be able to gather lead information in one place, assign leads to employees, and see statistics on individual and group performance.

Track lead source by form or UTM markers set KPIs, and connect multiple websites to one platform. UpiCRM doesn’t update multiple times a month, but its support works excellent.

The downside is that if you decide to upgrade, there may be no options. The company doesn’t seem to offer any worthy extensions, so you’ll have to change platforms to get a better deal.

8. Presspoint

Presspoint is a medium-priced CRM software for small businesses that has just enough features to justify the fee. It allows you to gather lead information with its own third-party forms, form dynamic lead segments, and has a pretty solid email automation system.

Presspoints WordPress CRM plug-in

Source: Presspoint

You also get e-commerce features that let you manage customer payments and form reports. All of that comes at $45 per month billed annually.

9. WP Fusion

WP Fusion is on the unorthodox end of WordPress CRM plug-ins. It doesn’t act like one; it does something arguably better. Fusion lets you connect your WordPress websites seamlessly with any CRM. You’ll be able to manage all the contacts and export the data to your CRM.

WP fusion lite wordpress plug-in

Source: WP Fusion Lite/WordPress

It works with every popular CRM out there, but it comes at a price. You will pay $247 per year for a basic plan.

10. Salesforce with Brilliant Plugins

This free plug-in also isn’t a proper CRM. It connects your WordPress websites to your Salesforce CRM account.

Salesforce with brilliant CRM plug-ins

Source: Brilliant/WordPress

It’s completely free, but the installation is a bit complicated.

Wrap Up

There you have it, the ultimate list of WordPress CRM plug-ins. If you need something very basic that comes for free, go for UpiCRM or WP-CRM. Choose WP Fusion and Brilliant Plugins for integrations, and WP ERP or vCita CRM for a luxury experience.

Every other plugin on this list has a great free version and offers meaningful upgrades for a reasonable price.

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