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CRM or customer relationship management is no more a fad. Business leaders and organizational managers, all are pretty much aware of the concept and many have actually implemented it in their workforce to drive benefits. But the journey doesn’t end here. 

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Even if organizations have adopted CRM tools and technologies to cater to the need of relationship management, they need to stay informed and updated on the recent trends and keep modifying their approach. 

Now, this isn’t something that is done in a day. Instead, it requires tremendous interaction and engagement with industrial experts. One way to do is by following them, reading their blogs and augmenting what’s needed. 

Every manager must keep an eye on the above. In case you aren’t sure which blog to follow or what source to look at, this one will help you find some of the top CRM blogs. Not one or two but we have outlined the top 18 CRM blogs you can consider adding in your reading list. 

So, without wasting much time, let’s move ahead to uncover the most common blogs that shed light on CRM advancements. 

Top 17 CRM Blogs to Follow for Managers

1. Hubspot

If you are looking for an all in one package that would educate you on the in and outs of CRM while guiding you to make the most out of your marketing journey, Hubspot blog posts are the best fit. 

The posts of this CRM Blog are well crafted and each would give you a sense of comprehensive information on how to set up CRM software, and gain leverage. The cover all kinds of topics starting with sales and end up at marketing. It is, without a doubt, a gold mine for the industrial leaders as such extant of information could be really helpful if used in the right way. 

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Delight is one that offers substantial information in attracting visitors followed by techniques to turn them to potential customers. 

2. SoftwareSuggest Blogs 

One of the top software support agencies, the blog posts covered by them includes detailed and in-depth information on the CRM tools. All advancements or every single trend that hits the industry, they are the first to update. Whether you are looking for reasons to embed CRM or the tools that would facilitate the job, the industry that benefit from it, or the tactics to improve customer retention, the software suggest blog posts will never fail to amaze you. It is an ideal place for the start-up geeks to extract information and adapt to the changes in order to remain at the forefront. 

Let me give you an example. One of the articles that I really find helpful while going through this CRM Blog is: How to set Up a CRM Tracking System for Small Business? The article is beautifully created and well-packed with the information needed to start using CRM as the sales tracking system. It is more like a virtual partner, guiding entrepreneurs to kick start their CRM journey. 

3. Nimble

The main idea of using CRM software is to attract prospects and increase sales. If there is an organization that understands this notion well, it’s nimble. The website in itself is a CRM solution and has all that your organization needs to hail on the customer support journey. 

If you happen to click over their CRM blog site, you will see that they have an extensive collection of blogs that resonate around sales and marketing. Some of them even account for experiments conducted by the employees on how to drive sales or how social media dominates the sales spectrum. All in all, it is an excellent guide for managers unaware of the CRM sales strategies. 

4. CRM Software Blog 

The name says it all. What’s more effective is the fact that all of the articles and blog posts uploaded on the site have been pitched by industry experts. Some excel in Microsoft Dynamics CRM whereas others have a vast knowledge of sales and marketing. Every piece is carefully assessed and then released ensuring the information to be best in its kind. Starring with how to implement, which software to pick, how to monetize, everything is added the millennial way. Signing up for their newsletter, you will never miss an update on CRM tools and technologies. 

5. Destination CRM

Much like a gateway to the ultra vast CRM world, blog posts covered in the Destination CRM blog are both informational, and educational. Also, the articles are to the point of helping managers to get what they are looking for. In Layman’s term, the destination CRM blog covers all sorts of articles, experiments, and announcements pertaining to the CRM industry. 

6. Salesforce

The leader and the mentor, Salesforce is one name that tops the list when looking for CRM support. Similar to the services, blogs added in the reading list of the site are all CRM surrounded. The first glance at the page and you will have thousands of articles designed around the concept of customer attraction, retention, and satisfaction. From the very basic piece on how to set up CRM within your enterprises to the detailed drafts on tactics and key considerations, the blogs cover all. You can filter your search, add your views and subscribe to never miss an update from them. 

7. Nutshell

How to sell right, how to pitch products, why custom CRM isn’t fit for your organization, things every marketer must do with CRM, and the list goes on. Fascinating right? It feels like you just got hold of a key to the CRM sector. Well, it’s nothing about a key or lock; it is what a nutshell has in store for you. Even though a nutshell has been in the industry only for a couple of years now, the information rendered and the content shared by them, all are of paramount importance. You will find a separate ‘Sell to win’ section in the blog that is solely dedicated to marketing tactics and selling strategies. 

8. Insightly Blogs

For the ones that are relatively new in the CRM space, the promotional and educational posts fed by the insightly might be of great help. An added benefit of subscribing for the blog posts is that they comprise of how-to articles, guiding naive professionals to set up and start their CRM journey.

One of the best pieces ‘how to successfully roll out on new CRM‘ is an interview excerpt where the interviewee highlights three sureshot ways to accelerate sales followed by tips to meticulously implement CRM solutions. All of the posts are well researched and offer significant support to the about to be CRM users. 

9. SugarCRM

An all in one sales and marketing CRM Blog, SugarCRM is one such arrangement that includes all pieces of information needed to kick start marketing. Their newsletters are filled with the latest tips, trends, company news, and best practices to unleash the true potential of CRM and embark on the journey of flawless customer service. 

10. The CRM Consultant Blog 

Richard Boardman, the founder of Mareeba CRM Consulting is the expert brain behind CRM Consultant Blog. Throughout the articles, you will find promotional content and advisories on how CRM tools benefit business and the manner in which these tools can drive success fueling business growth. The CRM Blogs in this site are solely tailored to guide users on the usage structure and implementation manner of CRM, convincing you about why CRM.

11. CentralStationCRM

A straightforward and descriptive blog covering all possible information on CRM, centralStationCRM is every marketer’s partner. Having a mentor to teach and guide on how to win customers and convert them into sales is definitely an excellent move. However, hardly do you have the time and resources to actually connect with an expert. The centralStationCRM is one that replicates physical mentors and renders all pieces of information in an optimal way to help sales reps make the most out of CRM. 

12. ZDNet Blog 

Written, edited and published by one of the eminent writers, Paul Greenberg, the ZDNet blogs cover every piece of CRM information in detail. The blog has a perfect blend of descriptive, instructional, how-to and consulting articles, all designed to enrich the readers in CRM tools, technologies and tactics. 

13. Community Dynamics

Community dynamics blogs are backed and covered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The software blog consists of information that guides the already existing CRM users to make a switch. For instance, if you are currently active on one CRM platform say Salesforce and plan to migrate to a different one, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software blogs have all the tips and steps you need to take to ensure a smooth transition. 

14. SuperOffice 

For managers that have implemented CRM software but hardly do they know how to capitalize on them, the super office CRM blogs feed the need. Instructional articles guiding readers on how to drive advantage from CRM, this is a must in the reading list. 

15. Capsule CRM Blog 

The integration of tools and software within the enterprise infrastructure is a tough task. If you are struggling to get your figures right, the Capsule CRM blog shares significant information on the same. The layout of the site is simple and intuitive, making it easier for you to adopt and integrate solutions.

16. Apptivo

Find the best CRM tool or learn how to manifest changes within the enterprise to support CRM, the apptivo CRM blogs is an end to your CRM support search. The site will help readers walk down the journey of CRM implementation along with educating them on recent events happening across the globe. 

17. Soffront

A top name in the CRM industry, Soffront CRM Blog educates it, readers, on CRM tools and tips and advice that are valuable enough to drive sales and facilitate growth. One of the excellent CRM blog posts you will find is why you should opt for an on-premise CRM will compel you to move ahead and integrate the solution. 


While following the DIY method to incorporate CRM solution is an excellent move, it is always good to remain informed and CRM blogs does the job for you. That’s where CRM blog sites come to rescue you.

All of the blog portals listed above are packed with guides and descriptive articles to inspire prospective CRM users. Whether you belong to a tech or a non-tech industry, these CRM blogs have all the articles featured from users’ perspective. So, these will surely help you think bigger and better. 

What do you think? Which one serves your interest best? 

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