The 9 Best Recruiting Apps for Hiring Top Talents

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Mobile Recruiting Apps to Make Hiring a Breeze
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Recruiting apps have truly caught on in the past few years. Before that, it was impossible to imagine a screening process that did not take place in person, let alone finalize an interview on the basis of someone’s profile seen on a screen. But times have changed, and steps are being taken continually in order to make recruiting a faster and smarter process.

Technology such as more intelligent HRM systems, applicant tracking systems, mobile recruitment, and social media recruitment is all part of the ongoing revolution in Human Resources in general and recruitment in particular.

Here are the best mobile recruiting apps which will give your recruitment process an edge over that of your competitors, allowing you to choose the best of the crowd as your employees.

Top 9 Mobile Recruiting Apps

1. LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter app

Boasting a user base of 500 million users and 10 million job postings, LinkedIn is full to the brim with talent. With such a mammoth user base at its disposal, LinkedIn is the perfect place for recruiters to source their talent from.

LinkedIn Recruiter gives recruiter access to any professional in the huge LinkedIn network, with the option to contact potential candidates directly through InMail. You can target the exact kind of talent you’re looking for, with the help of 20+ advanced search filters, and even create customized searches to find your ideal employee.

Available for: Android and iOS

Pro Tip: Remember that Boolean searches are displayed irrespective of date, so focus on the NOT as much as on the AND or the OR. Also, InMail is not casual mail, don’t treat it as such. Try to send out personalized InMails or make a template for InMails for a specific role.

2. Workable

Workable recruiting app

Workable is a powerful, multifunctional mobile recruiting app. It allows you to source candidates, tracks applicants, collaborate with other members of the hiring/talent management team, and even has a talent CRM. 

Visual pipelines allow the hiring team to see the number of candidates at every stage of the job. Get a rich history of each candidate, view his resume, interview scorecard, and your team’s input under a single view. Workable’s ‘Smart Candidate List’ can be used to create smarter workflows. Parse through candidates quickly and respond in record time to your most promising candidates.

Available for: iOS and Android

Pro Tip: Make sure all your candidates are assessed in a consistent manner with Interview Scorecards.

3. InstaJob

InstaJob mobile recruiting apps

InstaJob takes the concept of social media recruiting and employee brand ambassadors and runs with it. It’s an app that allows employees to turn their pictures taken at work into visual job ads. Potential candidates get a firsthand look at what it’s like to work for a particular company.

In this manner, employees themselves act as brand ambassadors for their companies. The company receives a boost to its employer brand, along with increased social media exposure. It can get direct clicks to its website as InstaJob pictures have the career site mentioned at the bottom.

Available for: iOS and Android

Pro Tip: InstaJob is the Instagram for employers and employees. Use it to build your social media following and get even passive candidates interested.

Looking for Recruitment Software? Check out SoftwareSuggest’s list of the best recruiting software solutions.

4. WhatsApp

whatsapp mobile recruiting apps

WhatsApp, with its user base of 1 billion people, is grossly underused as a recruitment app. WhatsApp can be a great way to connect with employees outside of emails or job boards.

With WhatsApp, you don’t have to call or email the candidate during business hours and can have a text/voice/video chat whenever it is convenient. Most people have WhatsApp active throughout the day, so it would be very hard for them to miss an important message/update sent through the app.

Available for: iOS and Android

Pro Tip: Provide instant updates to your candidates about their interview outcomes and provide personalized tips to them to improve their applications using WhatsApp.

5. Evernote

EverNote mobile recruiting apps

People might scoff at you for using a note-taking app for recruitment but pay no mind.

Evernote can be modified and optimized into the perfect recruiting tool.

With Evernote you can perform searches, archive tons of data, collaborate, and set reminders. Evernote will sync data and updates made on all your devices. You can easily share your notes and collaborate with your team members, taking their input on candidates lined up for interviews.

Searching is made easier than ever, you don’t even require Boolean searches in Evernote. Its advanced search syntax may look simple but is an all-powerful tool that can be used to your advantage.

Available for: Android and iOS

Pro Tip: Use Evernote’s awesome Web Clipper tool to save notes on applicant searches. If you find anything important regarding them on the internet, just save it using this tool.

6. SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters recruiting app

The SmartRecruiters app will simplify your recruitment process while providing the best collaborative functionalities for your hiring teams. Its easy-to-use interface and responsive design make adoption easy for the team.

Candidates can apply to your company through the app through the 1-click Apply option, no matter where they are. The ease of access is sure to attract greater traffic to your career’s website. This will ultimately result in higher conversion rates among potential candidates.

Available for: iOS and Android

Pro Tip: Use the handy analytics dashboard in order to view progress across all job positions, and use this data to optimize your hiring.

7. ProsperWorks

ProsperWorks recruiting app

A unique CRM, ProsperWorks is a zero-entry platform. This means that recruiting teams do not have to slog over data entry with this app, it’s taken care of for them.

Gather contacts and track candidate activity automatically, so your hiring team can spend more time with applicants in person. It has a range of extensive integrations including G-suite, Chrome, and Gmail. Team collaboration is strengthened and the facility for multiple pipelines will help you handle recruiting for various departments simultaneously.

Available for: Google G-Suite

Pro Tip: Call or text your potential candidate directly through the integrated VoIP system RingCentral!

8. InterQ

InterQ recruiting app

This app aims to make the interviewing process a meaningful and actionable one for the employer. Developed in order to create an interview experience that is more than just a Q&A session, InterQ helps recruiters get to the core of the candidates’ skills, going beyond rehearsed answers.

It has a clean interface on which there are multiple role-based tests, which the potential candidate has to undertake, depending on the role he/she is applying for. It is the answers entered by the employees that are the foundation of the discussion in the interview.

Available for: iOS

Pro Tip: Guide the interview into a fluid discussion using the talking points generated in the response sheet.


Discoverly recruiting app

Technically, is not a mobile recruiting app but a browser plugin. But it is one of the most useful web plugins a recruiter can have installed on his/her browser. With social media becoming a crucial part of the recruitment process, it would be useful to have a place where each one of an applicant’s social media profiles can be synced. does exactly that for recruiters. If you’re looking up an applicant’s Twitter profile, you will be able to see whether you have any mutual friends with them on Facebook, without ever leaving Twitter. Whichever social media website you’re viewing their profile on, the relevant professional data from other social media websites will be made available to you automatically.

Available for: Chrome, Firefox

Pro Tip: Expand the horizons of social media recruitment through Get the full scope of social media connections available to improve your link with the candidate.

Bottom Line

Mobile recruitment will soon become a commonplace scenario. It has all the makings of a perfect recruitment tool. It is highly convenient for both the applicant and the recruiter, has a higher response rate than other methods, saves time, effort, and energy.

Of course, the recruiters should undertake research regarding the kind of mobile recruiting apps that would be the best fit for their organization’s needs. The job role would also dictate the kind of app to be selected. For instance, if you’re looking to fill a top-level position, LinkedIn Recruiter is a better bet than say, InstaJob.

With the oversaturated infiltration of smartphones in the lives of job seekers, it makes sense that employers would attempt to reach them through the device that goes wherever they go. This list should provide ample insight into a variety of mobile apps that your organization could choose from.

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