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Medical Staffing Software

Freshteam : No. 1 In Staffing Software

Medical staffing software is a collection of automated software solutions that enable healthcare businesses to streamline operations, maximize candidate experience, and maintain compliance. These solutions offer a wide range of functionalities, including data management, recruitment, and staff scheduling.

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Why Do We Need Medical Staffing Software?

Healthcare staffing agencies are in constant need of skilled, qualified healthcare professionals for short-term and long-term assignments and to fill multiple shifts.

In the healthcare industry, staffing-needs change rapidly owing to the changing needs and increasing population. For example, this sudden COVID outbreak resulted in an unprecedented high demand for healthcare staff in designated hospitals and medical centers. This staff includes physicians, physician assistants, nursing staff, hospital admin staff, and more.

For the healthcare sector, in particular, the staffing process gets complex as the staff is required 24*7 and in different shifts. Changing shifts also create further confusion in paper-based staff scheduling.

The complex and slow manual screening process for hiring staff not only wastes a lot of time and money but also results in inconsistent hiring and onboarding.

Survey data suggests that 42% of the respondents found skills assessment testing and management as their top healthcare staffing challenge. Challenges further include candidate engagement, credentials’ validity compliance, time and expense capture, shift scheduling and management, etc.

Automated medical staffing solutions are the need of the hour to solve the above challenges! And, to streamline the process further, medical staffing solutions must offer staff scheduling too.

Adopting a comprehensive healthcare staffing solution can help businesses automate the complete staffing and scheduling process and overcome the challenges. But how to find the best medical staffing solution?

15 Best Medical Staffing Solutions for Your Staffing and Scheduling Needs

Here is an overview of the top 15 medical and hospital staffing software solutions that can simplify your medical staffing and facility management processes and save time and cost for your business.

1. BlueSky

Bluesky Logo

BlueSky medical staffing solution helps you manage your complete staffing workflow lifecycle from candidate sourcing to client billing. This software offers process automation and compliance.


Here are the core features of BlueSky.

  • Applicant tracking features include background screening, job posting, resume parsing, resume search, interview scheduling, and candidate tracking.
  • Vendor management features include a self-service portal, audit trail, compliance management, performance metrics, sourcing management, transaction history, and vendor payment.
  • Workforce management features include budget forecasting, contractor management, employee lifecycle management, employee scheduling, labor forecasting, performance metrics, recruitment management, skills tracking, and time and attendance management.

Pricing for BlueSky is available on request.

2. Veribook

Veribook is an online appointment booking and scheduling tool. It enables small businesses to display their real-time availability and accept and manage healthcare appointments from clients online.

Veribook offers simple to use features to help small businesses save time and money and improve customer service.

Here are the core features of Veribook.

  • Appointment scheduling features include online booking, appointment reminders, calendar sync, group scheduling, multilocation, online payments, room booking management, automated scheduling, and recurring appointments.
  • Employee scheduling features include automated scheduling, reporting/analytics, and schedule distribution.
  • Medical scheduling features include appointment scheduling, no-show tracking, recurring appointments, physician management, and self-service portal.
  • Other features include group scheduling, facility scheduling, resource scheduling, and alerts/notifications.

Veribook allows a free trial and offers multiple paid plans starting from $15 per month.

3. Erecruit by Bullhorn

Medical Staffing SoftwareBullhorn is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses drive sales, build relationships, and strengthen their staffing processes in all stages. Erecruit by Bullhorn is an enterprise staffing software for large staffing firms and employers. It offers front office, middle office, and vendor management system modules.

Here are the core features of Erecruit.

  • Applicant tracking features to include assessments, candidate tracking, interview scheduling, resume parsing, resume search, background screening, onboarding, and recruiting firms.
  • Recruiting features to include assessments, CRM, onboarding, background screening, interview management, job requisition, and self-service portal.
  • Staffing agency features to include billing, invoicing, candidate management, job posting, job requisition, payroll management, CRM, and self-service portal.

Erecruit offers a free demo. Pricing for Erecruit is available from the provider on request.

4. AkkenCloud

AkkenCloud LogoAkkenCloud is a cloud-based healthcare staffing and recruiting solution that helps organize staffing processes and manage recruiting campaigns with ease. It provides an increase in efficiency, placements, and profitability.

Here are the core features of AkkenCloud.

  • Staffing agency features include billing & invoicing, candidate management, job posting, job requisition, onboarding, payroll management, a self-service portal, and CRM.
  • Applicant tracking features include resume search, assessments, candidate tracking, interview scheduling, onboarding, and self-service portal.
  • Recruiting features include assessments, Customer Relationship Management, onboarding, a self-service portal, interaction tracking, interview management, job requisition, recruiting firms, and resume parsing.
  • Reporting and analytics for business growth.

Pricing is available on request.

5. NextCrew

NextCrew LogoNextCrew is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for temporary staffing agencies. It provides on-demand staffing solutions to streamline workforce management, scheduling, and communication. It helps reduce the cost of staffing through automation and innovation.

Here are the core features of NextCrew.

  • Workforce management features include employee lifecycle management and recruitment management.
  • Staffing agency features include candidate management, onboarding, temporary staffing, job requisition, and a self-service portal.

NextCrew offers the demo and pricing details on request.

6. QGenda

 QGenda LogoQGenda is a cloud-based, automated medical scheduling solution. It enables physician groups, academic medical centers, hospitals, and health systems to optimize their workforce and provide the best patient care.

Here are the core features of QGenda.

  • Time tracking features include automatic time capture, mobile time tracking, timesheet management, overtime calculation, and vacation/leave tracking.
  • Compensation management features include bonus management, compensation calculation, and compensation statements.
  • Medical scheduling features include faculty & staff management, multilocation, on-call scheduling, and physician management.
  • Workforce management features include budgeting, forecasting, time and attendance management, employee scheduling, skills tracking, and variable workforce.

QGenda offers a free trial. Pricing information is available on request. 

7. 1Staff

1Staff Logo1Staff is a staffing and recruiting solution meant for mid and large staffing businesses. It works best for Microsoft Dynamics users.

Here are the core features of 1Staff.

  • VMS features include time imports, time and expense collection, invoicing, gross margin, and commission reporting.
  • Human resource features include benefits management, employee database, performance management, time-off management, compensation management, payroll management, recruitment management, and self-service portal.
  • Compliance management features include archiving and retention and audit management.
  • HR analytics dashboard.

1Staff provides a demo and detailed pricing information on request.

8. Intelligent Medical Software

Intelligent Medical Software LogoIntelligent Medical Software (IMS) is a complete healthcare software solution covering every aspect of the patient-care-delivery process to include patient engagement, telehealth, practice analytics, automated check-in, care-coordination, and reporting. It offers solutions for all medical specialties.

Here are the core features of IMS.

  • Electronic medical records features include appointment scheduling, compliance tracking, charting, e-prescribing, voice recognition, and self-service portal.
  • Chiropractic features include claims management, outcome assessment tools, patient records management, billing & invoicing, healthcare compliance, and patient account management.
  • Claims processing features include claim resolution tracking, adjuster management, policy administration, case management, customer management, forms management, payor management, and copay and deductible tracking.
  • Healthcare CRM, hospital management, medical billing, medical imaging, medical inventory, medical lab, medical practice management, medical scheduling, medical transcription, medical spa, and patient portal.

IMS offers a free trial and multiple paid plans starting from $199 per month per user.

9. Momentum

Momentum LogoMomentum is another popular medical staffing solution. It allows hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers to schedule their staff quickly and efficiently. It helps generate and deliver actionable staffing reports in real-time.

Here are the core features of Momentum.

  • Medical scheduling features include appointment scheduling, billing, invoicing, multilocation, faculty/staff management, on-call scheduling, physician management, and self-service portal.
  • Tracking assignments by staff, role, and group.
  • Quick tracking of variation hours and allowances.

Momentum offers a demo and pricing information on request.

10. AthenaOne

AthenaOne LogoAthenaOne is a medical staffing solution that offers a complete hospital management package. It helps hospitals organize and schedule care for maximum clinical productivity. It benefits staff at all levels, including physicians, physician executives, clinical managers, hospital administrators, healthcare executives, and nurse practitioners.

Here are the core features of AthenaOne.

  • Hospital management features include accounting integration, bed management, in-patient management, medical billing, patient records management, policy management, appointment scheduling, claims management, inventory management, outpatient management, and physician management.

AthenaOne provides a demo and pricing information on request.

11. Rx Medical Staffing

Rx Medical Staffing LogoRx Medical is a staffing solution for medical staffing businesses. It provides license tracking, scheduling, job order tracking, and daily hours entry.

Here are the core features of Rx Medical.

  • Staffing agency features include billing, invoicing, candidate management, job posting, temporary staffing, job requisition, and payroll management.

Rx Medical does not offer a free trial. Pricing starts as a one-time payment of $16,500.

12. MicroStaffer

MicroStaffer LogoMicroStaffer is a medical staffing software that enables businesses and staffing companies to automate and fully integrate the entire scheduling process.

Here are the core features of MicroStaffer.

  • Staff features include employee setup, employee availability, employee Profile Data, and employee scheduling.
  • Other features include client setup, scheduling, built-in report writers, graphically enabled management reports, mail merge document processing, invoicing, and payroll.

Pricing details for MicroStaffer are available on request.

13. Coats

Coats LogoCoats is an easy-to-learn and user-friendly medical staffing software. It helps businesses improve productivity by automating the processes for the in-house staff.

Here are the core features of Coats.

  • Recruiting features include job requisition, resume parsing, and recruitment firms.
  • Other prominent features are CRM and self-service portal.

Pricing details for Coats are available on request.

14. Kamana

Kamana LogoKamanais a healthcare staffing agency software that simplifies and automates healthcare staffing for agencies, nurses, and allied health professionals.

Here are the core features of Kamana.

  • Staffing agency features include candidate portal with real-time talent collaboration, onboarding, and automated credentials and compliance management.
  • Nurses and allied health features include tracking and sharing credentials and work preferences.

A demo and pricing information for Kamana is available on request.

15. TriageTrak

TriageTrak LogoTriageTrak is a medical staff scheduling software that provides automated staff scheduling and data management solutions.

Here are the core features of TriageTrak.

  • Medical practice management features include physician scheduling, patient scheduling, patient registration, and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance.
  • Data management features include master data management, data integration, data quality control, and information governance.

TriageTrak offers a free trial and pricing starts at $12 per month per user.

Wrapping Up

As Benjamin Franklin rightly said, “Time is money.”

Now that you have the best healthcare staffing solutions’ list here, adopt one of these solutions, and save both time and money!

If you have tried any of these software solutions, please share your feedback here.

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