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Recruitment Software in Australia

Employees make a massive difference to the company. With so much competition in the market, no organization wants to settle for anything less than the best. To make the process of hiring automated, precise, and cost-effective, companies are relying on recruitment software solutions.

Why You Need Recruitment Software

Recruitment software solutions allow organizations to screen large volumes of candidates for job openings based on their resumes, the score of their assessment tests, and other such predetermined factors. 

Recruitment tools automate various tasks related to recruitment and selection. The recruitment process becomes streamlined and straightforward, and companies can hire better candidates.

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Below we have listed some of the profound recruitment software along with their features and USP;

Top 16 Recruitment Software in Australia

Below, we have listed some of the best recruitment software solutions in Australia, along with their features:

1. Entire Recruit

Entire Recruit is a cloud-based end-to-end recruitment software designed for growing Australian staffing and labor-hire companies. It streamlines the entire staffing process from Job Posting, ATS, Recruiting, Onboarding, Shift Scheduling, CRM, Time sheeting, Award Interpretation, Payroll & Invoicing.

Entire Recruit is a powerful ERP that can be configured for nearly any industry including healthcare, education, construction, and hospitality industries. It includes over a hundred inbuilt automation including, candidate portals, shift scheduling, digital infection control, outlook email integration, CV parsing, reference checking, contact tracking, SMS and push notifications and more.

EntireHR dashboard


  • Able to control the whole business in one system.
  • Most powerful Candidate app in the market.
  • Includes Client Portals for requests and bookings.

2. JobAdder

JobAdder is a hiring tool that helps recruiters identify the right applicants for open job positions effectively. The software enables you to handle a multitude of applicants. It offers you a centralized platform for quick communication via email, SMS, and even video. 

JobAdder also comes with CRM features that enable businesses to monitor candidates and enhance the candidate experience. The software allows you to create unlimited tasks which can be organized according to their priority and can then be delegated to various team members.

Jobadder Recruitment Software in Australia


  • Creates a convenient, structured hiring process
  • Provides candidates tracking and geo-searching
  • Allows task management, prioritizing, and delegating

3. Recruitee

Recruitee is an award-winning software for collaborative hiring. It comes with an elegant interface and can help simplify your recruiting practices and help you manage your employees better. A host of large corporations such as Vodafone and Redbull use Recruitee for their hiring process. 

Recruitee offers a customizable drag-and-drop user interface. You don’t have to make job descriptions from scratch as Recruitee provides a catalog for different roles with more than 200 job description prototypes.

Recruitee Recruitment Software in Australia


  • Integrates employer’s branding 
  • Creates a common platform for job promotion, talent procurement, candidate monitoring and more
  • Manages job boards and creates custom pages for each job
  • Tracks hiring activities and reviews top candidates

4. PCRecruiter

PCRecruiter is a prominent, web-based human resource management and recruitment solution. The system delivers a broad range of applicant tracking tools, comprising customizable process interview channels, and default board posting. 

PCRecruiter also provides an innovative option that allows you to embed the solution directly into Microsoft Outlook. It also comes with highly advanced scanning features. It facilitates task monitoring and personalized reporting. The software can scale to fit organizations of all sizes and offers managers absolute control over data flow.

PCRecruiter Recruitment Software in Australia


  • Full-text resume search without keyword tagging
  • Automated monitoring of scheduled tasks
  • Accept applications from various sources into the system

5. Greenhouse

Greenhouse is a recruitment platform that enhances human resource management and strengthens its processes. Greenhouse can effectively handle end-to-end recruitment activities. 

Greenhouse helps organizations develop a rich pool of talent over time. Quotation-based pricing ensures that each client receives a personalized solution that best meets their needs.


  • Hire faster even as you invest less time, effort, and resources in the hiring process
  • Observe and examine the performance of newly hired candidates
  • Get customized operation plans, reporting, and analytics

6. CakeHR

CakeHR is a web-based human resource management system developed to support businesses that handle employees in diverse sectors. It enables and facilitates various aspects of HR management, such as recruitment, reporting, shift management, etc. 

CakeHR comes with excellent performance evaluation features. Employees with access to the system can review and create shift schedules and also update their leave schedules on their own.

CakeHR Recruitment Software in Australia


  • Access the system from any internet-enabled device 
  • Set objectives, track processes, and ensure timely submissions
  • Comprehensive HR management platform with features that can handle a wide range of HR activities 

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7. FastTrack

FastTrack is a software organization based in Australia. It facilitates smooth hiring and reduces manual effort from the process. It enables reports, webinars, live streaming, and in-person practice sessions. 

FastTrack is a recruitment platform that includes features such as in-built CRM functionalities, contact monitoring, interview management, work listing, onboarding, business recruiting, reference testing, resume sorting, self-service, and more.


  • Interactive interview management and tracking 
  • CRM services and a self-service portal
  • Reference checking and resume parsing

8. ClearCompany

This recruitment software solution is an HR management application useful for all sectors. ClearCompany ties recruitment, on-boarding, and performance management together on a single platform. 

ClearCompany’s candidate monitoring system includes prerequisite prototypes and package email functionality, functional corporate website integration, smartphone job pages, social media services, referral tracking, and one-click background checks. 

Performance management enables unrestricted regular and 360-degree ratings, with automatic emails and options for reporting.

ClearCompany Recruitment Software in Australia


  • Free tools that enable quick scheduling
  • Automated job board postings and management
  • Standardized process, personalized forms, and other such features enhance the candidate experience

9. Pipefy

Pipefy is a cloud-based recruitment management system suitable for businesses of all sizes. Its key features include task scheduling, pre-designed workflow templates, administrative controls, two-factor authentication, email messaging, and reporting. 

Pipefy helps users to design customized workflows. It enables the monitoring of errors and deadlines and also facilitates process alignment and visual process management.

Pipefy Recruitment Software in Australia


  • Alter and reorganize business processes and its stages with time
  • Provides full flexibility and control over the system

10. Manatal

Manatal is an innovative HR recruitment software that leverages AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning algorithms. The AI-oriented recommendation system ensures that highly qualified candidates with the right set of skills are prioritized in the hiring process. 

Manatal Recruitment Software in Australia


  • Automated Gmail/ Outlook/ social media integration
  • Portal for sharing candidate feedback and job profiles

11. HireSelect

HireSelect is a recruitment software in Australia that enables you to administer a wide range of tests to evaluate a candidate’s aptitude, fundamental skills, and also personality. It provides a cumulative score based on the results of these tests.

HireSelect Recruitment Software in Australia


  • Schedules candidate interviews and manages their database
  • Provides an unlimited number of tests and paper patterns

12. HireHive

HireHive is a reliable recruitment software that monitors the entire process from job postings to employee onboarding. It helps you to create customized recruitment portals. It also facilitates referral programs. It manages calendars effectively so that no event is missed.

Hirehive Recruitment Software in Australia


  • Exclusive live chat option 
  • Dedicated time zone support for managing multi-location processes

13. OrangeHRM

OrangeHRM is a recruitment management software for businesses of all sizes, be it a budding startup, an SMB, or an established enterprise. It offers flexible pricing plans. It also comes with an in-built attendance management system. It is very affordable and an excellent option for recruitment software in Australia. 

Orangehrm Recruitment Software in Australia


  • It has a free version for businesses
  • It offers personalized information management and secure documentation

14. WebHR

This is a human resources management software that allows you to manage employees from “hire to retire.” WebHR efficiently integrates with your existing technology stack and ensures that they work in tandem to save time and increase cost-efficiency.

With WebHR, HR professionals can reduce their workload significantly. The pricing plans of the software are also affordable. Cloud-based technology ensures that data always remains secure.

WebHR Recruitment Software in Australia


  • All-in-one platform for managers and candidates to interact and communicate
  • Come with a highly effective payroll management solution as well

15. Teamtailor

Teamtailor is a recruitment CRM that enables businesses to hire top talent from across the globe. It is implemented by more than 2500 organizations and is one of the top recruitment software solutions in Australia. It is simple to use and yet feature-rich. 

With Teamtailor, your business receives end-to-end assistance in managing various recruitment activities such as posting job vacancies and maintaining a comprehensive candidate database.

Teamtailor Recruitment Software in Australia


  • Candidate assessment for recruiting the best talent
  • Resume parsing as per job requirements

16. Kira Talent

Kira Talent is a cloud-based solution. It provides an admission management tool for colleges and universities and also works as an efficient recruitment software. 

Kira Talent not only focuses on the technical and domain expertise of the candidates but also evaluates candidates on their soft skills and other traits such as leadership, critical thinking, etc.

Apart from taking care of the recruitment process, the software also provides annual reports of the hiring activity and shares critical insights about the process.

Kira Talent Recruitment Software in Australia


Here are 6 emerging workplace trends to watch out

1. A Tech-Savvy Workforce

With every year that passes, more and more tech-savvy employees enter the working world. As companies compete for the talent and abilities of new employees, it will be more important than ever to incorporate modern recruitment, engagement and retention strategies.

Companies need to fully embrace workplace trends and technological advances to better accommodate employees who are used to working in a technology-driven world.

For many companies, this may mean updating old systems or out of date procedures, or rethinking old policies about collaboration, remote work, communication and the use of tech in the office.

When used and adapted effectively, the shift from traditional to technological alternatives will greatly improve a company’s productivity, retention, engagement, and profitability.

2. Reputation Management

Reviews and ratings today exist for everything and employee experience is no exception. Creating a positive culture and work atmosphere will become more important than ever in 2022.

Employees and new hires in 2021 reported being more interested in an effective work/life balance and an engaging environment than a larger salary.

Similarly, companies are also looking for employees with great talent and abilities. To attract and retain the most successful and dedicated employees, organizations need to build an honest and genuine reputation for having a supportive, thriving and engaging work environment.

Part of this, of course, means offering competitive monetary benefits but it also increasingly means providing a better work-life balance, employee perks, and more effective technical support and workplace innovation.

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3. More Remote Work Culture

In 2018, over 80% of the millennial population reported that they prefer to work in a telecommute position and these numbers are only expected to increase in 2022.

As advancements in technology create greater remote work opportunities and workplace trends, positions in customer support, accounting, design and many more will shift into full-time remote positions.

Over the past few years, several of the world’s most attractive employers have used technology solutions like MangoApps to help employees break free from the tradition of 8 to 5 and provide flexible remote options for their workforce. Remote opportunities benefit both employers and employees by improving productivity, autonomy, and creativity.

4. Bot and AI Co-Existence

Over the past decade, automation has led to countless jobs being completely handled by computers.

In 2021, internet giants like Google showcased how AI can make restaurant reservations, order items, and more.

In 2022, and for years to come, the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence will result in even more industries incorporating an automated workforce.

Experts anticipate that AI bots will soon be universally deployed in mainstream customer support and operations environments, reducing human workloads and empowering humans to work faster, smarter and more creatively.

As the work environment continues to adapt to AI and Bot co-existence, cultural norms, work policies, and office guidelines will continue to change and grow.

5. Evolving Friendships

As the work culture changes and traditional office work expands to increased remote opportunities, the way coworkers communicate and create friendships will change too.

Officemates will no longer be able to chat at the water cooler, grab lunch together, or get to know each other in the traditional ways.

Strong relationships and connections with coworkers will always be important though, and businesses will have to find ways to keep employees engaged and interconnected.

Many modern workplaces are turning to communication and collaboration software like MangoApps to promote seamless collaboration and team bonding, regardless of physical location. Project Collaboration software builds an intuitive, social media styled intranet, that is personalized and designed for each company’s specific needs.

6. Increased Employee Input

As powerful digital tools become more widely adopted, employees will have a stronger voice throughout their organization.

Digital communication software makes it easy for companies to communicate effectively and provide organizations with valuable feedback, ideas, and insights.

With the help of anonymous surveys, feedback forms, conversation tools and more, employees can speak up and offer opinions with confidence, allowing them to become more involved and more influential in determining workplace trends, industry decisions, employee policies and all kinds of other business success.

This transition with cause businesses in 2022to become more engaging and employee-driven than industries in the past.

Wrapping it Up

Recruitment software solutions can do wonders for your recruitment process. They can go a long way in helping you hire the right people at the right time. We hope you find this list of the best recruitment software solutions in Australia, helpful.

All the recruitment software solutions on this list would make for an excellent choice. Some are more cost-effective than others, while some of them are incredibly feature-rich. Take the specific needs of your business into account as you make your choice.

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