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Before applicant tracking systems (ATS) came into the picture, companies would manually log and track candidate profiles for various job vacancies in the organization. Fast forward to the current scenario. ATS solutions have wholly revolutionized the hiring process.

Why You Need an ATS Solution

For every open position, today, employers receive thousands of applications. It is tough for recruiters to go through every single resume manually, shortlist the best ones, and set up interviews. Therefore, ATS software solutions have become extremely popular all over the world. 

ATS solutions automate various tasks related to the hiring activity. They eliminate various bottlenecks and speed up the recruitment process. They save companies a lot of time and manual effort and help them hire candidates quickly and efficiently.

Features of Applicant Tracking Systems

There is a multitude of ATS software solutions in the market. Let’s take a look at some of their features:

1. Resume Parsing

Resume parsing features of ATS solutions analyze resumes, extract critical data from them, and store the data in a structured, standard format. This enables recruiters to obtain relevant profiles much more quickly and easily. 

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2. Automated Customized Messaging

ATS software solutions enable recruiters to send personalized rejection emails or interview confirmation messages to multiple candidates with just a few clicks.

3. Candidate Pipeline

The ATS solution stores every resume and allows you to retrieve them at any given point in time. In this way, over time, you create a pool of candidates, you can readily choose from, whenever there is a new requirement.

4. Advanced Filters

ATS solutions come with advanced filters that allow recruiters to narrow down their search to the most relevant applicants from hundreds and thousands of job applications.

5. Keyword Searches

Recruiters prefer to use keywords to search for suitable profiles for an opening. ATS solutions offer boolean search features that allow them to use keywords effectively and obtain desired results.

Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems

ATS solutions streamline and automate various aspects of the recruitment process so that companies do not just hire the best talent, but they also hire the best talent on time. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of applicant tracking systems:

1. Time Savings 

On average, each job opening draws more than 250 applicants. With a manual recruitment process, filtering the most relevant profiles from a large number of applications can undoubtedly be an excruciatingly time-consuming affair.

However, applicant tracking systems gather, organize, and sort candidate information effectively. They arm recruiters with keyword search functionalities and advanced filters that make it possible to filter relevant profiles from scores of candidate applications in no time.

They automate various other manuals, repetitive tasks such as messaging, interview scheduling, etc. in the hiring process and allow recruiters to focus on more strategic hiring activities instead.

2. Standardized Candidate Profiles

Resumes come in different formats and styles. However, ATS solutions parse the required information such as the qualifications of the candidates and their skills and store them in a standard form. 

The hiring process becomes much faster since ATS solutions sort, gather, and organize information from resumes of varying formats and store them in a standard, structured format. 

This allows recruiters to obtain relevant information about a candidate at just a glance. It becomes much easier to apply various filters and keywords to achieve the most suitable search results.

3. Hassle-Free, One-Click Job Postings

ATS solutions allow recruiters to post jobs on multiple job portals and platforms with just a click. All recruiters have to do is enter all the job details, descriptions, and requirements in the ATS system. The software then automatically creates job postings for the position on all the major jobseeker platforms.

4. Company Career Page Management

The most sought after employers have highly attractive and sophisticated career pages. Applicant tracking software solutions can pair with your existing career page or create a new one for you. 

Job seekers are therefore enabled to view all your current job openings in one single place, search for those that are suitable for them, and send in their applications by completing a few steps.

5. Comprehensive Database and Workflow Management

ATS solutions automatically store all candidate information, files, and documents in a centralized database. They act as a single source of truth for all information related to all the hiring activity within the organization. The workflows in ATS solutions help HR managers create robust systems and processes that work together like clockwork and ensure the best outcomes from all the hiring activity.

6. Automated Interview Scheduling 

Scheduling and coordinating interviews manually can be quite a time-consuming activity. The smallest error in scheduling can cause you to lose a good candidate forever.

ATS solutions automate the interview scheduling process. They send out calendar invites based on the availability of the hiring manager and the candidate. They automatically send personalized messages and reminders to them to ensure that the interview takes place as per schedule.

7. Insights From Analytics

ATS solutions store a wide range of data related to the recruitment activity. They use this data to provide various reports and analyses to help organizations obtain valuable insights about their hiring strategy.

Businesses can use such statements based on real-time data to enhance their advertising campaigns or employee engagement initiatives. They can also use this information to identify gaps and bottlenecks in the existing recruitment processes and take corrective measures without delay.

8. Productivity and Team Collaboration

Recruitment requires a high level of coordination among various stakeholders. ATS solutions serve as a common platform that allows all such stakeholders to collaborate, work together as a team, and close positions swiftly.

With ATS solutions, all the people involved in the hiring process can obtain real-time status updates regarding the progress made on each job opening. Everyone involved is aware of their deliverables and deadlines. This eliminates any communication gaps and ensures that all hiring activity progresses as per schedule.

Wrapping Up

Applicant tracking systems facilitate seamless recruitment activity. ATS solutions provide organizations with all the tools they need to find the best candidate for a job and close open positions as swiftly as possible.  

Do you currently use an applicant tracking system? Would you like to know more about them? Do let us know in your comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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