14 Best Software for Doctors to Manage their Practice

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Doctors have one of the most stressful jobs in the world – building up treatment plans, attending to patients, charting, administrative work, and keeping up with the latest advances in medical technology. Doctors are our miracle workers on Earth and sure seem to have their hands full at all given times. However, with the advent of modern technology encompassing all aspects of life, it is no surprise that there are a number of time-saving convenient software for doctors.

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Given how many available options are out there, it is surely not a difficult task for a physician to pick out suitable software that can satisfy his professional needs to the best. These hospital management software act as sure-shot life-savers and help to increase the efficiency of doctors, lower costs, and save time. This software can change the game plan of doctors, surgeons, pharmacists, clinicians, and mid-big sized hospitals.

List of the best Software for Doctors Available in the Market

1. Easy Clinic

Easy Clinic

Easy Clinic is a simple yet effective tool for doctors, physicians, and medical administrators. The tool is designed for seamless management of clinics and various verticals of hospitals.

All the medical records are stored on a cloud that helps doctors access the patient’s history anytime. They can further prescribe medication or order investigations based on the retrieved information.


  • Doctors can check the graphical progress chart, past visits, lab test analysis at the click of a button
  • Strict Data security and employees can access the data based on the role they have in the organization
  • The tool has an online, offline, cloud, and mobile solution
  • More than 20 modules from inventory and pharma management, appointment scheduling, analysis, reporting, etc.


  • The tool works both online and offline
  • Intuitive user-interface that can be easily customized
  • Affordable and no hidden costs are involved


  • Some users have suggested more shortcut creation within the software for quick implementation
  • Need more updates and improvements


  • Professional: ₹ 999 per month (for individual practices)
  • Premium: ₹ 1299 per month (for clinics with pharmacy & lab)
  • Enterprise: Price on request (for large & multi-location clinics or hospitals)

2. Clinicea


It is revolutionary software designed to make life simpler for doctors as well as patients. The main objective of Clinicea is to reduce paperwork and convert all the physical reports into customized EMR.

You can access any patient’s information and make a video call within the application. Patients can book appointments quickly, and the staff will be able to manage scheduling for multiple doctors.

The software helps doctors create detailed patient reports, enabling efficient patient registration, medical billing, appointment scheduling, and updating the records.


  • You don’t need any application to use this tool
  • Use it on Apple Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.
  • You can store unlimited numbers of appointments and records within 10GB of storage
  • Multiple clinic management
  • Intelligent software with follow-up and recall features to set an appointment, send reminders, etc.


  • Easy to use and appealing user interface
  • Easily extract past data for analysis of individual patient
  • A cloud-based platform that can be used from anywhere
  • The smart prescribing feature will help you to check stock in real-time when prescribing


  • The tool has no API
  • You can’t open the patient’s file directly from the calendar
  • No voice or touch support to write on the screen


  • Power: $59 per month per user
  • Premium: $69 per month per user
  • Enterprise: $89 per month per user

3. Practo


Practo is a highly-specialized software for end-to-end practice management that is gaining popularity globally. Doctors can use this tool to create their detailed profiles, schedule appointments, track patient history, and create their treatment plans.
The tool provides a platform to enhance the operational efficiency of clinics, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and dispensaries. It also streamlines a holistic healthcare solution that regulates the storage, management, and exchange of electronic health records.


  • The tool enables the doctors to have an online consultation with patients
  • Patients can leave their feedback, and the doctors can even reply to them
  • Doctors can create their profiles efficiently. They can even add, edit, or remove information such as timing, fees, address, etc.
  • All the information about patients is stored electronically as Electronic Media records
  • The tool is integrated with different mobile wallets and payment gateways for quick payment.


  • Easy to create a profile
  • Access patients record from anywhere
  • Multiple modules that help in seamless management of the clinic
  • You can track clinic performance


  • Lack of support staff


  • Doctors can create their profile on Practo without any cost or charges.

4. Visual Doctor

visual doctor

Visual Doctor is a specialized software that integrates various modules such as a general physician, Ophthalmologist, Pediatrician, ENT Surgeon, Dentist, etc. doctors can use these modules as per their needs.

The tool helps to digitize all the patients’ records to be accessed by doctors anytime. The tool can be used by doctors, diagnostic centers, clinics to manage medical records, patient registration, billing, appointment management, and inventory management.


  • Doctors can customize their profiles as per their needs
  • The tool provides both online and offline customer support via live chat and personal assistance
  • Supported on both Windows and Mac
  • The entire process, from appointment to back-office, etc., can be automated
  • User-friendly interface
  • Good back-end support


  • Electronic records can be accessed 24×7
  • Track patient details and send them reminders, if any
  • Customization possible as per the needs


  • Many users find the user interface complicated


You can contact the vendor for detailed pricing information.

5. Doctor Sahab

doctor saheb

Doctor Sahab helps streamline the workflow of your organization by integrating effective data management and all other activities. It is a free clinic management software for doctors that gives a wide range of features to provide operational efficiency.

The tool provides online 30-second patient registration. It ensures that the entire medical data is secured, updated, and readily available. It has various features that help in scheduling appointments, billing, and payment.


  • The tool contains a comprehensive drug database. Doctors can search for drugs through brand name or generic name
  • Doctors can choose from over ten modules as per their needs
  • You can view the entire patient list for the day
  • The tool generates token numbers for the patients in the queue


  • Options for customization available
  • Mobile support available
  • You can use the tool on the web as well as the mobile application
  • Available to deploy as a cloud version


  • Many users have complained about insufficient support services


  • Basic: Rs. 3100 per license
  • Elite: Rs. 5100 per license
  • Premium: Rs. 7100 per license

6. Prescription Pad

prescription pad

Prescription Pad is one of the best medical software for doctors to write, maintain, and access prescriptions. Doctors can give medications, modify them, and choose brands and drugs from already existing records.

The tool provides complete information a doctor needs before writing a prescription. You can easily access information on drugs and brand information, a list of diseases with diagnosis, disease-related investigations.


  • The software formulates the program as per the needs of doctors, whether it is a user interface or central database
  • You can search for drugs through the database user name, drug group, brand name, etc.
  • The information displayed in numbers or chart format
  • A comprehensive tool that also considers family medical history for a complete diagnosis
  • Check drug interaction and brand interaction


  • You get a huge list of drug selection with side effects and precautions
  • Maintain entire patients records, including family medical history
  • Good back end support


  • Many users from nontechnical background face difficulty in layout navigation


  • Plans starting from ₹ 5000

7. pMD


Human errors are prevalent even in the hospital industry. To minimize such possibilities, pMD provides a highly automated solution to establish clinical communications. Doctors can securely communicate with handoff patients with fewer errors and minimum wastage of time.

The tool improves the quality of follow-up care for patients once they are discharged from the hospital. The tool integrates information and allows for collaboration so that doctors can capture more accurate information.


  • The tool generates timely alerts for scheduling appointments with patients within 48 hours of discharge
  • You can capture billing charges and access other information in real-time
  • Helps to replace the traditional manual process
  • Automatic communication between doctors and back end staff to schedule appointments
  • Easily record entire billing information


  • Easy to use interface
  • Data security is strictly maintained
  • Saves time by replacing the manual billing process
  • Good support staff


  • The tool can integrate more modules for streamlining the entire process


You can contact the vendor to get more details on pricing and various available plans.

8. MacPractice


MacPractice is one-of the best medical, dental, and chiropractic software. The tool is dedicated to delivering best practice management and clinical software to clients. It encompasses a spectrum of integrated software and hardware modules.

It offers an electronic health record system along with practice management and patient scheduling applications. The software has an integrated inventory management module that helps doctors keep accurate medical supplies.

Also, doctors can create and update the patient portal to view lab results from home.


  • Attachment module provided to attach digital documents in patients files
  • Outstanding customer support services
  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface
  • The information is displayed according to patient demographics, insurance, clinical data, etc.
  • Easily schedule appointments with drag and drop features


  • The software has in-built accounting abilities
  • It will reduce paperwork and result in operational efficiency
  • The portal provides interactive reports


  • Many users complained about the slow loading time of the tool


  • Not provided by the vendor

9. Lybrate


Lyrabyte is an online doctor repository that gives access to over 90,000 highly trained medical experts. So you can access and book an appointment with a trained professional doctor through your mobile, tablet, and personal computer.

Doctors can use this tool to schedule appointments, update patients’ records, upload prescriptions, and medical reports. The entire medical data is uploaded on Amazon Cloud servers and is encrypted and secured to maintain client confidentiality.


  • Seamlessly connect with patients and other medical experts
  • Integrated calendar for booking, rescheduling, or canceling the appointments along with reminders
  • All the patient’s information, including records, prescriptions, and reports, are encrypted and secured
  • Easy-to-use interface for quick navigation and report generation


  • Customized billing module
  • Encryption of data to maintain security
  • Users can access application or web
  • The tool is mobile compatible
  • Easily customized


  • Some users have complained about the loading time of the website


  • Free trial
  • Lybrate cube: Starting at ₹ 799 per month
  • Lybrate tab: Starting at ₹ 1349 per month

10. Bp Premier

bp premier

Bp Premier has been specifically created to improve efficiencies in medical practice. It helps doctors maintain electronic patient records, transmit important information, produce prescriptions, and maintain preventive health protocol for patients.

It provides an impressive range of features such as online bulk bill claiming, private patient claiming, patient registration, and advanced reporting facilities. The tool has gained growth due to the superior quality of services and excellent customer support.


  • Digital health media feature that provides leading-edge interactive multimedia and 3D animation of health functions
  • Get quick access to up-to-date information, including MIMS drug information, fee updates, travel updates, etc.
  • Seamless integration between various modules including billing, reporting, and scheduling
  • Multiple centers can access a centralized database
  • Report generation tools to create financial reports


  • Excellent customer support
  • Affordable
  • The automated SMS reminder feature


  • It does not support cloud-based service


  • Full time: $ 1155 per year
  • Part-time: $ 577 per year
  • Allied health professionals: $ 404 per year

11. Kareo

kareo logo

Kareo makes your practice more rewarding and efficient. The tool offers cloud-based, clinical, and business management functionalities dedicated to serving doctors’ individual needs. It also helps in creating a better engagement with patients while running the business smartly.

Kareo will help you streamline all the front office functions to the back end to billing and discharge. The user interface is easy to understand, and you get a clear picture of the practice schedule and tasks pending.


  • Built explicitly for individual practice and includes all functionalities to serve the needs of independent doctors
  • Kareo analytics to closely look at the revenue performance over some time
  • Quickly write notes, prescriptions and easily manage patients


  • Free support, free onboarding, and free training
  • Choose from a variety of templates
  • Easy to transition to this tool


  • Many users find the user interface a little complicated
  • No option to attach documents from the internal system while communicating with patients


Kareo clinical will cost you INR 5400 per user per month.

12. MedixcelEMR

medixcel emr logo

Medixcel EMR helps doctors, physicians, and clinic administrators to manage their clinics better. It comes with various features such as patient scheduling, specialization based Electronic Media Record, Prescription management, inventory tracking, inventory management, etc.

You can quickly deploy the software on your local area network or the cloud as per your specifications.


  • On-time patient-centric care with workflow management and timely reminders
  • Real-time reporting of patients
  • Generate electronic prescription
  • Effectively manage discharge and admission of patients
  • Access complete historical medical records of patients


  • Easy to use
  • Tool seamlessly integrates with the existing system


  • Lack of proper support services


The basic plan of Medical EMR starts from INR 3000 per month.


docengage software

DocEngage is a comprehensive clinic management software that assists clinics with patient record management. Using this software can help the doctors to manage thousands of patient records effectively. The tool will solve all your needs, including accounts, front office, clinical management, sales, etc.

The tool deploys intelligent algorithms to create clinical notes, prescriptions, treatment plans, digital assessment forms, etc.


  • Multi-center appointment scheduling, reminder generation
  • Integrated inventory management with pharmacy
  • Patient queue management that generates waiting list and token numbers
  • Ready reports to measure your practice
  • Automatic reminders, SMS, and calls


  • Tool seamlessly integrates with third-party applications
  • Integration with the website, Facebook, IVR, SMS, Email, and WhatsApp
  • Good customer support


  • Onboarding will take time for users belonging to the nontechnical background


  • Basic Plan: INR 499 per user per month
  • Advance Plan: INR 699 per user per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact vendor this plan

14. Scalefusion


Scalefusion is a device and endpoint management tool that helps the healthcare industry embrace digitalization with ease. Hospitals and healthcare organizations can manage their company-owned or employee-owned devices to help healthcare professionals collaborate efficiently, improve their productivity at work, and easily adopt newer trends like m-health, telemedicine, etc.


  • Hassle-free, Zero-touch provisioning of devices.
  • Distributing in-house healthcare apps on doctors’ and caregivers’ smartphones remotely.
  • Multi-app kiosk mode to restrict doctors’ smartphones to selective apps for maximum focus.
  • Single-app kiosk mode to turn smartphones and tablets into patient monitors or mPOS systems.
  • Strong data protection policies, including password policy, data encryption, restricted sharing of data from work to personal apps, etc., to maintain patient data privacy.
  • Over-the-air sharing of documents, prescriptions, case files, etc.
  • Instant remote support ensures your doctors and other medical professionals compromise any time on figuring out device issues.


  • Comprehensive dashboard packed with extensive features.
  • Ability to integrate your favorite solutions with the Scalefusion dashboard.
  • Best-in-class support, live demos, and complimentary product training.
  • 14-day free trial and a tiered pricing structure.


  • A slight learning curve, but worth it.
  • No VoIP calling is available.


  1. Starter plan – $2 per device/month
  2. Business plan – $3 per device/month

Enterprise plan – $4 per device/ month

Final Word

The medical business is a dynamic and complex world through which doctors easily get sucked and stuck into mundane tasks that hinder their attending patients.

There are arrays of medical software in the market today that can help small to mid-big-sized hospitals give a simple and effective solution for practicing medical professionals.

You can find the best medical software for doctors that will help maintain their electronic medical records of patients, update their details, medical history, appointment schedules, and prescriptions.

Are you working with any of these medical software programs in your practice? Did we miss any software that you use? Let us know in the comments below.

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