Best Hotel Wifi Management Software For Your Hotel

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Best Hotel Wifi Management Software For Your Hotel

Hotelogix : No. 1 In Hotel Managment Software

It is a hyper-digital era, the internet is definitely one the most basic requirements for hotel guests in any property. Implementing and managing functional and fast hotel wifi software is essential for any hotel, and will surely keep customers super satisfied.

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Hotel wifi management software is the new buzzword in the hospitality industry and allows hotel guests to enjoy internet access for their personal and professional needs. Hotel management software is a popular choice amongst all major hospitality establishments as they comprehensively management all wireless networks in a smooth and structured manner.

It is certainly no easy task choosing a hotel wifi hotspot solution- there are tons of options available in the market with innovative features and a competitive market. Here are some of the best hotel wifi management software systems that can bring about increased efficiency and productivity:

Top 8 Hotel Management Wifi Software For Hotels 

1. HotSpot Express

HotSpot Express Hotel Wifi Management Software

This is a revolutionary hotel wifi software that has been positioned and scaled up to target UAE markets.



It has a number of useful features:

  • Payment Integration
  • Billing Management
  • Wifi User-Authentication Page Design
  • Live reports/analytics
  • Wifi Guest Portal Management.

Pricing and Availability

It is possible for companies to download a free demo of Hotspot Express to check whether the software meets their organizational requirements. It is possible to devise any number of prepaid plans, for example; 1-hour voucher is valid for 100 MB and the Internet speed will be limited up to 1Mbps. Similarly, you can create prepaid plans with the following limits:

  • Time Limit (eg. 1 hour, 1 day, etc)
  • Data Limit (eg. 100MB, 1GB, etc)
  • Bandwidth Limit (eg. 512Kbps, 1Mbps, etc)

2. Antamedia

Antamedia Hotel Wifi Management Software

Antamedia is an innovative hotel wifi hotspot solution that is popular among both big and small hotels to improve wifi control, and ultimately guest satisfaction.


Antamedia hotel wifi systems help managers in the following ways:

  • Collects important guest data and personal details
  • Easily created prepaid wifi accounts or vouchers
  • Creates free access accounts with limits of time, data transfer and usage
  • Serves as a remote hotspot operator for front desk staff
  • Posts charge directly to the guestroom using PMS interface

Pricing and Availability

It is possible to take a free demo, and also the hotel wifi management software Antamedia is competitively priced with standard plans starting at $149.

3. Wifi-Soft

Wifi-Soft Hotel Wifi Management Software

This is a novel end-to-end holistic hotel wifi software that manages and controls wifi for resorts, hotels, and campgrounds.


It has the following salient features:

  • Enterprise Access Points
  • PMS Integration
  • Hotspot Controller
  • Branded Captive Portals
  • Bandwidth and Policy Management
  • Powerful Dashboard
  • Social Media and Ads

Price and Availability

The software is freely available and can be customized to suit any organization’s end budget.

4. WiFi-Hotel

WiFi-Hotel Hotel Wifi Management Software

This is a dynamic hotel wifi hotspot solution that takes control of different wireless networks in a property and converts them to powerful business or marketing platforms.


It has the following vital features:

  • Access Management
  • Marketing
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Guest Portal

Price and Availability

It is possible to get an advanced demo at the company website and there are a number of cost-effective plans that will surely be personalized according to the business model of the property.

5. ActivePrism Technologies

ActivePrism Hotel Wifi Management Software

This expert hotel wifi management software puts a huge emphasis on quality and service by providing comprehensive wifi network management.


These are some essential features of ActivePrism:

  • Bandwidth Management Solutions
  • Converged Billing
  • Centralized Web-based Control Panel Access
  • Configurable Portal Page 
  • Creates Prepaid Vouchers with Time, Data and Bandwidth Limits

Price and Availability

ActivePrism hotel wifi systems allow for a free download for trial by users, and a vast variety of prepaid plans that allow users instant benefits.

6. HotelDesk Wifi Management Solution

HotelDesk Hotel Wifi Management Software

This hotel wifi hotspot solution facilitates integrating the Wi-Fi service providers with the hotel so that front office staff is equipped with the necessary platforms to control internet usage among the guests.


Here are some of its important features:

  • Dynamic Pricing
  • MIS Reports
  • Guest Wifi Solutions
  • Internet Access Portal Management
  • Guest History and Records

Price and Availability

HotelDesk wifi management software provides a free trial demo for users and discreet low-cost pricing plans are available for companies to choose and avail their services.

7. MicroSolut Technologies

MicroSolut Hotel Wifi Management Software

This modern hotel wifi management software manages wireless and hotspot connections for hotels, thereby enhancing long-term guest satisfaction levels.


Here are some of its important features:

  • Login Page Portal Management
  • Centralized Wifi Internet Billing
  • User Access Control
  • Bandwidth and Traffic Management
  • Real-time Statistics and Reports

Price and Availability

MicroSolut hotel wifi systems are readily available in the market and it is possible for users to download, install and try the free hotspot. Furthermore, the software license can be purchased through a number of competitively priced low-cost plans.

8. AirAngel

AirAngel Hotel Wifi Management Software

This hotel wifi hotspot solution is the ideal choice for homestays, resorts, hotels, and camps as it transforms the guest experience by structuring internet usage and payment.


Here are some salient features of AirAngel:

  • Guest Authentication
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Branding
  • Secure Guest Access
  • Bandwidth and Network Management

Price and Availability

Airangel offers a detailed demo for users to try the software and its various features. There is a host of low-priced plans available for purchase that can be personalized according to requirement.

Bottom Line

Technology has proved to be a real game-changer in the hospitality industry, and hotels all over the globe are trying to enhance the customer experience by providing smooth and seamless internet wifi services to their valued guests.

The internet is a necessity nowadays, and a structured hotel software is sure to give your organization a competitive edge. It is a smart move for any hotel to invest in a hotel wifi management software solution, as it is the quickest way to keep guests delighted with internet services, and ultimately boost up bottom line results.

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