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All prudent business people are well aware of the fact that having powerful customer support is crucial to be a part of the race between various industries. We know that the customers may have problems with one or the other product that a company produces. In such a situation, it is imperative to have help desk support software which can address the problems faced by the users.

Why your company needs help desk support software?

We live in an age where customer’s reviews matter a lot. The consumers have the right to rate a product, rate the company, demand for answers to their queries, review company or comment about the company’s products and services through various channels. A help desk support software can help in responding to customer complaints and queries along with keeping the service teams working effectively and smoothly. Therefore, Help Desk Software acts as a foundation for the customer support system.

1. What is customer experience?

Before we study how help desk support software is used for improving customer experiences, we need to understand the term customer experience. Customer experience comprises of interaction between an organization and its customers throughout the lifespan of their business relationship. There is no company which wants a customer who does business with them just once and then forgets them.  Therefore, customer experience matters a lot to create loyalty and to elevate the business.

Many times, we confuse customer experience with customer service. These two are interlinked to each other but they are two different aspects of a business. Customer service is when a customer suddenly comes to your shop for the first time. That is your opportunity to leave a good impression on the customer. This can be stated as providing the customer with good customer services so that they come back for more. On the contrary, if the customer visits again and again, then it is purely because the customer had a good experience. Thus, customer services are only a small part of the complete customer experience arena.

2. Role of helpdesk support software to improve the customer experience

The helpdesk software helps in the growth of the business in many ways. The main aspects which initiate in adding value to customer experiences are as follows:

  • Agent performance
  • Operational costs reduction
  • Resolution time

We often wonder what makes a good customer service experience. The answer to this is that both businesses, as well as customer, oriented sources results in making a good customer service experience. Companies which implement customer experience strategies successfully are the ones to achieve higher rates of customer satisfaction and increased revenues. It is estimated that around 60% of customers are ready to pay more for good customer services and experience. We know that a satisfied customer is a loyal customer. Therefore, investing in improving the customer experiences is the best way of making your customers permanent since a happy customer is directly proportional to their likeness to stay connected with the brand or company.

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3. Important help desk support software metrics

There are a number of help desk metrics which helps in keeping a track on whether the customer experience is excellent or not. These metrics depend on various factors like cost, quality, productivity, agents, service level and call handling. Some of the help desk metrics that are enormously important for a good business are listed below:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Cost per contact
  • First contact resolution rate
  • First level resolution rate
  • Agent utilization
  • Agent satisfaction
  • Aggregate help desk performance

The above aforementioned seven metrics can help you in receiving 80% of the value from performance measurement and management of your helpdesk software.

How IT helpdesk software facilitates in enhancing customer experiences?

1. Improving customer satisfaction and cost per contact

While working in a business you obviously wish to get the best quality of products at the lowest possible price. The best way of receiving the desired result is having the quality and cost measured on a regular basis. Thus, the most effective cost metric is the cost per contact and the best way to keep the quality check is customer satisfaction. To accomplish the desired result of lowering the cost without affecting the quality at the same time, some factors/metrics are required. These include effective conservation, easy access to relevant customer records, keeping a record of important facts and history, preventing agent collision by easy detection of conflict-causing factors, automation, etc. The various features of IT helpdesk software facilitate in offering these services.

2. First contact resolution and agent utilization

The customer satisfaction in help desk scenarios is affected by a variety of performance variables like average speed of answers, handle time, call quality, etc.  Along with this, it is believed that that nine out of ten times improvement in customer satisfaction can be attained by increasing the FCR. This is facilitated by helpdesk software.  

3. The boost in first level resolution rate

First level resolution rate is the measure of the overall help desk efficiency. If you are ignoring this metric then maybe you are looking at a low cost per contact metrics.  This is also facilitated by the software.

4. Keeping the agents happy

Agent satisfaction is very important and is strongly related to many other metrics of a helpdesk. Higher agent satisfaction leads to lower absenteeism, higher first contact resolution rates, lower turnovers, etc. A progressive helpdesk software measures the agent satisfaction twice every year and allows the businesses to practice performance appraisal.

5. Measuring help desk performance

It focuses on aggregating several measures to combine and form a score for help desk performance. Knowing the current score, allows the business to improve themselves to garner customer happiness. It enables to judge whether the overall performance of the helpdesk is declining or improving.

So, these were a few ways by which helpdesk support software can help in tracking the overall performance of any business and therefore results in improving the customer experiences.

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