Top Online Classes Software for 2023

Best Online Classes Software is WizIQ, MyClassboard, DialTM, APPeL, and EduKool Classroom. A virtual classroom is a computer-based teaching environment where students and teachers interact through the use of technology.

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List of 20 Best Online Classes Software

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A Learning Experience platform with Content library curated from Best of Best Content providers for B2B corporate users. Making learning personalized and engaging by using AI and Tech for micro- skill level transformation of professionals. Read Skills Caravan LXP Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

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Recent Review

"The platform offers a seamless user experience." - Pankaj Chaudhary

Most Reviewed

It is one of the best Indian video calling applications applicable for delivering education through online methods. It proves to be a cost-effective, transparent, and informative platform for hassle-free and quality delivery of content. Read DialTM Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: $13 Per Month

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Recent Review

"Easy to use " - Balakrishnan

Emergents | 2023


Lynda is a learning platform that helps learn business, technology, software, and creativity to achieve professional skills. Through individual, corporate, academic, and government subscriptions, members can access Lynda video library online classes solutions. Read Lynda Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: $19.99 User/Month

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Recent Review

"Really great software!!!" - Vijaykumar Bamana

Category Champions | 2023


MyClassboard application helps school authorities to manage all the clerical works involved in managing school information like collecting student & staff data, streamlining administrative tasks, and maximizing communication between parent and school. Read MyClassboard Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

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Recent Review

"Best school ERP in affordable prices" - Nagarjun


It is a school management software with various features for managing affairs in educational institutions like time table, attendance, fee, library, etc. With many other features, it provides an interactive platform for the learning machinery. Read W School Management ERP Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: $1.67 Per Student

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Recent Review

"All in One School ERP System" - Mrs. Shilpa Channe

Emergents | 2023


WizIQ lets you upload content, tests, and assessments created in nine different structures. You can manage records and keep track of the learner's progress. You can easily access these features on WizIQ mobile-tablet application.  Read WizIQ Reviews

Starting Price: Available on Request

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Recent Review

"Perfect SaaS LMS" - Joseph Smith

High Performer | 2023


Articulate is an online training module through which users can access training tools to develop e-learning expertise. It is available on an annual subscription, and call support is provided. Learn more about Articulate

Starting Price: Available on Request

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Contenders | 2023


LearnCube’s online classes solutions provide reliable live video + high-quality audio and interactive online whiteboard. Students can access through links and can get their saved lesson materials quickly. Teacher features include multi-tabs, pointer, video-sync, etc. Learn more about LearnCube

Starting Price: Available on Request

Mobile App

Emergents | 2023


Electa LMS is a platform designed for online teaching and training over the Internet. It provides online courses, online collaboration, content sharing and delivery, student and teacher management, testing, assignment, homework, assessment, reporting, and grade books. Learn more about Electa LMS

Starting Price: Starting Price: $29 .90 Per Month

Mobile App
Free Trial

Category Champions | 2023


These online classes solutions include whiteboard, quizzes, and breakout rooms. It provides cloud storage to upload and share course content. Newrow can even record and archive lessons for absent students. It can even be integrated with top learning management systems. Learn more about Newrow Smart

Starting Price: Available on Request

Mobile App

Emergents | 2023


Moodle is a learning platform that provides administrators, learners, and educators with a single robust, secure, and integrated online classes tools. It offers the most flexible tool-set to support blended learning and 100% online courses. Learn more about Moodle

Starting Price: Available on Request

Mobile App

High Performer | 2023


BigBlueButton is an online learning open source web conferencing system that remotely provides a high-quality online learning experience. Teachers can share audio, chat, slides, and desktop with students and record lectures later. Learn more about BigBlueButton

Starting Price: Available on Request

Mobile App

Emergents | 2023


Docebo is one of the top cloud-based LMS with AI superpowers designed to create a love for their learning experience in users, employees, and partners. It centralizes the demands for sequence all in one place. Learn more about Docebo

Starting Price: Available on Request

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Contenders | 2023


Enrollware is a well-known provider of online class registration, scheduling, and automation software. Its secure web-based student registration pages are accessible 24x7 and provide more opportunities for students to easily self-enroll in their classes. Learn more about Enrollware

Starting Price: Available on Request

Mobile App

Emergents | 2023


Jackrabbit Dance’s studio management software is built for star-gazers of the world by a team of experts committed to helping you grow your business. Teachers can track student dance skills and record their progress. Learn more about Jackrabbit Dance

Starting Price: Available on Request

Mobile App

Emergents | 2023


BigMarker’s webinar software is a convenient way to create vibrant multi-media events streamed to Facebook & YouTube without any special equipment. BigMarker webinars can be run in the cloud through a web browser. Learn more about BigMarker

Starting Price: Starting Price: $29 Month/Billed Annually

Mobile App
Free Trial

Emergents | 2023


This is a multipurpose school management software application for schools, colleges, and other educational institutions for academic administrative and management activities through the Android mobile application. It provides opportunities for online classes and management. Learn more about Bookwhen

Starting Price: Starting Price: $15 Per Month

Mobile App

It is an application that provides opportunities for online coaching classes and tutorials for school and college students along with conferences, workshops, courses, webinars, and virtual meetings for a holistic and all-round education delivery. Learn more about APPeL

Starting Price: Available on Request

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Free Trial

BatchMaster, a learning management system and web application software, is appropriate for on-demand mobile learning to manage time tables and curriculum. It allows you to conduct classes with whiteboard integration. Learn more about BM Connect LMS

Starting Price: Available on Request

Mobile App

It is a collaborative learning platform for students with administrators, parents, and teachers for learning through ERP, School LMS, and online classroom management. It is an all-purpose school application. Learn more about EduKool Classroom

Starting Price: Available on Request

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online classes software guide


What Is Online Classes Software?

Gone are the days when education used to be imparted with blackboards in physical classrooms. Since technology hit the world, tables have turned around, and so is how education is imparted!

Owing to the lockdown and restrictions, online education was the only mode left to continue learning. However, it has become hassle-free through online classes software. 

An online classes tool enables schools to offer virtual classes. Furthermore, these tools allow learners to access lecture videos, learning materials, and live sessions from the comfort of their homes.

Features of Online Classes Software

1. Video Conferencing

This feature allows the students and teachers using the online classes system to communicate with each other through HD video and audio channels. The platform should allow one user to view all the participants in the classes and communicate without reducing the session's speed or quality.

2. Security Features

The information shared during an online class can be confidential and sensitive. Thus, the top online classes tools in the market give importance to security features like password protection, encryption, etc.

3. Multimedia Presentation

Beyond video conferencing, the participants can upload the multimedia presentation and share their screen with others. This feature is available in all basic online classes solutions and aids in better instruction while teaching.

4. Whiteboard

A whiteboard or scribble board allows the instructor to share a board on which he can type or write, similar to a classroom blackboard. This feature is quite essential for diagram representation, equations, or derivations.

5. Recording

The students and the teachers can save the session for later use via the recording option. Some top-rated online classes software also allows sharing and posting the recorded video on multiple platforms.

6. In-call Texting

While the session is in progress, the participants can share information with everyone via a text portal similar to messaging services. 

7. File Sharing

Beyond sharing the screen, the online classes system also allows the participants to share documents, PDFs, slides, videos, and audio files. Some tools offer cloud storage for better access.

Benefits Of Online Classes Software

The key benefits of choosing online classes solution for virtual training are:

  • It enables the instructors and students to participate in the classroom with no regard to location.

  • It helps facilitate classroom styled learning and collaboration even in online courses.

  • Multimedia features and other tools enable the instructor to capture the attention of the students.

Types of Online Classes Solutions

There are two types of online classes tools. The first type is the primary video conferencing tool with features that facilitate classroom environments like hand-raising, quizzes, sharing documents, and more. On the other hand, if you are looking for an end-to-end solution, LMS (learning management software) offers a better service. It helps host virtual classes, monitor participants' progress, assign homework, offer resources, and more.

Usability of Online Classes Software In The Current Market

In the current tech scenario, the online classes software tool is a boon. It empowers both learners and professors to harness digital education. An online classes system proves useful in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at them: 

1. Virtual Classes

Online classes software facilitate live video conferencing. Hence, the teachers and students can attend a virtual session from anywhere. A stable internet connection and a device are all that are needed to get started. 

Along with virtual classes, online examinations, assessments and progress reports are facilitated by the tools. 

2. Quick Review of Lectures 

With the help of the online classes tool, students have the option to review lectures. They can go through words from professors either by reading the transcript or by rewinding the audio/video. 

3. Group Communication

Online classes software facilitate virtual classrooms. All the learners can interact with each other as well as the professors. There are other features like sharing and raising a hand to ensure a hassle-free experience. These software tools even allow collaboration via chat rooms, email, and other methods.  

4. Access to Expertise

The biggest perk of the online classes system is that learners get access to experts from different corners of the world. Yes, people from any country can join a virtual classroom and receive/impart knowledge. 

Students also have the option to send text messages round the clock. So, they can clarify their doubts at any point in time.  

5. Better Class Participation

With an online software tool, participants can easily share their thoughts with other students. There is also an option to share documents, PDF, audio files, and other multimedia. In this way, it fosters better participation.

Even the students who are shy, can easily initiate a conversation via text and ask teachers to clear doubts.

6. Better School Management

Most of the online classes tools come with managing and tracking features. These allow schools to maintain a record of things such as attendance, fees, student data, etc. This software also facilitates tracking the performance of each student.

Things To Consider When Buying Online Classes Software

Things to consider when buying online classes software

1. Budget

It is not wise to spend a significant amount of money on online classes tools and, at the same time, do not forego security or other basic functionalities to save a few bucks.

2. Number of Participants

Some tools have a cap on the number of simultaneous participants in a session. It is best to choose scalable options, where you can pick better packages with a higher number of participants, a larger volume of data storage, and others as your business grows.

3. Browser-connectivity

Make sure to prefer an online classes system that allows browser compatibility. Thus, participants need not download additional apps and use their browser to connect to the call.

4. Analytics

If you are looking to collect information for better strategy formulation, analytics tools will help track the course's progress, student performance, and others.

5. Mobile-compatibility

A large population of students uses smartphones to take up online classes. Thus, the online classes software of your choice should support both phone and desktop users.

6. Customizability

A general lecture-based class does not need a customized platform. However, for specialized courses, specific tools, or customized platforms becomes imperative. For instance, if you are conducting a software coding course, you might need a real-time code editor.

Top Online Classes Software Providers

Some of the top online classes software vendors are: 

1. MyClassboard

MyClassboard is a robust school management tool that comes with multiple features. The application can be used by school authorities to manage a multitude of administrative and learning tasks. 

It helps in streamlining administrative tasks, collecting student & staff data, etc. It even facilitates better communication between school and parent. 

2. W School Management ERP

W  school Management is a school management software tool that’s infused with a range of features like management of timetable, attendance, fee, library, etc. It provides an interactive platform for learning.

3. EduKool Classroom

EduKool is a collaborative learning platform for students for learning through ERP, School LMS, and online classroom management. It is an all-purpose school application that is being widely used by different learners across the globe. 

4. WizIQ

WizIQ online classes tool allows users to upload content, tests, and assessments created in different structures. Also, it helps in managing records and in keeping track of the learner's progress. Simply download the WizIQ mobile-tablet application. 

5. Learnpod

When it comes to delivering a seamless teaching experience, Learnpod stands tall. It is an interactive and engaging platform for students’ growth and holistic development. It provides live online classroom and pre-recorded classes so that students can revise their syllabus.

6. Lynda

Lynda is a credible learning platform that helps students to learn a multitude of things like business, technology, creativity, and software to enhance their professional skills. Also, you can access its video library online classes solutions.

7. BigMarker

BigMarker is another popular software tool that helps to create vibrant multi-media events streamed to Facebook & YouTube without using any dedicated equipment. The online classes system has webinars that can be run in the cloud through a web browser.

8. MyClassCampus

MyClassCampus is an easy-to-use application that automates your school operations, avoids data leaks, and enables consistent messaging. You can manage multiple institutes with the help of one login id. 

9. ezTalks

ezTalks is another online classes solution that provides the best reliable web conferencing, video conferencing solutions. It provides the option of both cloud and on-premise software. Facilities such as a whiteboard, record, IM, etc, add to its functionality. It can easily be integrated with other software tools without any difficulty. 

10. LearnCube

LearnCube is an interactive online class solution that provides reliable live video along with high-quality audio. The tool helps learners to understand the concepts in a better way via high-quality learning material. It includes features like multi-tabs, pointer, video-sync, etc.

11. SymphonyX

SymphonyX is an online classes solution that integrates administration, students, and faculty under one roof. To school, it is a management software while to students, it is a learning platform.

12. BM Connect LMS

BatchMaster is a robust learning management system and web application software that helps to manage timetables and curriculum. With the use of an online class software tool, you can easily conduct classes with whiteboard integration. 

13. Enrollware

Enrollware is a well-known provider of online class registration, scheduling, and automation software that provides a multitude of opportunities for students to easily self-enroll in their classes. 

14. Docebo

When it comes to facilitating seamless learning experiences in employees and partners, Docebo is one of the top cloud-based LMS that centralizes the demands for sequence all in one place.

Challenges To Online Classes Software Implementation

Beyond the cost of implementation, which includes the cost of the software, cost of training, and other supporting tools (if needed), here are some of the other challenges to implementing an online classes system.

  • It is imperative to develop content compatible with the learning solution. Or, one should pick a customized solution.

  • The enterprise should now have a technical team to troubleshoot any discrepancies during the online class. Or, pick a solution that offers 24/7 instant technical service.

  • Beyond the online classes, the team has to create knowledge guides and other materials for a continuum of learning. Else, it becomes almost impossible to create a better knowledge delivery.

  • The solution should have adequate storage facilities like cloud access and others. Else, the team should integrate the software with any additional storage facilities like Google Drive or others.

  • The employee and students' resistance to new changes is a significant factor to consider. If the company fails to create a better transition with adequate training, tutorial documents, and support team, it becomes almost impossible to implement the new platform.

Common Problems That Online Classes Software Address

Here’s the list of common problems that can be solved by online classes software; 

1. Lack of Comfort:

One of the biggest advantages of online classes software is that students don’t need to attend classes for hours sitting at the same desk. It also eradicates the need to travel. 

When learners opt for online education, they will not be bound to the physical classroom session. All lectures and study materials will be provided online, so users can easily access them from the comfort of their homes.

2. Higher Cost:

Setting up a learning organization and managing its daily expenses is much costlier than online education. All one needs is a device and internet connection to get started. 

Unlike traditional campus settings, online programs are cheaper and may let you gain high-quality education. The average tuition for online courses depends on multiple factors; it varies from one program to another. 

3. Learning Barriers:

When you choose the right online classes tool, it offers the options to populate calendar-based courses with assigned deadlines. Even if a student falls behind, he can enhance his pace and get back on track. 

Ample of study materials like lecture notes, audio/video, documents, and PDF can be accessed via tools. Hence, learning becomes easy.   

4. Physical Barriers:

In traditional education, you can pick the program of your dreams, travel away from home, live in a completely different city, and face cutthroat competition. 

With online education, you can take any program or course from any physical location. Hence, you can attend classes even if you are sick or in case you are unable to travel.

Latest Market Trends In Online Classes Software

Online training via virtual classrooms is becoming the norm. Many small and large enterprises are coming up with innovative designs and solutions to fill the gap between traditional and online platforms.

latest market trends in online classes software

1. Browser-based Tools

This solution style allows the participants to connect with the call without the need for any application, mobile storage access, compatibility issues, and others. The user can utilize any standard web browser to connect with the class.

2. Personalized Learning Tools

Each candidate has a different pace of learning. Thus, software brands have come up with solutions that offer micro-learning options to create batches of lessons, gamified content, curated material, and others.

3. Peer-to-peer Learning

The online classes software has well-developed beyond teacher-to-student training. Today, it is possible to train soft skills using these platforms by enabling peer interactions, grouping participants, conducting discussions, and more.

Does Online Classes Software Help In Teaching

Whether you want to lead a live class online, add a self-paced eLearning course to your curriculum, or simply want to digitize your grade book, a learning management system (LMS) could be an ideal way to bring your classroom into the 21st century.

Online teaching software allows you to conduct online classes and examinations in real-time. Ideal for both students and teachers, it helps to enhance student-teacher interaction to enhance digital literacy. Even brainstorming sessions and discussions can happen in real-time. 

For both the students as well as the trainers, there’s no major visible difference in respect of knowledge sharing. The only difference is that technology is exploited for the same. 

In the time of pandemics like Covid-19, the benefits of such classroom systems are abundant. These are a boon particularly in these times when the government has shut schools and colleges. 

The huge flexibility of carrying out classes online can help students and educational fraternities to stay connected from anywhere. As they provide a secure and very comfortable way for teaching and learning, the use of such online classes tool is increasing to an unprecedented scale. In the years to come, online virtual classrooms are likely to dominate the realm of education.

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FAQs of Online Classes Software

An online class software is a type of software that helps students and instructors interact with the help of technical tools. The best online class software ensures clear communication between the learners and instructors.

A- Online classes software is a virtual learning platform that allows teachers and students to collaborate using technical tools. The software allows private tutors and educational institutes to host classes, organize formal discussions, and other traditional classroom learning functions.

A- These online software tools come in different packages. The pricing depends on multiple factors like the total number of users, features required, and type of plan. However, you can request a free demo of the software and then choose a plan accordingly.

A- There are arrays of online classes tools available in API version, mobile app as well as the web version. You can simply download any of the required versions of any software from their official website.

A-Well, you can take as many classes as you want. You just need to check with your chosen vendor for the same.

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