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Best performance management system includes kissflow, Engagedly, Paylocity, Lattice, and Synergita. Performance management software helps to enhance individual and organizational performance and achieve business objectives

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Hibob is a performance management solution designed to improve the employee experience and lifecycle for companies with 50+ employees with a focus on medium-sized businesses. Read Hibob Reviews

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"Best tool" - Sarah John


Leapsome is an enterprise performance management (EPM) software designed to serve small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This tool helps companies manage their goals, align employees, recognize them for their contributions, and provide feedback. Read Leapsome Reviews

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"Best Software for Tracking OKRs" - Shivam Aggarwal


Recruiterbox applicant tracking system is the easiest way to receive and manage job applications to your company. It is more efficient than email and simpler than any other recruitment software. It is also one of the best performance management software in the market. Read Recruiterbox Reviews

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"Highly Optimizable Recruiting Software" - Anu Gupta


ClearCompany - performance management platform brings the employee experience into this century and makes your job easier. Automate and track your employee onboarding process with easy deadlines and reminders for both new hires and your internal team. Read ClearCompany Reviews

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"The software is must to all who wants to hire best minds in less time" - Roopak


Kazoo is a fully-featured performance management Software designed to serve SMEs, startups, Agencies, and Enterprises. Kazoo provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web apps. This Employee Recognition Software offers Customizable Templates, Goal Setting / Tracking, Individual Development Plans, and Performance Management in one place. Learn more about Kazoo

Starting Price: Starting Price: $5 Per Month

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ChartHop is a fully featured Performance Management Software designed to serve SMEs, Startup, Agencies, Enterprises. ChartHop provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This Performance Management Software offers 360 Degree Feedback, Compensation Management, Competency Management, What If Scenarios at one place. Read ChartHop Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: $3.50 Per Month

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"Best Tool" - Lori Gillen


Kallidus is a performance management system designed for startups and small enterprises. Save time on performance reviews through a modern experience. performance management with cutting-edge software designed to meet the unique needs of the modern organization Learn more about Kallidus

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eloomi is a performance management solution and People Development tool–all in one cloud-based platform. eloomi software helps companies to Improve their employees' skills while tracking their progress. Learn more about eloomi

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PerformYard is a web-based performance management software for manage feedback, reviews about project, aim, and 360-review. It is specially designed for accounting, information technology and healthcare. The help to make a smooth process via email, phone etc. Learn more about PerformYard

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Category Champions | 2023


Sage HR is fast-becoming 1 HRIS software in staff leave and employee database management. By reducing the overhead time and money spent on paper chasing employees' leave requests, Sage HR helps you to solve your HR challenges and let’s you to focus on building your business! Read Sage HR Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: $5 Per Employee

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"Well Rounded, packed with features." - Shoaib Shabbir


Primalogik 360 is an easy online system and complete employee performance management software. It is communication more frequently and permitted to comment regarding performance evaluation. 360-degree evaluations are consistent with evidence that employee performance varies across contexts.   Learn more about Primalogik

Starting Price: Starting Price: $133 Per Month

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Category Champions | 2023


The effective implementation of Synergita, a online performance management system, in your line of business, will proffer you an ability to keep a check on the performance of your employees. This cloud-based enterprise will assess your employees’ goal, their efficacy, their performance and their level of engagement. Read Synergita Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: $0.42 User/Month

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"My usage experience" - Jinesh Jain


360View is Mercer | Mettl’s customizable and 100% secure cloud-based platform that enables organizations to conduct smooth and seamless 360-degree feedback for all their employees. Read Mercer Mettl 360View Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: $500 Per Year

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"they are the best you ever thing of with the best security step " - frank willy


SurveySparrow turns surveys into conversations. With a conversational interface, SurveySparrow enables users to create & share highly engaging surveys that offer a chat-like experience. 14 day free trial is available. Read SurveySparrow Reviews

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"An amazing Conversational Customer Experience Platform" - Karishma


FREE appointment scheduling software, trusted by 35,000+ independent practitioners, tutors, coaches & small businesses. Setup in less than 2min, and say farewell to admin woes. Works with Android, iPhone/iPad, and Web. Read 10to8 Reviews

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"Simple, does what it says on the tin and the price is right" - Samuel Zygolokys


This software deals mainly with Macintosh platforms. It provides online asset management by means of software inventory, individual transactions, and network diagnosis. It is also used as an MSP billing software. Learn more about Auvik

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Snappy is a fully featured Employee Recognition Software designed to serve Enterprises, Startups. Snappy provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online Employee Recognition system offers Mention Management, Goal Management, Rewards Catalog, Performance Management, Social Recognition at one place. Read Snappy Reviews

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Insightful empowers your organization to measure and optimize employees’ performance and productivity through deep behavioral data insights. It gives you an understanding of how your team works, helps you manage remote teams, and increase productivity. Read Insightful Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: $8 Employee/Month

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"Great app for workforce analysis" - Marc


Darwinbox Performance Management Software, helps you review and reward your employees by configuring unique assessment frameworks and sharing real-time feedback. Learn more about Darwinbox Performance Management

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Category Champions | 2023


Manage the talent and performance within your organization via Keke HR Payroll Platform. This performance management System will bring integrated help into play with its features such as attendance management, payroll management, and work-flow management. It is a highly essential tool for seamless operation of a firm. Read Keka HR Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: $97.21 Upto 100 Employees

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"Easy way for tracking " - Minaxi Suthar

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performance management software guide

Performance Management System: A Buyer's Guide

A performance management system is a must for organizations in today's competitive business arena. It is a well-defined process with a primary focus on people administration, and it brings about a high level of efficiency for both the individual and the organization. Moreover, it is a perfectly functional system that aligns the organizational end objectives with the employees' subjective measures, varied skills, competency requirements, development maps, and the delivery of goals.

Employee performance review software emphasises holistic improvement and creating an environment of learning and development to accomplish the complete business strategy and craft a high-performance workforce. So make sure to invest in your organisation's best performance management software. It is the perfect performance solution to kick-start your organization on a productivity journey and better performance.

Benefits of Performance Management System

Undoubtedly, getting an enterprise performance management system is the best decision for your organization. It is a transformational performance management tool that can escalate your organization's bottom-line profits. Here is a list of some valuable benefits that your organization will instantly gain through the implementation of performance management software:

benefits of performance management system

1. Better Communication

One of the most vital benefits of utilizing a performance software system for your organization is that it streamlines all communication, enhancing the frequency and quality by ensuring an inclusive and collaborative process. In addition, enhanced communication policies through online performance management systems allow employees to channel their performance towards specific goals they are aware of, thus leading to the overall better functioning of the organization.

2. Better Workflow Management

Due to better recording of employee performance, all business operations and processes flow more smoothly, without any delay or interruptions. In addition, it leads to a more positive work environment and reduces stress levels as there is an open communication flow between employees and managers. So, invest in the best enterprise performance system to significantly enhance your organization's workflow management and benefit from higher efficiency levels!

3. Develops a Conducive Learning and Development Environment

Since performance review software requires employees to commit to an individual development plan, implementing them in your organization will lead to an environment of learning and development. Employee management software work on developing the entire workforce, and the employee, in turn, aims at achieving the overall corporate strategy by accomplishing a personal development plan. So, getting performance management software is the perfect solution to keeping your employees engaged in a positive learning environment.

4. Fair, Reliable, and Secure

One of the best advantages that your organization can get through a performance management system is that a fair, reliable, and consistent system is instituted in place that helps to increase the overall bottom-line profits. It is highly secure and ensures that all your sensitive performance appraisal data remains protected and is accessible only by authorized personnel.

So get on the best performance management software bandwagon right now, and ensure that your organization benefits from these advantages.

Top Reasons to Invest in Performance Management Software

One of the biggest challenges in the HR department to effective people management. Harnessing the best performance from an organizational workforce is crucial for corporate success, and performance management software is excellent for streamlining operational tasks efficiently.

Employee performance management systems have gained immense popularity and are valuable assets that track, analyze, and evaluate individual employee performance. Here are some compelling reasons to invest in the best performance appraisal system in the market:

reasons to invest in performance management software

1. Realistic Goal Setting

Performance management software automates the objective-setting process between managers and team members. It makes common goals visible and transparent and gives periodic updates on-target performance. Cascading goals keep employees aligned on the right path, and they keep receiving constant feedback, coaching and mentoring. This, in turn, leads to higher productivity and a satisfied workforce.

2. Agile Feedback System

Performance management systems promote a culture of continuous feedback – this ensures that all team members are aware of their performance drawbacks and continuously work on attaining new skill sets to improve performance. In addition, underperforming employees are given adequate training to learn new techniques and contribute to long-term organizational goals.

3. Structured Career Development

One of the most relevant advantages of performance management software is that it monitors an employee’s career graph and ensures they can develop their skills to the maximum. Performance meetings at fixed time intervals help identify competencies, aspirations, and skill gaps – this ensures managers can address problems at the earliest and help employees gain insights into their career opportunities.

4. Increased Employee Engagement

Performance management tools help provide 360-degree feedback to employees and set up tailor-made programs to improve performance. It encourages open mutual dialogue between superior managers and team members, thus making employees feel highly valued at the workplace. The performance management system is the best way to boost job engagement levels – it leads to exponential growth in all significant bottom-line results, thereby resulting in higher revenues for any organization.

Performance management software is a transformational tool that helps managers leverage technology and better-informed workforce performance decisions.

Features of Performance Management Systems

Investing in the best performance management software is not an easy decision. First, they need to scan the market and all available vendors, scrutinize the various offerings, and choose the best performance management system that fulfills all the organizational requirements.

It will be helpful to look out for these essential features before investing in performance management software for your organization:

features of performance management software

1. Goal Setting

The foundation of any effective performance management software is goal setting. Performance review software modules allow for timely corporate goals and objectives to meet clear performance expectations. Operative goals must be openly achievable, expressed in specific terms, quantifiable and timely, and aligned with corporate organizational strategy.

Employee performance review software makes goals effective by pairing them with essential performance metrics to provide a framework to measure progress- so ensure that your employee evaluation software has a well-aligned goal-setting module to get your organization on track.

2. Appraisal Management Processes

Performance review software has specialized modules that help managers manage the performance appraisal process from beginning to end. It ensures that managers listen to their employees, observe them on the job, and give them timely constructive feedback and due recognition for their work.

In addition, enterprise performance management systems ensure that feedback is at the foundation of the performance appraisal processes, ensuring that timely feedback is provided for growth and succession. So make sure to choose the best performance management software for your organization that handles appraisal management in a well-organized manner.

3. Individual Development Plans for Monitoring Performance

One of the best features of online performance management software is that it can help your organization monitor the performance of the entire workforce through detailed observation, information gathering, discussion, and active listening techniques. It can identify individual worker problems by drawing our development plans for employees that help them determine their strengths and weaknesses.

These development plans are beneficial as they help track systematic progress and determine solutions to help employee enhance their performance to the best of their ability. So when you invest in performance review software, make sure it can chalk out well-defined development plans for your workers- it is a transformational feature that can significantly increase productivity!

It's crucial to take time and go through a complete market survey to gauge the features you require in your enterprise performance management system. Then, get your company's best performance management software to help it scale new heights of success!

Tips to Choose the Best Performance Appraisal Software

There are tons of performance management software available today, and it is a daunting task to narrow it down to a single system. Most modern performance management tools are highly functional and can be remodelled to suit your specific business criteria. Here are some critical aspects to be kept in mind while choosing a performance appraisal system:







tips to choose best performance appraisal software

1. Data Security 

One of the most important aspects to look into while selecting the perfect performance appraisal software for your organization is information safety. Since performance software handles large volumes of personal employee data, it is vital to ensure that the system has proper encryption, user access control, and embedded security features to prevent data theft or fraud.

2. Scalability

Performance management systems need to be scalable to cater to the requirements of growing and diversifying organizations. Thus, the vendor should provide additional support, features, and modules according to your company's growth trajectory.

3. Integration Capability

Performance management software should be compatible with existing systems in the organization. They should be able to export and import vital employee data to prevent the repetition of cumbersome manual work. It should be able to automatically sync critical HR data so that a unified repository of essential company information is maintained and can be accessed by managers for better quality managerial decision-making.

4. User-Friendliness

It is essential to go in for a performance management system that is highly user-friendly and does not have very complex features. There should not be any kind of long training sessions or technical know-how involved in operating performance evaluation software at your organization, as this will deter employees from adopting the new platform. So invest in simple, intuitive, hassle-free performance management software which requires minimal maintenance or after-sales support.

It is necessary to make an informed choice and invest in your organization's best performance management tools. The perfect performance management software can make a dramatic positive difference to your work environment and lead to collaborative employee engagement.

Types of Performance Management Systems

Performance management software is a much broader term. People often mistake it as a concept related to only employee appraisal. It consists of a whole five-step process:

  • Setting of goals

  • Development planning

  • Taking action

  • Assessing performance

  • Providing rewards and recognition

However, there are different models of a performance management system. They are additional terms yet related to each other.

types of performance management system

1. Corporate Performance Management

As the name entails, the system takes care of the entire organization's performance. It links your goals at the enterprise, division, and department levels.

It’s the art of outlining, measuring, and achieving your strategy. When done right, it gives you an overview of your organisation's performance.

The model uses frameworks like objective and key results (OKRs), balanced scorecards, and more. It helps manage and report on strategic progress and execution across departments.

Case Study Example:

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)

Earlier, the PG&E team used to take an entire month to pull together a monthly report. Soon enough, they realized the need to present data in a high-level view. In addition, they wanted the ability to compare and assess trends.

Implementing a corporate performance management system helped them. They were able to review their results and better execute their strategy. Read the whole story here.

2. Project Performance Management

We all know corporate performance management deals with all aspects of an organization. However, project management manages only one particular project at a time. Project performance management involves working with people, schedules, budgets, and resources. But it is all related to a single project. Therefore, it helps drive performance on the part of your organization.

Some projects are so large that it feels like you are doing corporate management only. But project management has a start and end date. Plus, it can be broken into tasks and executed. That’s why one shouldn’t consider project performance management as same as corporate performance management.

Say you are working on a million-dollar project that will take ten years to complete. This kind of project requires handling a lot of complexity. Such massive projects have aspects that are linked to corporate goals. For example, customers, finances, and staff. But they aren’t the same as corporate performance management.

Case Study Example:

The City of Arvada, Colorado

The City of Arvada, Colorado, depends on project performance management software. It helps them keep track of their projects and also increases transparency. This case operates as a subset of the corporate performance management system. You can read the entire case study here.

3. Personnel Performance Management

This particular model looks at the performance of all your employees.  It is also known as human resource management. The system keeps track of performances at the individual level. Then, it links and aligns them to the division and enterprise goals.

Personnel performance management includes employee review, dealing with competencies, pay review, and more. The individual goals are indeed linked with the organization’s overall strategy. However, the process of managing is done by the HR department. The process is not dictated by design and is driven by corporate needs.

Thus, personnel performance management is nowhere close to the other two models. It is solely associated with people and how they are doing. It doesn’t identify itself with how the organization is doing.

How Does Performance Management System Help to Improve Company Culture?

Companies are continuously looking for ways to cultivate the perfect company culture. However, when a single employee fouls mouths about the company, it can negate all the goodwill earned so far.

That is why having a healthy culture is essential. Performance management is a crucial tool to enhance accountability in this innovative world. It helps build a high-performance culture.

A healthy PMS helps to keep everyone aligned with the strategic goals. It encourages employees to focus on what’s more important and when it needs to be done. Otherwise, management can quickly get off track.

The appropriate functioning of the performance management system tightens the link between business objectives and day-to-day activities. In addition, it promotes fair performance management practices across all verticals.

What the system does is that it combines goal settings with a method to track progress. It helps in identifying challenges as well as the success progress. Thus, it enables the manager to reward employees for their exceptional effort. As a result, it contributes to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

Even after what PMS offers, it is still underrated in many organizations. Mainly because most of the time, organizations have seen the system fail.

So how do you make the performance management system work? Three factors are a prerequisite to building a solid work culture.

1. Changed Mindset

To drive results, one needs to embrace the change. An organization should be willing to understand the purpose of the performance management system. The top executive and managers should transform their mindset to lead successfully, focusing on innovation and growth.

The company culture is defined by the ability of the individuals (company) to change and grow. An effective PMS in place supports broader business goals. Thus, managers must understand and support strategy execution. The team members should be ready to be pushed out of their comfort zone.

2. Reinforcement

In a true sense, reinforcement motivates employees to work more productively. And they are also discussing their future growth and learning.

But to do that, managers must meet periodically to review progress formally. This ensures that performance coaching and monitoring of goals are taking place regularly.

Feedback should be both in personal and professional areas. It requires a two-way conversation between manager and employee. To ensure that both are working on the same page regarding what is being managed and how it is being managed.

3. Skills and Competencies

Managers’ skills in setting goals, planning development, and coaching are essential for the success of PMS.

In a performance management system, managers need to have frequent coaching conversations. Appraisal and feedback skills are not something that comes naturally. It can be acquired through formal learning. Some of the ways to do that are:

a) Understanding the actions that are required

b) Observing and learning from coaching videos

c) Applying the lessons learned and clarifying the outcomes

d) Practicing and rehearsing those skills until you gain competence

If these practices are incorporated into the company’s PMS system, it begins to drive results. Thus, it helps create a high-performance company culture.

Performance management is a joint effort. Leaders, managers, and all team members should participate equally. An effective PMS coupled with the required skills helps achieve organizational strategic goals.

Importance of Performance Management System

Let us look at the reasons why performance management systems are essential and need to be at the top of your organization's priority list:

  1. It helps the organization set specific goals and explain the excellent performance expected from the employees to the team.

  2. Assist the organization in growing responsible people, which also helps attract employees. 

  3. It helps enlarge the leadership and coaching skills of the organisation's managers.

  4. It helps in giving credit to the employees where it is due. 

  5. It helps in generating transparency for the organization.

Top Performance Management Software for Your Business

1. BambooHR

BambooHR is one of small and medium-sized enterprises' most effective performance management systems. It streamlines data collection and then warehouses all the necessary information in a centralized database so employees and managers can access it easily.

bamboohr dashboard

Key Features

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS): Enable recruiters to post jobs on social media and job sites.
  • Employee Reviews: Measuring employees' satisfaction, boosting performance through scorecards, feedback analysis, etc.
  • Custom Workflows: Creation and modification of data entry workflows. 
  • Mobile Capability: One can have desktop benefits from anywhere.
  • Time-Tracking: Employees can view their timesheets and clock in and clock out for their working shifts. 


  • Ensures privacy.
  • Live chat and call support.
  • Option to track progress.
  • Self-onboarding for the e-signing process.


  • Non-customizable templates.
  • Lack of custom report filters.
  • No option of self-hosting for users for installation and customization.
  • No option for keyword search on resumes.


Besides other performance management tools, Bamboo HR is an excellent round-the-clock support system. 

2. Sage HR

Regardless of the size of your business, Sage HR can smoothly manage your workforce. It is a web-based performance management solution that can be part of your HR process from start to end.

Sage HR Dashboard

Key Features

  • Recruitment Management: One-click hire, custom pipeline stages, etc.
  • HR Functions: HR analytics, onboarding and offboarding, employee database, etc.
  • Timesheet Management: Configuring working patterns, updating hours, etc.
  • Performance Management: Quick 360 feedback, meetings, surveys, etc.
  • Leave Management: Requesting & approving time-offs, creating time-off policies, etc.


  • Simplified recruitment process.
  • Efficient and hassle-free scheduling.
  • Precise management of employees’ performances.
  • Higher security.
  • Data-driven insights.


  • No payroll management.
  • Difficulty in logging in due to the robust security system.
  • Limited capabilities of analytics module as well as mobile reporting.
  • No time tracking.


Sage's performance management system claims to make recruitment lucid and easier. Besides giving quality guidance, it monitors all HR-related processes and offers a 360-degree review mechanism.

3. Enable HR

enableHR is a people management platform for businesses. The software utilizes checklists and workflows to guide enterprises smartly.

Enable HR Dashboard

Key Features

  • 360 Degree Feedback: To provide employees with a deep insight into their work performance.
  • Customizable Templates: One can easily customize templates as per the needs.
  • Document Management: Seamlessly manages employee documents.
  • Applicant Tracking: This enables you to track the applicant’s working hours, location, etc.
  • Audit Management: To simplify and organize the workflow among team members and facilitate collaboration. 


  • Cloud, SaaS, and web-based platforms.
  • Phone, chat, and email support.
  • In-person training.
  • Ease of use.
  • Convenient calendar view.


  • Difficult system administration.
  • Sometimes responding time is late.
  • Uncomfortable information visualization.
  • Less efficient document management system.


EnableHR’steam members are co-located between their office and their client’s office. As a result, they facilitate and execute the HR initiatives in such an excellent correlation.

4. Workday

Workday is an all-in-one package designed as a performance management system for medium to large-sized businesses. It significantly helps in improving HR and Payroll compliance.

Workday Dashboard

Key Features

  • Payroll Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Data Analysis
  • Performance Management


  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Allows massive access to information. 
  • Neat integration features.
  • Tracking of the employee’s life cycle.
  • Needs-based customization.


  • Lack of graphical interface in UI.
  • No separate systems for pay stubs and management of HR plans.
  • No tutorial on how to use the software.
  • Hard to navigate the advanced options.

Workday is an all-in-one solution for recruiting, onboarding, compensation benchmarking, learning, developing, payroll, time off, and analytics. So, it performs broad functions and unites them into a single system. 

5. Zoho People

Zoho People is a performance management system specifically designed to manage and access all your employees’ data from a centralized database. 

zoho people dashboard

Key Features

  • Timesheet Management
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Leave Management
  • HR Process Automation
  • Attendance Management
  • Inbuilt HR forms


  • Fantastic sales and support team.
  • Greater visibility for all functions.
  • Provides geolocation limits.
  • Secure hosting of essential documents.
  • Easy tracking of employees.


  • Have problems with additional integrations.
  • More minor sound customer support system.
  • Timesheets are only available on a bi-monthly or monthly calendar.
  • Has an API limitation of up to 200 records per request.


Zoho People is specifically designed for HR software to automate HR processes while focusing on the most critical asset of any business: people.

Problems While Implementing a Performance Management System and Possible Solutions 

The performance of employees without deviations is always connected to the overall performance and success of the business. But many employees and managers don't provide enough regard. Therefore, to overcome this problem and increase productivity, the aspects of organizational development need to be looked forward to using the best performance management software.

Besides this, business owners and leaders face problems regarding the organization's performance management. Let’s now have a look at the challenges and the solutions to defeat them:

problems while implementing performance management software

1. Mounting Goals and Milestones

Without clear goals, the employees and workers won't understand what they should be working on and what they should achieve.

Solution- The understanding of the overall business is fundamental. Further, break down your market knowledge into goals your team can achieve in a fixed time frame. Then, you can communicate these goals to your employees with the help of performance management software.

2. Genuine Assessment and Report

Performance management cannot be regulated effectively without comparable and timely assessments and feedback from the employees.

Solution- You should always try to provide feedback to the employees regularly. This boosts the motivation and overall productivity of the employees.

3. Regular and Timely Training

The employee assessments are not helpful if they are not matched with the training.

Solution- Carry out some training for the employees, which helps them rise both individually and in the team. With the right mentorship and skill training using the best performance management software, employee performance can be improved and be made active and productive in the workplace.

4. Reward and Recognition Programs

The only way to motivate your employees is by regularly appreciating their positive actions and behaviours.

Solution- The lack of appreciation can always discourage your employees, which further leads to poor performance of the employees. Therefore, always organize reward and recognition programs to reward and promote your employees' achievements, actions, and behaviour.

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FAQs of Performance Management System

The most common problem involves insufficient training for managers and employees about the software. Proper training must focus on the following:
  1. Providing knowledge about the general process of the software and its purpose.
  2. How to communicate with employees using the software?
  3. How to use the software to improve performance?

Ideally, a performance management system is available from $4 to $19 per user per month. However, the prices may vary depending on the total number of users, employees, and features you want to include.

A performance management tool can schedule and evaluate employee performance, measure KPIs and KRAs, assess employee data, and more.

The essential parts of an effective performance management system comprising:
  • Performance Planning
  • On-going Performance Communication
  • Data Gathering, Observation, and Documentation
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Performance Diagnosis and Coaching

Performance Management System in following industries

Last Updated: February 27, 2023