Best Speech to Text Software of 2023

Best speech-to-text software platforms you can use in 2023 include Annexe and linguascribe.

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List of 20 Best Speech To Text Software

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isLucid is a single place to manage your Microsoft Teams meetings information and transcripts with an inbuilt AI virtual meeting assistant. Read isLucid Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: $119 Per Month

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"isLucid helped me to collect the most important parts of meeting easily" - Dovil? MilaĊĦauskait?

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Murf AI is a simple DIY too that allows you to change your script or convert home-style voice recording into a studio-quality AI voice over for your videos, presentations, or just text-to-speech requirements. Read Murf AI Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: $19 Single User

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"Wonderful voices, made narrations much easy" - Ank Tiwari


With the Contiinex AI-powered Speech-to-Text engine, you can now transcribe practically all the languages with an accuracy rate of up to 96% from voice recordings on a real-time basis. Learn more about Ainex by Contiinex

Starting Price: Available on Request


LinguaScribe can automatically translate, transcribe and turn text to speech. It can turn blogs into podcasts in any language and supports text processing in 108 languages, has 322 life-like voices & perfect automation. Learn more about LinguaScribe

Starting Price: Starting Price: $37 Per Year

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FAQs of Speech To Text Software

This software converts spoken words into a written format. With the help of speech-to-text software, one can easily converse with different people who speak other languages, collaborate with remote teams, and do many other tasks.

Last Updated: February 27, 2023