Best WhatsApp Marketing Software for Your Business

Best WhatsApp Marketing Software are Wappblaster Cloud Sender, Factoreal, Rap Booster, Bulk WhatsApp Messenger, and Kaleyra. Bulk WhatsApp software is a type of messenger marketing, which implies promoting a brand through WhatsApp.

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List of 20 Best Whatsapp Marketing Software

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whatsApp marketing software guide

What is WhatsApp marketing software?

WhatsApp marketing software is a bulk message-sending tool that helps market your business and expand your reach by letting you share images, texts, and videos.

Which countries use WhatsApp the most?

WhatsApp marketing is mostly used in:

  1. India: Over 200 million users
  2. Brazil: Every 9 out of 10 people
  3. Germany: Every 7 out of 10 people
  4. Indonesia: Every 4 out of 10 people
  5. Russia: Every 4 out of 10 people
  6. Turkey: Every 8 out of 10 people
  7. Spain: Every 9 out of 10 people
  8. Italy: Every 7 out of 10 people
  9. Netherlands: Every 9 out of 10 people
  10. UK: Every 4 out of 10 people

Why Does Your Business Need WhatsApp Marketing Software?

WhatsApp marketing software has become one of the whooping platforms for marketers to target and reaches the mass. With innovative mobile marketing strategies, WhatsApp allows companies to send bulk messages to customers. WhatsApp bulk sender tool is a massive success because of its user-friendly interface and the feeling of personal touch. The huge acceptance of the application is a golden opportunity for marketers to reach a mass audience and promote their products.

Bulk WhatsApp software messaging is the most preferred medium if you are considering increasing your sales. With high conversion rates and accessibility to the mass, bulk WhatsApp software provides a platform for creating effective marketing campaigns. The WhatsApp marketing tool is bulk messaging the target audience by broadcasting text, photos, videos, and GIFs. WhatsApp marketing tool is changing marketing tactics in the digital world; the key is to adapt to the latest technology to target the market and increase productivity.

Most Popular Bulk WhatsApp Software

  1. Twilio – Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software

    The application scans your core contact list and finds the most active WhatsApp users. The applications allow for forming a text, image, GIF, or video and scheduling the message for a particular date, day, and time. Twilio has advanced features like changing status, changing profile photos, replying to incoming messages with automated replies, etc.

  2. Wappblaster - A WhatsApp Bulk Sender Tool

    This third-party application takes care of all kinds of WhatsApp marketing solutions. Bwappblaster ranks high in WhatsApp marketing service providers and has the most user-friendly dashboard to create and execute marketing campaigns. An ultimate WhatsApp marketing service provider, wappblaster provides several options and services to users to increase the flexibility and reliability in sending campaigns. Additionally, wappblaster also provides an anti-blocking feature to reduce the chance of getting blocked, keeping the account safe.

  3. Whatso

    While other applications are software-based, Whatso is a cloud-based WhatsApp messaging application with an automated WhatsApp marketing panel. Whatsapp bulk message software allows users to operate high-volume and high-frequency campaigns using various WhatsApp channels. The best part is you don’t have to be there on your PC and schedule the messages continuously. Since it’s a web-based application, Whatsapp bulk message software can be operated remotely and effectively scale your campaign to a more significant number.

Best WhatsApp Marketing Software Comparison Table

Best for
Available on Free Plan
Small and mid-sized business
Pay for messages only
Small business
Free trial
From $3/month
Businesses of all sizes
From $39/month
Mid-sized business and enterprise
No Data
Free trial
From €90
Free trial
From $7/month

What are the Features of WhatsApp Marketing Software?

The massive acceptance of WhatsApp marketing software among the mass gives marketers a golden opportunity to launch their marketing campaigns with an ad platform or business profile. With WhatsApp continuously upgrading and developing a business profile, marketers rely on third-party bulk WhatsApp software.

WhatsApp marketing software has several pre-installed features to make your marketing campaign more attractive. A few of them are as follows:

WhatsApp Marketing Software Features

  1. WhatsApp Messenger: WhatsApp Messenger is the direct way of approaching the potential market by distributing content, communicating with the customer with 1:1 dialogue, and creating innovative chatbots with the marketing automation platform. WhatsApp bulk sender software helps to send the most relevant information in bulk with the help of broadcast messages and WhatsApp groups.
  2. Sending unlimited messages: Unlimited distribution of newsletters, audio, videos, GIFs, and text messages makes bulk WhatsApp software an efficient platform for promotion. WhatsApp marketing software has no hidden cost and additional license purchase, WhatsApp marketing software is an ideal tool to penetrate the market.
  3. Scheduled messages: The bulk WhatsApp software allows users to schedule notifications for upcoming dates, and the Whatsapp marketing tool automates the process.
  4. Sending customized messages: WhatsApp marketing software lets you send personalized messages to individuals or groups and simultaneously broadcast the same to a group.
  5. Full source code: Since bulk WhatsApp software is a third-party application integrated with the WhatsApp number, the source code is available at the user end. The source code in bulk WhatsApp software can be altered and manipulated for better use and functionality.
  6. Sending multimedia messages: Bulk WhatsApp software provides an efficient newsletter, images, and video distribution and makes marketing automation possible. The inbuilt features in the software support building newsletter, videos, and GIFs.
  7. WhatsApp Numbers generator: Bulk WhatsApp marketing software like Hushed helps create disposable/virtual WhatsApp numbers to send instant text and voice messages.

It’s possibly the scariest dream for a digital marketer to take care of marketing via direct messages. The bulk WhatsApp software offers advanced internal dialogue, reducing the chance of blocking. However, bulk WhatsApp sender is the only technical feature available to safeguard your chances of being in people's inboxes; the majority depends on the content you send.

Why WhatsApp is Good for Marketing?

  1. With such a large number of people hooked to the app, chances are more to reach the potential audience. With people getting influenced by WhatsApp marketing software service providers and offers, it’s the best medium to reach directly to their inboxes.
  2. WhatsApp marketing software allows multimedia transfer to be faster and more convenient. Bulk message groups can easily share texts, videos, GIFs, or audio in no time.
  3. The quick and one-to-one communication between the customer and the company also is an added benefit. Bulk WhatsApp software customers can reach and have a conversation with the company directly.
  4. Group communication helps send marketing flyers and information to the mass; thus, WhatsApp bulk message software generates a response from only interested people, not automated emails. Hence, the platform is more reliable in terms of communication.

With more and more people turning to WhatsApp, from ordering food to high-end jewelry to ordering available items, the user base is increasing rapidly. With high-resolution images and video transfer, bulk WhatsApp software gets much more accessible for sellers to share their products in stock in the best possible way. Use different strategies to do marketing through WhatsApp and be ahead of the competition. Several business platforms have transformed their marketing strategies and generated relevant leads with the help of the WhatsApp platform. If these records are to be believed, many customers have enquired and often made shopping decisions using their WhatsApp account, including following the lead and communicating clearly with the Bulk WhatsApp marketing software representative.

What are the Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing Software?

Benefits of Whatsapp Marketing Software

Sending bulk Whatsapp messages offers a good number of benefits. Bulk WhatsApp marketing software is essential for your business to take WhatsApp bulk messages to the next level. Besides, we live in an era of technology where knowledge is widely gained and shared via digital platforms. That’s why it is essential to use bulk WhatsApp software for marketing.

1. Sending Notifications

WhatsApp marketing software can be used to send out notification messages. These notifications are informational messages that tell your customers about their orders, purchases, and other details. Bulk WhatsApp software can send timely alerts for payment due dates or service schedules.

Bulk WhatsApp software offers templates for different parameters that can be slightly altered. Bulk WhatsApp software needs to be filled with customers’ names, dates, order IDs, and more, and the message is good to go.

The customer details can be auto-filled as the data from the database are connected to the platform. Thus, WhatsApp marketing software enables businesses to bulk send personalized customer messages.

2. Promoting Products

The Whatsapp tools effectively endorse new products or offer at discounted prices. You can help customers find the right product by sending a short description and digital images or videos.

You can include audio files, catalogs, brochures, and more, to give a clear picture of your product. The Bulk WhatsApp marketing tool process is similar to advertising, where you can share appealing brochures of your company with the help of WhatsApp's bulk sender.

The best part is to include a link to your website or allow your customer to order the product from their chatbot software. Bulk Whatsapp Software India free will result in instant conversions and increased sales. Besides, you can grab your audience’s attention by changing your profile picture and status to promote any specific offers.

3. Conducting Better Customer Engagement

WhatsApp offers a chance to establish direct communication with your customers. Even though bulk WhatsApp software in India free uses short messages, WhatsApp bulk message software can be pretty helpful. Bulk WhatsApp sender allows you to respond to all your customer's queries in no time. In short, with the help of WhatsApp marketing software, you can provide round-the-clock customer support.

The bulk WhatsApp software uses bots to send instant automated replies in the form of greetings, answers to standard queries, and more. Bulk WhatsApp sender allows for two-way communication at all times. This is a great chance to connect with your target audience and generate leads.

4. Positioning Your Brand

Another significant advantage of using WhatsApp bulk sender is that WhatsApp bulk message software lets you position your brand the way you want to. One classic example is Homeshop 18, which positioned itself as a brand versatile for consumers’ shopping requirements from just being a ‘television shopping network.’

WhatsApp bulk sender lets you know what your customers want from your business. Thus, you can then formulate your marketing communication accordingly. When you reply to them in real time, they will see your company as a person and start trusting you.

5. Integrating with Mobile CRM

You can connect your WhatsApp with your mobile CRM. Customer relationship management software will keep track of all the messages and instantly notify of a follow-up of chances. Thus, the Bulk WhatsApp marketing tool will help sales reps to close more deals.

Besides this, Bulk WhatsApp software in India can share crucial information like product price, customer demands, and lead management. Integrating WhatsApp marketing software with CRM can be highly effective for every small- and- medium-sized business.

6. Building Team

Bulk WhatsApp Software India cannot be used only to communicate with your customers. You can use the tool to create a group of all your employees and start discussing work. Whatsapp bulk message software can be an excellent platform for brainstorming ideas, updating about work progress, and assigning tasks.

You can engage them in different team-building activities via the app. Bulk WhatsApp sender will help boost productivity and maintain a strong bond between your team members. WhatsApp bulk sender tool can even use this space to resolve any issues.

7. Increasing Efficiency

The WhatsApp bulk sender package is affordable and easily integrated with your WhatsApp marketing tool. The increasing use of smartphones will make.

WhatsApp is beneficial for every business. Some other benefits include:

  • The bulk WhatsApp software can monitor the message traffic and balance the load to ensure no messages are lost in the process of being delivered
  • The cloud system is highly reliable and scalable
  • The messages received and sent are logged into the system for a detailed reporting
  • Data security and data encryption are always included in Whatsapp's bulk sender.

5 Proven Whatsapp Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Sales

List of the best Whatsapp marketing strategies for your business growth

1. Create the brand persona

With such a large number of people hooked to the app, chances are more to reach the potential audience. With people getting influenced by the services and offers, it’s the best medium to reach their inbox – host live parties, chat with users, etc.

2. One-to-one communication

The quick and one-to-one communication between the customer and the company also is an added benefit. This bulk WhatsApp software customers can reach and have a conversation with the company directly.

3. Discreet services to high-value customers

With the WhatsApp filter tool or WhatsApp marketing software, the messages can be filtered and broadcast to a particular segment: high-end customers. Bulk WhatsApp software helps send personalized and promotional messages to customers, thus establishing the brand's value.

4. Concrete Communication

Group communication helps send marketing flyers and information to the mass, thus generating a response from only the interested people and not automated emails. Hence, the platform is more reliable in terms of communication.

5. Potential Audience

With such a large number of people hooked to the app, chances are more to reach the potential audience. With people getting influenced by the services and offers, WhatsApp bulk sender tool is the best medium to reach directly to their inboxes.

WhatsApp Marketing Software Trends

In this hyper-digital era, the popularity of digitization has immensely upscaled. The power of WhatsApp bulk sender tool marketing is available at your fingertips today. Many people and organizations have acclaimed WhatsApp as a comprehensive and authoritative platform for conveying the message. With an incomputable rise in the user base of WhatsApp, Whatsapp bulk message software is one of the extensively used platforms across the globe.

WhatsApp ensures a good network and can be a marketing platform if approached astutely. Bulk WhatsApp marketing's chief reason behind its rising popularity is its flexibility and scalability. Its availability in different languages, real-time provision, and user-friendly essence make bulk WhatsApp sender an excellent platform. Nowadays, enterprises use WhatsApp marketing software and bulk message sender to reach niche prospects.

Here are some trends that WhatApp marketing software advertently follows to satisfy the marketing sector's needs. 

WhatsApp Makreting User Across Globe

1. Multimedia Integration

As per the survey, 1.3 billion people across 180 countries use WhatsApp. Out of which, 1 billion use WhatsApp bulk message software daily. WhatsApp marketing software caters to a large audience with its unique functionality.

Bulk WhatsApp Software India free identifies the contacts using WhatsApp from your contact list and helps you send and schedule messages for them. You can even share images, videos, audio files, GIFs, location information, and text messages.

Moreover, WhatsApp integrates with Salesforce and can send automated replies to incoming messages. Thus, Bulk WhatsApp software enables you to reach a broad spectrum of users simultaneously.

2. Providing tools

With WhatsApp marketing software, you get an array of marketing solutions, including channels, panels, services, and suites. You can opt for the appropriate alternative as per your marketing plan.

Bulk WhatsApp Software India free is estimated to make more than 2 billion minutes of voice and video calls daily. So, solutions like WhatsApp bulk sender are the most preferred for effective sales and marketing.

WhatsApp Makreting Business Stats in India

3. Cloud Compliance

As businesses look forward to moving to the cloud with their bulk WhatsApp software solutions, the bulk WhatsApp software vendor must comply with the cloud. Cloud-based WhatsApp marketing solutions enable you to run high-volume ads uninterruptedly.

In addition, WhatsApp marketing software frees you from relying on a PC or computer to run your marketing campaigns. You can access the bulk WhatsApp software from anywhere and range your business to more massive multitudes.

4. Professional Results

We have over 340 million WhatsApp users in India, contributing to the largest WhatsApp audience size. Besides, more than 65 billion messages are sent via WhatsApp daily in India. Thus, Bulk WhatsApp software is a must for businesses.

With its ability to report the status of the messages - be it sent, received, failed, or pending, bulk WhatsApp software India free has leveled up the marketing game.

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