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Best billing software are QuickBooks, Zoho invoices, myBillBook, Vyapar, Cleartax, and Freshbooks. Online billing software simplifies and streamline the business billing process.

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Category Champions | 2023


Zoho Invoice is a billing and e-invoicing software that lets you craft and send beautiful invoices to your customers. With its advanced features and easy-to-use interface, Zoho Invoice is the best invoicing partner for freelancers and small business owners. Read Zoho Invoice Reviews

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Category Champions | 2023


This online billing software makes your invoicing tasks easy, fast and secure. Start sending invoices, tracking time, and capturing expenses in minutes. We uphold a longstanding tradition of providing extraordinary customer service and building a product that helps save you time. Read FreshBooks Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: ₹1080 Per Month

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"FreshBooks: The Simple and Intuitive Accounting Solution for Small Businesses" - Ayoub El Fahim


Airbase is an easy-to-use, affordable, cloud-based invoicing system that makes it easier than ever to manage your business finances. With Airbase, you can easily create professional invoices, track sales and inventory, and send automated reminders to clients. Read Airbase Reviews

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"User friendly platform and has the potential to simplify and automate financial processes." - Rad TM


An online billing software solution for small businesses. With Bonsai, your customers can pay their invoices online or via email. You will never have to worry about lost checks or late payments again! Learn more about Bonsai

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NetSuite, #1 cloud ERP, is an all-in-one cloud business management solution that helps more than 29,000 organizations operate more effectively by automating core processes and providing real-time visibility into operational and financial performance. Read Oracle NetSuite Reviews

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"Great ERP solution for businesses of all sizes" - Parshwa Bhavsar


Sage Business Cloud Accounting software is designed to meet the needs of start-ups, sole traders and small businesses. Choose the right plan for your business that allows you to track and send invoices, track what you’re owed, calculate and submit VAT and more. You can also add Payroll as part of your purchase. Visit Sage to buy now and save, or take out a free trial. Read Sage Accounting Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: ₹346.32 Per Month

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"Outstanding Accounting App" - Hebert Banhire


Oracle NetSuite OpenAir is the world's #1 cloud PSA solution, running all your service delivery and project management processes on a single, real-time platform in the cloud. Read Oracle NetSuite OpenAir Reviews

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"User-friendly Tool for project management" - Vipul Mishra


ZipBooks is very simple and easy to use cloud based accounting and inventory software designed specifically for small businesses. ZipBooks enables you to streamline your financial operations and increase productivity. Read Zipbooks Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: ₹4999 User/Year

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"A useful mobile app which makes finance handling as easy as clapping. " - Alexandre Bastien

High Performer | 2023


Simple online invoicing software for business owners to make informed decisions related to your finances.It enables users to run  business efficiently from any location.  Read QuickBooks Online Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: ₹5000 Per Year

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"Easy to access" - Manisha Garg

Category Champions | 2023


MARG Billing is a software designed to support businesses like Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing, ERP, Accounting and Payroll. Marg understands the demands of all different users, so it designed as user-friendly, feature-rich, and mobile responsive. Read Marg ERP9+ Billing & Invoicing Software Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: ₹8100 Full Licence/ Single-User

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"Superb" - Anuj kumar

High Performer | 2023


HDPOS is one of the best Billing and Invoice software. It has a minimalistic interface and many features such as Windows based Billing, Inventory Management and Accounting. It can handle multiple customers and is mobile responsive. Read HDPOS Smart Accounts and Billing Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: ₹1300 Per Month

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"Good software for tuff and intelligent people" - MOHANKUMARSETTY

Category Champions | 2023


Vyapar is a comprehensive simplest invoicing software with many powerful features. Generate detailed reports, manage stock, and check the business transactions anytime with this online billing software for small businesses. Read Vyapar Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: ₹2879 Device/Year

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"Review for Vyapar" - Junaid Ahmad

Emergents | 2023


ProfitBooks is a GST compliant billing software for retail shops and businesses that is amazingly simple and quick. This online invoicing software allows you to create structured invoices for small and medium-sized businesses. Read ProfitBooks Invoicing Reviews

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"Saved me time and saved me headaches" - Mohit Sharma


Sage offers a complete desktop accounting software that helps you spend less time managing your accounts and more time developing your business. With its easy to use interface, Sage 50cloud Accounting has aided small businesses and entrepreneurs to operate efficiently and effectively. Special Offer: 40% off Sage 50cloud annual subscriptions | Coupon Code: D-1929-0020. Read Sage 50cloud Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: ₹3641.76 Per Month

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"Excellent service" - Lynne Smit

Category Champions | 2023


TallyPrime is India’s leading business management software for GST, accounting, inventory, banking, and payroll. TallyPrime is affordable and is one of the most popular business management software, used by nearly 20 lakh businesses worldwide. Read TallyPrime Reviews

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"Very best softare in my view but some measure have to be taken in order make it perfect ." - Arpit mishra

Most Reviewed

Category Champions | 2023


Sleek Bill is one of the fastest and best invoicing software solutions designed for all types of businesses. It offers multiple tax invoice templates, tax, and stock management, etc. You can also get the full version of retail billing software for free download. Read Sleek Bill India Reviews

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The easy-to-use billing software solution helps small businesses manage their cash flow more effectively. Its intuitive interface allows users to quickly create invoices, track payments, and generate reports. Read ZarMoney Reviews

Starting Price: Starting Price: ₹1080 Per Month

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Recent Review

"Best alternative I've found so far at this price" - Youssef


The high-tech, cloud-based business management software designed for landscaping and tree care businesses of any scale. In one smart and simple platform, we have combined all of the tools that you will ever need to manage your company efficiently and well. Read ArboStar Reviews

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"My ArboStar experience" - Kayla

Contenders | 2023


Invoice Expert is a complete Invoice Software solution designed with your business needs in mind. Simplify your invoicing and billing needs saving you precious time and money. Free invoice and bill making software designed to meet the needs of todays small and medium sized business. Read Invoice Expert Reviews

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"Great and easy to use software" - Sabrina Andrew


Invoiceberry is simple and fast online invoicing software which can be used from any computer, laptop or tablet from around the world. Small businesses and freelancers can create, send and manage their invoices with an easy-to-use and maintenance-free Invoiceberry account. Learn more about InvoiceBerry

Starting Price: Starting Price: ₹1080 month

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Why Use Billing Software?

Billing software helps to streamline the process for businesses. It is specifically designed to meet the particular needs of various industries or companies. Also, Invoice billing software helps businesses to keep track of multiple invoices and accounts with a few clicks.

Furthermore, by generating reports, comprehensive online invoice maker software aims to organize the company's finance-related activities efficiently and hassle-free.

What are the Key Benefits of Billing Software?

It is a real business asset for modern organizations – they can single-handedly automate time-consuming tasks and save tremendous amounts of money and effort. Online invoice software is a holistic solution that can help any business firm handle financial transactions, generate professional invoices, and manage cash flow in a streamlined manner.

In today's competitive corporate arena, invoice billing software is necessary as it can help your organization accrue many long-term benefits.

Here are some compelling reasons that will enhance the importance of investing in excellent invoice-maker software for your business:

1. Smooth Invoice Transactions:

Managing the entire invoicing process is a challenging task for managers. Hence, seamless invoice software is a great way to record up-to-date invoice transactions. Online billing software assigns consecutive sequential numbers to invoices generated to be monitored effectively.

Invoice maker software can provide several in-built invoice templates, and invoices can be easily customized with different fonts, layouts, and designed logos. As a result, desktop billing software is an easy and simplified way of keeping your invoices organized and orderly to avoid any hassle in daily operational functions.

2. Improves Customer Relationships:

Choosing a bill management system for small businesses results in agility, flexibility, and speed in business processes – all of which are bound to enhance an organization's professional image and customer relationships.

Invoice billing software ensures that your customers are billed accurately for tasks and makes organizations more responsive to customer demands or queries. In addition, getting online invoice software helps manage invoice status as it can easily view which invoices are due, paid, unpaid or pending.

Thus billing system facilitates smooth task flow management in organizations, keeping customers delighted with superior service.

3. Enhanced Accessibility:

Today's business world is highly digital, thus making accessibility a vital factor that can impact customer perception of your organization. Invoice billing software makes sure that your organization gains global accessibility and ensures that team members can access professional invoices, bills, or financial information from any place.

Furthermore, most modern billing software systems are cloud-based, meaning they can be accessed through a high-speed internet connection – employees can log on to the system through their mobile, tablets, personal computers, or laptops.

In a nutshell, the invoice system significantly boosts mobility and makes sure that productive organizational work can continue even on the move. In addition, they keep customers connected with corporate representatives, increasing engagement at all levels.

4. Automation:

One of the most valuable advantages of invoice billing software platforms is that it promotes the complete automation of routine and recurring transactions. For example, it is possible to set up automated recurring periodic payments for long-term clients and send automatic reminders for payments or follow-ups.

Online software eliminates managers' frustration with time-consuming administrative work and is the best way to increase team collaboration in the workplace. In addition, a bill management system can provide the best return on investment as it reduces paperwork, saves time, and allows managers to focus on strategic organizational goals rather than mundane tasks.

5. Simpler Auditing:

The billing software enhances financial operations and propagates more detailed auditing as all estimates, invoices, receipts, and bills are stored in one central unified space.

The invoice management system ensures managers can view important financial information through visual and navigable dashboards, avoiding any error or confusion.

Invoice tools are handy in streamlining taxation processes, and external or internal auditors have no problem going through vital taxation documents. Moreover, the tool can keep your business organization within the taxation rules and regulations as it follows the latest legal guidelines.

6. Customizable Solution:

Customer-centric business models are a modern necessity and can help align your organization to match a few customer requirements. In addition, online billing software is highly customizable and can reinforce your brand identity by designing memorable logos or fonts on your invoice template.

Online invoice platforms can even send personalized messages such as greetings or thank you to clients who have paid bills, thus creating a solid long-term positive relationship with valued customers. There is no doubt that bill management software is a comprehensive tool that can boost customer satisfaction levels by providing superior customized service levels.

Invoice billing software is a must-have system as it can bring about a revolutionary change in your organization. Make sure to invest in an incredible billing software vendor to get an ideal solution for your organizational requirements – it is undoubtedly the best way to manage financial transactions, invoice templates, and billing processes efficiently.

What are the Features of Billing Software?

Online billing systems come power-packed with various advantageous features that can help your organization manage its accounting function streamlined and straightforwardly. Here are some fantastic business features that your company will indeed accrue through implementing the best electronic billing software:

1. Seamless Invoicing

Getting GST-compliant invoice billing software for small businesses can help your company create and customize specific invoices for your clients with ease. In addition, the entire process of making invoices is entirely automated. Therefore it is a great way to reduce manual workload and enhance the accuracy of the invoicing processes.

2. Purchase Order Management

A purchase order is a crucial business document that can help your company manage purchase orders structured. Purchase orders can be created for clients, stored, and tracked easily – keeping the whole process streamlined and straightforward.

3. Reporting

Visual interfaces, real-time data, and interactive automated billing systems for small businesses prevalent in online invoice maker software platforms ensure that your managers access top-class reports. In addition, analytical definitions and graphical data interpretation aid top leadership in getting better business insights, ultimately leading to superior quality business decisions.

All of the features mentioned above have a significant impact and advantage on a business. For example, with the help of such feature-rich simple billing software for mobile or desktop, error-free data can be generated and collected. Furthermore, features such as purchase orders and recurring invoices assist businesses in keeping track of their dues.

How to Choose Online Billing Software for Small Businesses?

After reading all of the information above, you must have received a good understanding of how essential billing software is for businesses. But before making any investment, you must first make sure that it comprises the features that meet your specific needs and can positively impact your business operations.

Also, it would be best to consider the ease-of-use factor since it will contribute to overall efficiency.

As far as the price is concerned, the product comes in many price ranges, but most businesses tend to choose free billing software at the beginning. But, the cheap pieces or free versions often do not contain all the required features.

So what are you waiting for? Invest in professional computer billing software and ensure smooth and effective functioning and, in turn, the long-term financial success of your business.

What are the Various Issues You can Face with Billing Software?

Choosing the best GST billing software is quite challenging for any organization. Therefore, it is beneficial for managers to be aware of all potential issues they may face with invoice billing software systems.

Here is a detailed list of problems or issues with billing software in India:

What are the Various Issues with Invoicing Software India?

1. No Global Standards:

The billing software packages function in a dynamic and constantly changing environment that is not regulated globally. Tax invoice maker software tools also face the problem of huge variations in local laws and regulations for taxation or billing processes.

As a result, it is difficult for billing software vendors to have packages catered to local demand, so make sure that your invoice software adheres to geographical policies to avoid penalties or issues.

2. Security Threats:

Many sensitive data are involved in maintaining an organization's financial transactions; hence, the security and safety of necessary company data is a significant issue in implementing billing software.

However, this may be overcome as the latest invoice billing software tools have sophisticated safety measures such as data encryption, password protection, and authorized user access control. In addition, since most invoicing systems are cloud-based, there is a complete backup and record of information that can be utilized in case of any unforeseen data loss or theft.

3. No Multi-Currency Support:

Most companies operate across geographical borders in today’s hyper-digitalized and globalized work environment. In such a scenario, any organization’s online invoice software must contain multi-currency support to conduct online payments securely from several countries.

In addition, invoicing solutions also support multi-language options. Hence customers, team members, and stakeholders can efficiently operate and navigate the system in a language of their choice. So, having tax invoice maker software without a multi-currency or language facility may be problematic for any organization.

4. Failed Transactions Management:

Failed business transactions are a waste of time and effort for any organization. Desktop billing software helps recognize failed business transactions and automatically informs users to make businesses more efficient.

Billing software in India packages also has an automatic GST billing software that can manage customer transactions and send them an automated email or instant message notifications in case of an unsuccessful transaction. In addition, online invoice software systems facilitate the structured tracking of invalid payments and ensure the timely resolution of issues, thereby boosting productivity.

5. Inadequate Customer Support or Error Handling:

One potential problem for most small business owners and startups that have decided to implement tax invoice billing software in India is a decent support system. Companies need round-the-clock support when transitioning to billing software to rectify errors immediately. It is essential to ensure that your online invoice software has a telephone helpline or live chat so that any queries, doubts, or problems can be sorted out quickly and the end-users will accept the system.

6. Pricing Plans Management:

Most companies have a range of pricing plans based on the features that will be provided to the end customer. This is one issue that may arise with getting software – it is essential that your tax invoice maker software can support multiple tiers of pricing plans within an organization. Investing in an easy-to-use best billing software in India is the ideal solution to help your organization easily overcome pricing changes.

Having complete knowledge about potential issues with invoicing solutions is the key to making a correct and informed choice. Therefore, it is essential to be fully aware of these potential issues so that companies can take proactive measures to overcome them and choose the ideal billing software in India for their organization.

Types of Billing Software

Billing and invoicing needs differ in every organization. However, most companies have now transitioned to solutions. Automated billing systems eliminate manual work and streamline task management. It enhances accuracy and reduces the workload of staff members.

Bill management software for small businesses can transform the work environment. Investing in bill printing software reduces all errors, increases the speed of calculations, and facilitates real-time data sharing. There are several advanced electronic billing system software in the market.

Organizations must assess their business requirements and choose the best excel billing software. To do so, they must have comprehensive knowledge of various simple estimate billing platforms. Here is a compiled list of the different types of billing software,

#1 Types: Based on Deployment

Types of Billing Software - Based on Deployment

1. Desktop Software:

Most organizations use desktop billing software for all their invoicing or accounting needs. The best part is that you can find one that runs on your operating system – Mac, Windows, or Linux. There are many specialized software for Mac and Android users in the market. In addition, online billing software free download is available from various websites on the internet.

2. Cloud Software:

This is the most popular type of electronic billing system. It stores all real-time data on the cloud via the internet, making it secure and easy to access. Invoicing software is a flexible tool that allows users to access applications on shared computing sources through the internet.

3. Web-based Software:

Since the internet is used to power operations in most functional areas of organizations, web based billing software is an ideal choice. It can be used through the internet with a web browser. In addition, a web-based billing system software does not require upgrades or maintenance, allowing users to conduct all invoicing tasks seamlessly.

4. Online Software:

This is very similar to web-based. Online billing software is a platform that operates only through an internet connection. Another requirement for software is a secure browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Mozilla.

5. Offline Software:

Offline billing software for PC can work independently without being connected to the internet. It can be downloaded from a CD or a website. After installation, software resides on your computer and requires manual updates by the user.

6. On-premise System:

On-premise billing platforms are covered through a single-user license. They are hosted on the client’s local server system and have a complex setup procedure that requires hardware equipment installation.

7. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) Billing Solutions:

This system is hosted on a vendor’s server and requires a monthly payment. All organizations widely use SaaS billing software, and the business owner does not need to install, upgrade or maintain the system.

#2 Types: Based on Pricing

Types of Billing Software - Based on Pricing

1. Free Software:

Most companies operate on a tight budget. Hence they routinely go in for free billing platforms and invoice apps. The best part about free simple billing software is that it can be used, modified, and redistributed without payment.

Free billing tools may require users to register and provide an organization's email address. Free invoice apps help businesses obtain unified financial control and track billing processes without spending anything.

2. Open Source Software:

Open source invoicing and billing software includes the source code and may be redistributed according to the user's business needs. Moreover, it provides open access to the source code. Hence users can improve the application by adding new features and customizing the system.

3. Freemium Software:

A popular e-invoicing software, freemium solutions provide all basic billing and invoicing features for free to users. Freemium online billing software only requires organizations to pay for the advanced or additional features they need.

#3 Types: Based on Function

Types of Billing Software - Based on Function

1. Time and Billing:

One of the essential functions of company invoice software is to handle time tracking. These generic systems can bill hours and measure employee time spent on a project. These platforms are beneficial for legal, accounting, and marketing firms. Time and billing software increases billing procedures' accuracy and provides clients with superior service.

2. Sales Billing:

Point-of-sales billing software is a valuable tool that handles all accounting transactions for sales personnel. It enables express checkout, customizes client bills, and ensures smooth payment processing. It is simple, flexible, and comprehensive, reducing manual workload and human errors in sales billing.

3. Billing and Inventory Software:

The retail, e-commerce, and manufacturing industries rely on inventory software platforms. It handles all the stock requirements and automates the supply chain management process. In addition, billing and inventory software gives automated alerts in case of an item's short supply and ensures no production halt due to inventory shortage.

4. Recurring Fees Software:

These systems benefit industries where the client has to be billed for the same item at specific billing cycles. A recurring fee billing system automates the repetitive tasks of regular bill payment and automated processes, leading to higher operational efficiency.

5. Excel Software

Excel billing software is a flexible and agile must-have asset for all organizations in the current competitive era. It is time to stop relying on spreadsheets and transition to cloud billing software. Invoicing software for freelancers has an intuitive interface that allows even novices to perform billing or invoicing tasks. The automated invoicing system can be customized according to organizational requirements and are highly scalable. Hence they can grow as a business expands its operations.

Computer-generated invoice software is a futuristic technology that can increase vital bottom-line results and boost operational efficiency. Organizations need to leverage technological tools to reduce the time, effort, and money spent on billing and invoicing.

How Much Does Billing Software Cost?

Software pricing options come in two types: standalone and bundled. Both offer different packages and, therefore, vary in pricing. However, a standalone billing system performs only invoicing tasks and not other accounting activities.

The cost will increase depending upon the features you opt for, additional features like multi-currency support, inventory management integration, etc.

While there's no specific price, most leading invoicing software has their initial plans price between Rs 500-Rs 2000 per user per month, the price increasing with users and the type of features included in your plan.

Full-featured accounting solutions can be slightly expensive, with the basic plans beginning at Rs 2100 monthly.

What is the Difference Between Accounting vs Billing Software?

Both tools can be used to track and manage your expenses, but there are several differences between the two. So let's take a closer look at a comparison between accounting and billing.

Accounting software programs allow you to document financial transitions. You can use them as a record system for shareholder reporting, business analysis, tax liability, and more. On the other hand, the best billing software is explicitly designed to create and send professional invoices to customers quickly and flexibly. Some standard features of a billing system include online payments, billing, and automated reminders.

Accounting and billing have been used interchangeably in the past years, but they have distinct differences. Accounting software provides comprehensive management of finances, including the basic features of billing, such as creating and sending professional invoices. Contrarily, billing provides robust, dedicated capabilities, including payment plans and discounts.

Hundreds of accounting and billing software options are available, so be sure to determine your business requirements and pick a solution that fits your needs.

Invoice Templates or Online Billing Software: Which is Better and Why?

Invoicing is one of the most common problems that entrepreneurs face. Usually, for any business, clientele, or customer is mandatory. Therefore, business owners must invoice the customers and keep track of these invoices perfectly to keep the accounts intact.

Small and medium-sized businesses prefer invoice templates over invoicing software for shops. They usually think that the best billing software in India is a little pricey for them, and the templates are available for cheap. There is so much small business invoice software that perfectly caters to the requirements of startups, but people are unaware of them.

First, let us know what these invoicing templates are:

1. Invoicing Templates:

Invoicing templates are nothing but formats that one must follow when billing. These templates include all the particulars that must be provided in the invoices. There are so many invoicing templates in Excel and docs online.

These templates will have a particular structure; you can edit them according to your requirements. Unfortunately, sometimes due to a small mistake, you mess up the entire alignment of the document. If this happens, you must complete the whole procedure again, which is tiresome.

The templates are free online, and you can find hundreds and thousands of options, but after downloading the tax invoice templates, you have to do a lot of work again. You or your employees should put in a lot of effort to craft the perfect invoice from these templates. Though it is cheap, it is tiresome work.

2. Online Invoice Software:

On the other hand, cloud billing software for a small business provides many unique features that are enough to run a business. Therefore, do not worry about pricing because small business billing software for mobile fulfils the invoicing requirements of small-scale businesses.

These invoice and bill management software has everything a business requires; they provide different features that make them the ideal choice.

Though they cost low, small business owners can effort unique privileges with these invoice billing software.

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FAQs of Billing Software

Billing software help businesses to bill customers for services or goods purchased. It allows companies to track sales, manage customer accounts, and send GST tax invoices.

  • The information provided by the customer is recorded in the system.
  • Based on the recorded data, the system categorizes services and products to track money.
  • After rendering the services, the business issues invoices.
  • If the invoice payment crosses the due date, the reminder feature of billing software notifies the client about the late payment.

In simple terms, the invoice is the term used by enterprises seeking payments from the customer. Whereas, the recipients, refer to the invoices as ‘bills.’ Another significant difference that people find between the two is that invoices have to be paid within a specified period, whereas the bills are paid immediately.

Last Updated: February 27, 2023